Top 50 Simple And Easy Hairstyles With Photos

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The party mode is on as you quickly breeze through your mascara one last time. The dress is prim and proper and so is the matching pair of shoes. The makeup tonight was on point and then the worry set in. even though we have abundance of clothes and makeup, the look for the occasion is never really complete without the perfect hairstyle. Your clothes can dazzle you a million times but it is always the hairstyle that makes or breaks the look for the day.  A solid party would never be complete without the perfect hairstyle. Now the days are getting busier and to cope up with that we have changed our techniques and ideologies to fit this ever fast world. Then again looking good is a priority.

Simple and Easy Hairstyles Main

The trick is to keep our look to the minimum and while we do so keep an eye on the time. We know how busy times can be when you are running around trying to perfect your look. At this time an easy hairstyle would be the right choice for all.

Top Most Simple And Easy Hairstyles With Pictures:

This is why in this article today we discuss the simple and easy hairstyles with images that are easy to make and would be a trend setting experience for you. Here you can visit the step by step process along with tutorial for each simple and easy hairstyle.

1. The Criss Cross:

simple hairstyles1

This is a simple hairstyle with enough look that you can opt for when you are busy and need a quick fix. To get this look smoothen out your hair by thorough combing and then section the two front locks. Make sure you comb them well and then bring them all the way to the back. The left front lock goes all the way to the right and the same happens with the right lock. Pin them up both now. This is one of the simple hairstyles without getting hard to work.

2. The Low Bun:

simple hairstyles2

This is a new way to get a solid hanging low bun which would be a perfect look for a party or even a formal event. To get this simple hair style look start by tying your hair into a low pony and then with your finger make a loop just above the tie. Loop the pony twice, the second time going half and pinning it. The rest of the hair can be tied into a bun by rolling it back up.

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3. The Hippy Braid:

simple hairstyles3

This is one of the most easy hairstyles for girls and women with smart braids. Free hair has always been your favorite but it’s time that your every day hair needs a break from the same old monotonous look. The hipster look is in this season and if you want to be trend savvy why not simply braid your hair in two three sequences and achieve your desired look. Start by tying a braid on the front and then bring your hair all the way to the back and then braid it once more.

4. The Three Layered Braid:

simple hairstyles4

To get this look start by segmenting your hair into three layers. Now pony up the hair into three layers so that now you have three ponies one after the other. Now start looping the front pony and then continue the same with the second but this time take the first pony in. continue and a braid will form.

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5. The Pin Up Simple Hairstyle:

simple hairstyles5

This is a classic pin up hairdo where all you need is some bobby pins and a hair brush to settle in your hair. Start by combing your hair down and then take one lock each from each side and bring them all the way to the back and pin them on the other side. Alternate between the left and right to get the best results. Use the next layer to hide the pins.

6. The Stout Bun:

simple hairstyles6

The high bun is a perfect rescue for the scorching summers when the sweating won’t stop and sporting free hair seems impossible. Gather all your hair at the back and tie it with a transparent tie. Now start twisting the pony and as you go roll the hair into a bun at the top of your head. Secure the bun with another tie and fan it for volume. No doubt this type of simple hairstyles are very alluring with smartness.

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7. The Wrap Around Half Band:

simple hairstyles7

This is one of those famous and also simple hair styles that you see on the movies and always dream one day you would do it. Remember the Gatsby woman and her awesome blond hair tucked into a bun. The same method is used here where a head band or head rag can be tied across the hair. Now start wrapping your hair around the band until you get the desired result.

8. The Side Braid:

simple hairstyles8

This is a simple enough hairstyle where all you have to do is tie a side braid on either side of your head and then end it up in a pony or a bun as desired. You can start the braid in a normal way from any one side or even from both. Don’t finish the braid. Once you cross the nape of your neck end it in a pony.

9. The Fishtail Braid:

simple hairstyles9

Once again this easy hairstyle starts with a simple pony. If you already know how to tie a fishtail braid this should be a piece of cake for you. If not start by parting your hair into two parts. Now simply take hair from the outer side and then attach it to the end of the other side.

10. The Ballerina Bun:

simple hairstyles10

Even though it looks complex, this is quite an easy hairstyle to complete within a few simple minutes. Start by putting your hair into a ponytail but don’t forget to leave a chunk of front lock. Now pick up hair from the ponytail and from the front lock too and start braiding your hair. Soon you will realize that your hair has taken a bun shape.

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