9 Best Womens Trouser Jeans Outfits

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Starting from the early 20th century, jeans started becoming an important part of the women’s wardrobe. From that time, the fashion industry also started developing new trends in the jeans designs for the women. Among the various accepted designs, the trouser style jeans have become more popular for the women. The design is selected that of a trouser with a jeans material and get up.


Trouser Style Jeans for Women:

Let’s have a glance at some popular designs of the trouser jeans for women for a stunning look.

1. Simple Black Trouser Jeans:


Black denim looks most amazing even on simple tops. Similarly a black trouser jean gives a simplified and sober appearance to the wearer for regular wear. As the name defines, the black trouser jeans are plain without any design to carry for official wear also.

2. Dark Blue Loose Trouser Jeans:


Looking for a jeans pair for picnics and outings! Try women’s trouser jeans in dark blue shade which is not skinny. Such jeans are carried mostly by mass girls to give their body a proper texture. It best goes with floral tops.

3. Official Trouser Jeans:


Looking for an official wear with some modern stylish touch! Get a trouser style jeans specially designed for the working women for a perfect look. Available in various colours, it gives a sophisticated look to the thin and long legs.

4. Grey Loose Trouser Jeans:


Inspired by the old trouser, trouser style jeans with a loose impact is introduced specially for the women with heavy thighs. They give comfort and style at a time giving a proper shape to their legs. Widely carried on loose short tops, it is seen mostly at picnics, fairs, offices, etc.

5. Bell Shaped Trouser Jeans for Women:


Looking for something elegant do your tall legs! The best trouser jeans pattern with a high waist is the one with a bell shape. The design of the jeans from the waist to the bottom gives the shape of a bell and is quite popular among ladies who are heighted.

6. Creasey Trouser Jeans:


A simple yet funky look is gained by the women’s trouser jeans with a Creasy design on the top. The design as carries monkey wash pattern which is widely carried by the college teens for a modified look in the college and picnics. The broad upper portion gives a comfort level to even the aged women and hence it is widely popular.

7. Trouser Leg Jeans:


A jeans design inspired by the palazzo looks quite unique on loose t-shirts for the women. The trouser leg jeans are given a pattern which is tight from the upper part while from the knees it gets loosen. It is widely accepted for medium body texture girls for a scrutinized look.

8. White Trouser Jeans:


Just as black, white also has its own place in the hearts of the women. A best look with a pleasant appearance can be achieved with best trouser jeans. The texture of the wide jeans is made in a manner that it gives the upper part of the jeans a perfect shape and texture to the hips. Widely carried for offices and stage programs etc.

9. Brown Wide Trouser Jeans:


Looking for something unique and trendy! Here is a design with brown colour and inspired by the boxer shorts. A trouser style jean which is totally loose from top to bottom is widely carried out for exercises, tracking, picnic, etc. It gives a stunning and sensual look when carried with a sleeveless jacket or inner.

The trouser jeans when compared to other jeans like the bell bottom, low rise jeans, cropped jeans, jogging etc. are more preferred due to its long term style impact and comfort. It he designs was also used in several movies and red carpet by the celebs to give a realistic look to their glamour.

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