10 Best Stretching Exercises To Increase Height

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Increase height is big deal to day for all the people. It all started with your friends joking about how cute you look, all small and cuddly and then the peer pressure of having to look and be at par with your friends took away the little sanity in you, you being the shortest of the lot. Then there is the case of a worried mother pondering about how tall her son will grow up to and so goes on the list. At this time, a little of the few below mentioned stretching exercises might help you facilitate the growth process and keep you at bay from not having t deal with short man jokes.

Excellent Stretching Exercises For Increase Height:

There are several methods, exercises and diets to increasing height fastly. Stretching exercises are very helpful to increase height with in short time of period. This article will guide you what are the stretching exercises are very beneficial to increase height. Follow the below 10 best stretching exercises that make you more taller which has no side effects also.

1. Hanging:

stretching exercises to increase height

The best way to tackle height problem is by hanging from a bar. Even though many people dismiss it as a hoax, it has been scientifically proven that hanging does help you stretch out your muscles. To start off, find yourself favourable place and height from which you can hang a bar, a sturdy one which can take your whole weight. A quick jump should let you start off with the hanging process and once you do, you might want to try to touch your tippi toes to the ground. This is a great stretching exercise.

2. Cycling:

stretching exercises to increase height 2

Ever since childhood, children are taught to ride a bike in her past time. Cycling is a real stunner of an exercise where you can engage in some fresh air for your break time. But how does this relate to stretching you might be wondering. This is where we say, your legs go through a strenuous process of workout, stretching and movement which would help blood flow increase and muscles to be more flexible sop that it can grow.

3. Yoga – Sun Salutations:

stretching exercises to increase height 3

This is the part that we introduce ourselves to the yogic world. Yoga a slow paced breathing exercise, often includes certain stretches and pulls here and there which would help you get through with the rigidness of your body. The deep breathing calms your mind presence while the soft stretching might help you loosen up those fibres. Sun salutation is a sequence process usually ending in a collaboration of different yoga positions done without a break in a complete sequence. Sun salutation is one of the best stretching exercises to increase height fastly.

4. Basketball All The Way:

stretching exercises to increase height 4

Being sporty is a boon that only tall people now understand. Sports have often been linked to adrenalin rushes and body flexibilities and even mental maturity. Basketball is a solid game type which would include dunks, jumps and swivels and amongst all this the goal to reach higher to score a basket is real passion. Start with a basketball team and see yourself gain inches just like that.

5. Pilates:

stretching exercises to increase height 5

Much like aerobic exercises, Pilates are fast paced exercises which basically limit themselves to body flexibility and stretching. Working to shake off those rigidness, Pilates not only help you keep yourself fit, but also plays a huge role in strengthening your abdominal muscles by making a thorough workout of your lower body. Stronger muscles would mean more weight holding capacity and thus growth.

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6. Swimming For Increase Height:

stretching exercises to increase height 6

Swimming is one of the excellent exercises to increase height. Yet another favourite past time has to go to swimming, the ever so favourite summer time hobby. Kids are always advised to join swimming sessions not only so that they can learn how not to drown but also because swimming keeps you fitter by allowing you to grow through those tough leg strokes and keeps you off from gaining pounds.

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7. Spot Exercises:

stretching exercises to increase height 7

You need not always run to the gym every time you have to do some exercise. Once can always wake up in the morning, lay a yoga mat and practice some hands free exercise. This would include some squat jumps, some basic twists and stretches like touching the toe with your finger tips while the knee stays erect and such. Even though the results might take a while to show up, you would always benefit from it.

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8. Side Stretch:

Stretching Exercises To Increase Height - Side stretch

Side stretch can be really effective in increasing the height. One can easily increase their height by practicing this particular stretching movement properly. It will make the muscles grow and make them elongated as well. One of the best ways to do the stretching technique is to stand straight and take both the arms to the top and join them by bringing the palms together. The stretch the body on either side. Side stretch is one of the most effective stretching exercises to increase height.

This is a good upper body workout for the women and helps in making the obliques flexible and allow them to function properly when needed. It also makes the abdominal muscles strong. It is a good warm exercise before any kind of exercise and can be done by men as well. It also assist in burning suitable amounts of calorie and makes the belly and the sides of the waist firm and reduce them as you keep practicing this stretching technique. One thing should be kept in mind, that this stretching exercise should not be practiced with your stomach full. That is, one should not try to do this exercise or movement after having a big meal.

9. The Low Lunge Arch:

Stretching Exercises To Increase Height - The low lunge arch

Arching the back and upper body will always result in an increase in height. The upper body is really hard to develop and to make the upper body elongated requires some hard work and proper technique. However, this particular stretching movement allows one to stretch the muscles effectively and thus results in an increase in height as well. This is one of the perfect stretching exercises for increase height. According to some experts in this subject, the low lunge arch is one of the best techniques out there for increasing height. If you’re still looking for stretching exercises for increasing height, then this is a good one. It also assist in toning the arms. It will shed the arm fat and make one look really beautiful physically.

For performing this technique properly, you will have to start in the lunge position and keep the head up and then slowly take one leg back so that the whole pressure of the body is stabilized on one leg and on the knees of the other one. Then bring the palms together in a pray position and bring the arms up as you keep the head straight upwards as well. It will effectively stretch and back muscles and will also have some effect on the abdominal muscles as well.

10. Runner Stretch Technique:

Stretching Exercises To Increase Height - Runner stretch technique

Only hanging and swimming will not help for height growth. This is ideal stretching exercise for increase height. One will have to do some effective stretching as well. The runners stretch is one of the finest exercises out there that will help in stretching the muscles effectively. It will have some good effect on the muscles as well and will make the calf strong as well. The exercises is a good stress removal technique as well and can be performed by both men and women. It reduce the stiffness in the back muscles and with the help of this technique one can easily lengthen the back muscles without hurting them.

For performing this exercise, one has to again start in a lunge position and then bring the face and the chest slightly upwards so that they face the sky at a 70degree angle. Keep one foot at the front and push the other foot to the back so that it lies down and the pressure is put only on the ankles for stabilizing the body partially. Now, you will have to place one hand on one of the ankles and breathe properly. This is one of the best stretching exercises out there and can make one healthy from the core. This is one of the best stretching exercises for increasing height.

Stretching not only helps in increasing height but also improves the internal activities and helps in designing the body based on the different physical activities that one has to perform on a regular basis. The stretching exercises discussed in this article are really helpful when it comes to increasing height.