9 Rare Pictures Of Taylor Swift Without Makeup

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Country singing sensation Taylor Swift has vowed fans with her music and charismatic beauty. Her songs of love and betrayal have garnered numerous Music awards including seven prestigious Grammy Awards. She is a role model for many aspiring teenagers and young adults who identify with her music. A class act whose music alone creates waves, Taylor Swift has her own on stage appeal which lies in her star quality looks and magnetic voice. Off-screen she is her same mesmerizing self sans makeup.

Admirable Taylor Swift Without Makeup Photos:

Following are the best rare and unseen pics of Taylor Swift without makeup that inspire you.

1. 2008 Photo Shoot:

When People magazine decided to do a photo shoot featuring a number of attractive women without any makeup for their May’s issue of “100 Most Beautiful People,” Taylor Swift was a willing participant. Completely makeup free in her PEOPLE shoot with nothing but a white sundress to grace her lithe figure, Taylor Swift was of the opinion that “it’s important to be comfortable with who you are and go natural once in a while.” as told to the magazine.

2. Night Off:

On her night off from work, Taylor Swift likes to dress down and do the things that any ordinary girl would do that to makeup free. This is a recent video clip posted of her relaxing at home with her cat Meredith and watching Titanic. Taylor Swift seems to have no misgivings in posting a video of her real self which is indeed quite refreshing.

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3. Barefaced And Beautiful:

Wearing just her hair down in her signature loose curls, Taylor Swift dares to bare her makeup free look in this captured image of herself. Her clean face and clear complexion is augmented by the black overcoat leaving her looking beautiful as ever.

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4. Popular With The Fans:

Taylor Swift takes time out to sign autographs for her fans sporting a different look – no makeup. Even with a plain grey tee and her hair raggedly made into a plait, her smile more than makes up for the lack of makeup.

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5. Instagram Hit:

On a day off from work or the Red Carpet Taylor Swift can be caught lounging at home with her cat Meredith by her side while she posts pictures of herself on Instagram, devoid of makeup. She prefers a simple life to the hard partying and elaborate lifestyle of many her counterparts. It’s no wonder that her fresh face remains untarnished by the ill effects of smoking and alcohol.

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