Top 9 Spiral French Braid Hairstyles

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Usually it is a wonder seeing all the great hairstyles being incorporated today in each other’s culture. The leader to this has been globalization through which each others’ cultures have been integrated into one. French has always been known to set trends, maybe through the clothes they sport or the hair they own.

Spiral French Braid Main

French has previously been known for their braiding styles if not their kiss and here is yet another solid hairstyle straight from France. This time it is called the spiral French braid and here are some of the lively examples of how you can simply sport this look with the right choices.

The Classic Spirals:

spiral frech braids1

This is a classic spiral French infused bun which starts from one corner of the head and spirally goes down halfway to the other side. Once there it again starts its journey back to the base level from where the side where the braid started. Once you have gone back to the starting side braid it all the way through and fan the braid out to add volume.

The Spiral Bun:

spiral frech braids2

This too is a French infused spiral braided bun where the braid starts from the very front of the hair and takes to one particular side of the head. Even though it is not properly diagonal, it is neither properly straight and has a slight curve to it. End the braid and fan it out. Then carefully roll it up in a spiral to form a spiral bun.

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The Lace Flower Braid:

spiral frech braids3

This is quite a complex hairstyle to achieve without professional help but then again all the efforts will be worth it if you can finally pull it off. Start by simply French braiding your hair and go all the way to the end. Fan out the hair well for volume and then roll it in the shape of flower spiral.

The Braided Spirals:

spiral frech braids4

For this look section a front lock and then start with your normal braid. This time leave a chunk of hair every time you make a knot in the braid and once the entire braid is done tie it up. Now start braiding all the loose locks and make sure this are tight. Fan the initial braid for extra volume and now wrap the secondary braids within the first one.

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