Top 15 Soaked Almonds Benefits And Uses

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Soaked Almonds:

Almonds belong to the nuts category and are definitely one of the super foods to consume each day. There are loads of vitamins and minerals in almonds along with omega fatty 3 acids that help in maintaining the right health and overall well being of the body. Almonds have loads of properties and benefits that you can reap. However, another effective way of having almonds is to soak them well for an entire night and then consume it in the morning.

These soaked almonds are well again, full of advantages and is add on to the already made up list of benefits of soaked almonds. Soaked almonds is always a better option than the normal raw almonds. It boosts the energy and nutrients with addition of moisture and give great results.

soaked almonds

Soaked Almonds Benefits And Uses:

The list below is the one prepared for the advantages and benefits of soaked almonds that you need to know about. All you need to do is soak a handful of them in water and then make use in different aspects to get the innumerable advantages. Check them out and find the right reasons for incurring soaked almonds in the lifestyle.

1. Improves The Digestive System:

To make the digestion smoother and to facilitate the digestive process, soaked almonds is one of the best things to consume. The external layer of almonds inhibits the digestion which is removed during the time of soaking the almonds in water. Not only does soaking makes the almonds digestible but also releases lipase that works on the fat in the food and facilitates digestion.

2. Works As A Brain Tonic:

According to professionals, soaked almonds are more of a brain tonic and helps in the functionality of the central nervous system. There are also essential nutrients and fats in soaked almonds that improves the intelligence and also sharps the memory in both kids and adults.

3. Good For Pregnant Women:

Nourishment and energy are two things that soaked almonds consumption can provide the mother to be as well as to her foetus. The folic acid in soaked almonds also ensures a smooth and hassle free delivery of the baby and keeps the baby free from birth defects of all kinds.

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4. Lowers Cholesterol Levels:

Eating soaked almonds can helps in lowering the LDL in the body also known as bad cholesterol and thus keeps the heart healthy. The potassium, magnesium and proteins also help in proper health of the cardiovascular system. Vitamin E in soaked almonds also help in fighting fatal heart diseases as well as improving the good cholesterol in the body.

5. Cures Acute Hypertension:

Low sodium and high potassium is one of the USP of soaked almonds. This helps in maintain the right levels of blood pressure in the body and therefore cures hypertension in an ideal manner. Magnesium and folic acid also lowers artery congestion.

6. Heals Diabetes:

Soaked almonds can be consumed for keeping the blood sugar levels in check and thus treat diabetes in the right manner. This keeps you away from one of the most common health ailments in today’s time called diabetes.

7. For Freedom From Constipation:

The insoluble fiber in soaked almonds helps in regulation of the bowel movements and ensures that the stools passes easily from the intestines. This is one of the natural ways to get rid of the discomforting problem we know as constipation.

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8. Skin Moisturizer:

The soaked almonds can be mashed and made into a fine paste. This can be applied as a natural moisturizing pack on the facial skin and nourishes it well. It makes the skin soft and supple. One can also mix in some whipped cream while applying which will also adds smoothness.

9. Treats Skin Inflammation:

Rashes, chapped skin or any other kind of skin inflammation can easily be treated with soaked almonds. The soothing properties of the almonds help in the cure. All you need to do is apply a paste of soaked almonds on them.

10. Nourishes The Hair:

The nutrition levels in soaked almonds is irreplaceable. One of the soaked almond benefits comes in the form of hair nourishment. The high levels of protein in this food not only reduces the hair fall problem but also makes it strong. Another benefit of soaked almonds comes in the form of growth of hair follicles thus improving hair volume. The shiny tresses is bound to leave you speechless once you start having soaked almonds regularly.

11. Cancer Fighting Abilities:

Yes! You heard it right. Soaked almonds has cancer fighting properties in them that makes them one of the super foods for today’s generation. Looking at the way cancer is increasing day by day, soaked almonds is one of the best and natural prevention methods to opt for. The vitamin B 17 in soaked almonds is what helps here and plays a vital role in preventing cancerous cells in the body.

12. Good During Pregnancy:

Soaked almond benefits include major advantages for pregnant women. Since the nutrient content highly increases in soaked almonds because of the presence of water they provide nourishment and loads of energy to the mom-to-be as well as the developing child. There is high level of folic acid in soaked almonds also that keeps away the baby from any sort of birth defect as well as makes the delivery pain free and trouble free.

13. Keeps High Blood Pressure In Control:

Soaked almonds if eaten on a regular basis in the morning, helps in regulating the blood glucose levels in the body. About 7-8 soaked almonds is advisable in such cases. This helps in keeping the blood circulation in check and thus a proper control over high blood pressure as well.

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14. Younger Looking Skin With Soaked Almonds:

The high levels of antioxidants as well as vitamin E in soaked almonds work wonders for keeping ageing away as well as gives you younger and flawless skin. It helps in eliminating the free radicals from the body that is responsible for damaging the skin to a great extent. The ageing gets delayed because of this and you remain younger for a long period of time. This is one of the benefits of soaked almonds you will love.

15. Natural Scrub Benefits:

Soaked almonds if crushed and used can be a great natural scrub for the skin. Make a paste of overnight soaked almonds and apply it all over the face and the body. Some milk or lemon can be added for best results. It exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells and leaves a fresh and new look on the skin that you can fall for.

The ideas of using soaked almonds should never be limited to only eating. It should also be a part of various skin packs to get great results for an overall body health. The idea is to use and consume it on a regular basis.

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