15 Best Photos Of Tamanna Bhatia Without Makeup

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While Bollywood actresses caught without their pancake, lipstick and blush is a common sight, many Tollywood actresses can be spotted wearing no makeup as well on an ordinary day out. Here’s an insight into some makeup free pictures of Indian film actress and model Tamanna Bhatia. A leading actress in South Indian Cinema, Tamanna Bhatia has several successful commercial films under her belt and a pin-up face to go along with it. Known for her good looks on-screen as much as she is known for her acting, she is still another fresh faced belle when stripped of all or little makeup.

No doubt makeup is considered to be important part of any female’s life, but Tamanna photos without makeup provost ocean inspiration for all to bring their inner beauty ahead and carry them as they are.

Flawless Tamanna Bhatia Without Makeup Photos:

This article gathered the unseen pics of Tamanna Bhatia without makeup that are very beautiful and attractive also.

1. Rain Goddess:

At a location shoot, Tamanna Bhatia looks willowy even if the rain has washed all her makeup away. The white lehenga choli graces her lithe figure and with nothing but big hoop earrings to accessorize her look, she does look something like a Rain Goddess. This look of Tamanna gives a view of white beauty in the forest. She carries not hing but as mudge proof kajal adding to the beauty of her eyes.

2. Makeup-Free:

Tamanna Bhatia in her natural state devoid of all makeup doesn’t look too bad. She makes a clean face and looks her youthful self. Those fine eyes of Tamanna pop ping out of her face give an innocent look. This style after the movie release is widely appreciated and liked by the girls for a simple look. A simple bindi and kajal with small earrings is all she carries to increase her beautiful look.

3. Cutesy Look:

All it takes is a simple pair of earrings and a red bindi to make Tamanna Bhatia look cute and adorable sans makeup. The black T-shirt complements her fair complexion while the gold wristwatch and silver ring underline her cinch look. This look gives the simple college look of any girl. It also proves that Tamanna shares a good personal life. This look of her is also trendy for night outs.

4. Classic Look:

With western influence taken over the Indian movie industry, gone are the days when actresses could be seen sporting that classic Indian look but not so in South Indian Cinema. Actresses down south are still featured in movies as typical Indian women as seen in this picture of Tamanna Bhatia without makeup. Wearing a peach coloured salwar with a multi-colored dupatta, pearl earrings and the trademark red bindi, she looks resplendent in her fresh faced look. This look will win any India heart as well as any one who loves the classic looks. This look was highly appreciated when the movie was pictured as it shows the innocence and purity of the heart she carries along.

5. Flawless Tamanna:

With a flawless complexion such as hers, Tamanna Bhatia doesn’t need the magic touch of a paintbrush to bring out the best in her. Her long flowing hair highlighted with streaks does much to modify her makeup-free look giving her chiselled features a radiant gleam. The above picture was taken while she was exchanging words with the media. The beautiful smile is capable enough to hide the tiredness she carries and also proves her social activeness.

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6. Delightful Tamanna:

Even with minimal makeup Tamanna Bhatia is a delightful sight. The sheer white blouse and glitzy neck piece is a perfect complement to the natural look that she sports. Her hair let loose around her shoulders completes her getup. This look gives her a flawless effect on the surroundings. This picture also confirms that she is bubbly and jolly in nature. Her smile adds to her beauty.

7. Tribal Tamanna:

A plumper version of Tamanna Bhatia walking the ramp at CIFW in fashion designer Nishka Lulla’s Tribal Costume. With nothing except eye makeup on her face, she paints a plain picture of a tribal woman with a pink sequenced band around her forehead and colourful feathers pinned to her curly locks. A very different looking Tamanna from the charming on-screen beauty that we are so used to seeing but still a pretty sight nonetheless.

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