Top 9 Silicone Bras And Wearing Tips

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Silicone is recognized as a synthetic material, a polymer kind much like a hard rubber consistency that is flexible and easy on the temperature changes. Silicon also does not react to chemical changes in and around it and that is why this has been a perfect fabric material for this new kind of bras, named after silicone itself. These silicone bras are usually a boon for the bold looks that we often see on the magazine new issues and trend setting red carpets or ramp walks. A silicon bra falls under the category of the stick on bra kind and given below we will learn about the various types and tips to wearing and flaunting them.

How To Wear Silicone Bra?

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Putting a silicone bra may look difficult but it is as easy a cherry on the cake topping. Before purchase, please be amply knowledge as to your cup size. Also, before you try them on, make sure you have not used any body lotion or moisturizer which will often affect the grip of the stick on bra. Start by peeling of the plastic and then stick it on to your curves just like a sticker to your body. The best part about these silicon bras are they can be washed and reused for later.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Silicone Bras?

Here are our 9 best silicone bras are available in indian market.

1. The Bare Coverage Silicone Bra:

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Silicone bra is also called the invisible bra because of its smooth no outline technique and nude color that lets you sport even the finest clothes without any unnecessary lines showing up. When we say silicon bra, this is the first and the basic kind to it.

2. With The Straps Silicone Bra:

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Often many are not comfortable wearing just the cup bra pads which is why this silicone bra type comes with the straps that end and curve right under your armpits giving you enough space to flaunt a free open back and yet not be uncomfortable.

3. The Extended Silicone Bra:

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These silicone bras have a slight extension attached to the cup that gives a better hold and support to your curves since the bra has an extra holding space for you to be comfortable in while still being able to sport an open back.

4. The Free Silicone Stick On Bra Pads:

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While opting for a dress that has a slit right in the front all the way down to your mid riff, here is the silicon bra set that you should opt for. This one unlike the first basic kinds does not have a hook on the front to strap it and hold it in place but what it does have is a strong hold on to your curves for the optimum coverage and support.

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