Top 9 Tips For Increasing Height

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Short people are cute. But they are never called beautiful, breathtaking or regal. They might if they have that kind of a personality which doesn’t require height to make it stand out. But if we talk about an average person of any gender, they feel more confident with more height. Most people believe that it is impossible to increase your height after your body has reached a certain age. This is not true.
You can increase your height at any age. Right now for example, if you just sit straight, you height will increase by an inch minimum! So first of all let us do away with this myth that makes you believe that your height cannot increase. Next, I’d like you to take a look at the following tips for increasing your height.

Tips For Increasing Height

1. Swimming:

To grow taller you must engage in a number of athletic activities. Swimming is one of these. it is a fun sport, so it isn’t too tedious a task. If you don’t know how to swim, join a class. Take your friends to the club and swim for an hour daily. It will help your height increase.

2. Basketball:

I know it sounds clicked, but it is unequivocally true. Basket ball is of great assistance in increasing your height. Also, like swimming, basketball is a fun and engaging sport that you should enjoy. Thus, these two are the most preferred of all choices when it comes to improving your height.

3. Cycling:

Athletic activities and sports that help improve height, include cycling. So make cycling your preferred mode of transport. You needn’t take out time from your busy schedule to fit this activity in. Also, it will help you do your bit for the environment, since cycles are a very green way to travel!

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4. Hanging Exercise:

The most common exercise used to help the body grow in height is the hanging exercise. As a kid when your height was stunted, your parents must have forced you to hang yourself from high rods. In retrospect, maybe they didn’t. Either way, you should give this exercise a try. Install a sturdy rod in your house and hang yourself from it.

5. Yoga:

Yoga helps loosed your body. It makes it more flexible. It also helps you heal yourself from within. All these positive changes help your body grow. Besides, yoga has asanas specifically designed to improve your height.

6. Sleep:

It has been observed by scientists that one appears shorter after a bad night of sleep and taller after a good one! This is because when you are tired, your spine is bent and this makes you appear shorter. However, a good night’s sleep helps your body stretch out your spine and helps you stand straighter and therefore appear taller.

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7. Balanced Diet:

What you eat has a huge impact on how your body grows. Eating a balanced diet, which most of us fail to do, helps increase your height greatly. It also helps improve all your body systems and is in general a healthy habit which everyone should imbibe.

8. Posture:

Your posture says a lot about you and your personality. It also helps improve your height in obvious ways. If you sit straight you appear taller than when you slouch. So maintaining a good posture is an obvious answer to your height problems.

9. High Heels:

The easiest and most superficial way to improve your height is to use high heels. If you can’t bear the pain of doing the above, you must bear the pain of wearing these contraptions.

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