Top 9 Summer Camps in Bangalore

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Summer is the perfect time for activity camps and summer gatherings. This article lists some of the available summer camps, mostly for kids that are to be availed of in Bangalore.

1. Wildlife Summer Camp Frolic Boonies Near Bangalore:

bangalore summer camp

Site no1, BNK Avenue, Behind Bank Avenue,, Babusapalya
Horamavu Banaswadi, Coconut Grove Layout, Hormavu, Bangalore, Karnataka
094 48 476888

This is a Wildlife and adventure camp meant for children between 8 to 16 Years. The activities held at this camp include watching a bird build its nest, capturing colourful fishes from a fresh stream, exploring the moon with a telescope,  rafting on the stream running through the woods , choosing the crabs from the bottom holes, examining the little bugs with a simple microscope ,pursuit associate animal with its footprints,  venturing into the woods to ascertain the large red squirrel handing the other way up, travelling into the deep jungle simply to ascertain the wild animals in their own surroundings, collect dry hearth wood from the jungle and cook your food, build cute very little refrigerator magnets, style the liquid chocolate whereas moulding them into shapes, living in tiny tents and bamboo huts, attracting Moths with lightweight and honey, and a host of other activities.

2. Hippocampus Childrens Company:

fun sun

16th Main Rd, Koramangala 3 Block, Koramangala
Bangalore, Karnataka
098 80 144776

Hippocampus came alive within the summer of 2003, with the putting in of a Children’s expertise Centre in Koramangala. The thought was to make a fun place with books and activities that in kids, unfold the love for reading. The gathering of books for youngsters was the most important attraction then and continues to be thus currently, with new books being ordered each month. But, kids come back for numerous reasons – the cheerful atmosphere, friendly workers, fun activities on weekends, clubs, workshops and summer camps together with

3. Fire Flys Summer Camps Bangalore:

Fire Flys summer camps

457, jayanagar 4th T block
11th B Main Rd, Koramangala 4 Block, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka

There are easy activities that offer kids the prospect to find out, feel, touch,
smell and skill a spread of things. As children cannot wait to find out we tend to set
to make the simplest use of this, we offer our incomparable depth of each
knowledge and fun for youngsters. At heart, we tend to care about those who are passionate
about taking up huge interest in enriching childhoods.

4. Atlanta Montessori School:

Atlanta Montessori School

Outer Ring Rd
Bangalore, Karnataka
098 45 077072

Their motto by Maria Montessori reads: “Which they must do everything, as something lacking an inner guide and in constant need of inner direction. . . . An adult who acts in this way, even though he may be convinced that he is filled with zeal, love, and a spirit of sacrifice on behalf of his child, unconsciously suppresses the development of the child’s own personality.”

5. Advaitam Child Enrichment Centre, HSR layout, Bangalore:

867, 25th Main Rd, Sector 1, HSR Layout
Bangalore, Karnataka
098 80 063970

Advaitam provides the simplest in school learning scheme to assist your kid notice their full potential by teachers and additional info activities. Our award winning enrichment programs are accessible on weekdays (after school) and weekends throughout the year.

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