Top 8 Temples In West Bengal

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West Bengal is a hub for all religion, temples predominantly surpassing any other religion. Usually a base and a shelter for Hindu worshippers, West Bengal is a country of wild cultural heritage, supporting and housing in themselves a wide variety of different secular cultures. In today’s article, we shall discuss about one such list that entitles a whole new range of temples in and across west Bengal.

A state of multiple idol worshipper, West Bengal temples never really has a sound identity following one single channel of worship. While some temples are dedicated to goddess mighty and high, the others are denoted to the day savers, the gods. Then there are some that gives their complete attention to maintaining the heritage and beauty of the house of god. Either way here is a classic list to all the worthwhile temples that deserve a visit once you enter west Bengal.

1. Dakshineswar Kali Temple:

temples in west bengal

What was merely a figment of her dreams, the wealthy widow Rani Rashmoni dreamt of the divine goddess Kali herself appearing in her dreams and asking for a grand refugee at the banks of the flowing Ganges. One of the biggest shrines for Goddess Kali till date, after the holy priest’s demise, it was the revolutionary Ramakrishna who took over the responsibility. Devoting equal divinity to Radhe- Krishna and Lord Shiva as well this is a place worthy praying sight.

2. Tarapith Temple:

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A temple dictating the whole existence of a town, Tarapith is a temple city massively famous for the extensive culturally decorated holy temple for Goddess Tara, a reincarnation of Goddess Kali. Lively and vibrant at its best, this wish giving temple looks heavenly being crowded by flocking tourists from all over. Amongst the other attractions, there is the adjacent famous burial ground.

3. Jagannath Temple of Mahesh:

Temples in west Bengal 3

Secluded in solitude in a corner of the town Serampore, the Mahesh temple denoted its worship and religion to God Jagannath. Compact and precise, this small temple actually hosts one of the biggest Rath- Yatras, an occasion for massive sky looming chariots to assist in the journey to destination for god Jagannath.

4. Tarakeshwar Temple:

Temples in west Bengal 4

A temple for staunch Shiva devotees, hidden away in the warmth of Tarekshwar is the temple that is so well known all over and beyond Bengal. Located in the adjacent areas of the Hooghly district, Tarekshwar is one of the most renowned and oldest temple resurrection with an even more staunch back history to a blind in faith devotee depicting his love through the construction of this temple.

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5. Iskcon Temple:

Temples in west Bengal 5

A brilliant temple constructed in the lap of nature, gardens, lakes and all, this temple present in the wonderland Siliguri is a hub of serenity where Iskcon can be determined as a branch of Krishna worshippers who flock to this nerve numbing beautiful temple.

6. Rampara kalibari:

Temples in west Bengal 6

A homely recluse to worshipping the divine Goddess Kali, the Rampara Kalibari is well known for its extravagant puja, a ceremony that occurs around Diwali filled with lights and life. Housed within a courtyard, this temple also houses god Jagannath.

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7. Kalighat Temple:


The pride of Kolkata, a place of worship right in the amidst of a jostling city, the kalighat temple once again pulls us back to the city of Joy. An extravagant and lively temple at its best, Goddess Kali favors the fortunate visitors here that crowd here every day.

8. Ramkrishna Belur Math:

Temples in west Bengal 8

Crawling across a good 40 acre land, the Belur Math is yet another dedicated devotion place for Ramakrishna worshippers. The scenic beauty is as incomparable as the temple, this being yet another well famed worship hub in Howrah district.

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