25 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women 2017

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There are various ideas that you can get inspired from to get something like a tattoo on yourself. There are various styles of flowers, designs, lace, or even animal prints that you can do. You should always get guidance from a professional artist for these.

Tattoo Ideas

Best Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women With Pictures:

Below are the top 25 styles of tattoo ideas with images that you can choose from to custom make something by getting inspired from these.

1. Font Tattoo Idea Or Name Tattoo Ideas:

tattoo ideas1

This is such a writing tattoo design that you can try out on yourself as well. You should select a proper artist to get this done on you and that artist should be professional. You can also get something customized like this. You can also use different colors for this tattoo idea. This is one of the perfect small tattoo ideas for girls.

2. Tribal Designer Band Tattoo:

tattoo ideas2

This is a very glamorous art work that you can also try out on your body. You can also add other associated characters and shapes to this tattoo idea to make this showier. There is a scope of extension for these designs. This position is comfortable for many because, this is at the back and also towards the lower side of the body and therefore quite easy to sport.

3. Full Hands Tattoo Design:

tattoo ideas3

This is a girl type shape tattoo. You can also create something similar to this for yourself. If you want then you can add some other different colors and detailing to this. You can also get something customized from your artist who will do this on you and if your artist has good drawing hand then he can draw something suited to your taste.

4. Orchid Tattoo Design:

tattoo ideas4

These tattoos are quite common for many people to sport. These ideas should also be done with a variety of colors. However you should use something like a sticker an then if you are comfortable sporting this then only you should do the permanent colors.

5. Black And Shaded Tattoo Ideas For Men:

tattoo ideas5

This tattoo is quite detailed and also simply glamorous on men’s arms. You can try out similar ideas and styles on yourself as well. You can also get something customized like this and add more flowers or other birds to this. It is one of the best shaded¬†tattoo ideas for men.

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