7 Simple Tips To Look 5 Years Younger

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Do you know how to look 5 years younger?. There is hardly anyone out there who does not want to look 5 years younger than they actually are. However, it is really hard to maintain it and one needs to be continuously on their toes to have a young and radiant look that others envy. With growing age, the problems of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and blemishes occur gradually that makes the skin dull and lifeless. To ensure that these are kept at bay for a longer period of time, you need to spend some time caring for the skin. Proper techniques of makeup as well as good care of the skin can however hide the ageing process of the skin as much as make you look 5 years younger from your actual age.

Simple Tips To Look 5 Years Younger:

The below mentioned tips will surely help you achieve what you want but only if you remember to use them regularly. Check them out and make a pick of 2-3 ideas in a combination to get excellent results.

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1. Exfoliation Is Important:

For the first step that you need to take to get 5 years younger, exfoliation is undoubtedly one of the most significant ones. It is something that helps in improving the skin texture along with removal of the dead skin layer that makes the skin dull and lifeless. It also helps in reducing the ill effect of the sun damages caused on the skin. Using exfoliators with alpha-hydroxyl is one of the perfect options to take here.

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2. Significance Of Moisturizing:

The skin starts lacking the natural oils that keeps it nourished as a person grows older. This only means that the need for moisturizing is much more when you age. Moisturizing from a good quality cream or lotion has always been one of the important needs to keep the skin healthy. In fact, as an added benefit, moisturizing also helps in making you look younger than you actually are!

3. Face Lifting Masks To Be Used:

Face lift masks have the sole purpose of reducing the wrinkles on the face and making you look younger by removing the chances of ageing. For those who want to apply makeup after the face pack application, it is advisable to use the pack at least 2-3 hours prior.

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4. Use A Concealer:

Among the makeup techniques and products, one that is quite miraculous in making you look younger is a concealer. A concealer that suits the skin tone should be used that will cover the dark spots, blemishes as well as dark circles. It helps in bringing a flawless look to the face and help in achieving the aims.

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5. Primer Helps:

Another of the makeup products that can give you look 5 years younger as desired are primers. Primers are known for creating a smooth base for the makeup and also for transforming the skin completely into something younger and glowing. It also helps in keeping the makeup on the long lasting front.

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6. Foundation With Antioxidants:

There are a lot of liquid foundations available in the market that has high levels of antioxidants in them for firming the skin as well as making it younger. It also protects the skin from all the damages caused by sun rays and is perfect for looking 5 years younger.

7. The Miracle Of Blush:

The skin loses a lot of features like fullness as we grow old. This makes it look hollow and angular. A pink blush is the right choice here to make yourself 5 years younger and much more beautiful. Avoid dark colored blushes here as they won’t help you much.

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