15 Different Types Of Beers

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Beer is a generic term that is used to represent any kind of malt beverage that has been fermented. There is no universally accepted list of types of beers, as such so, the classification given below is broad and basic. Beer may be classified on the basis of appearance, flavour, ingredients, production/ fermentation method, history, or origin. However, if you are a drinking enthusiast, you should know some very basic categories of beers.

Talking in a broad sense, Beers can basically be classified into three chief categories. The basic science behind this classification & hence the types of Beers is based on the temperature of fermentation & method that is used to carry out fermentation. Four major categories of Beer are:

● Ales
● Lagers
● Lambic
● Imperials

These three are then further sub classified into many further types of Beers based on their specific characteristics.

Talking about the Ales first, this type of Beer is left to undergo fermentation at warmer temperatures that lie somewhere in the range of 65 To 75 degrees Fahrenheit for shorter periods of time as compared to Lager beers. Also, the variety of Yeast that is used to carry out the fermentation of Ales Beer floats over the top of liquid for a few, initial number of days and subsequently, sinks to the bottom of the tank further progressing the process of fermentation. The taste of Ales Beers is on a sweeter side and they have a tasty, crisp flavour. They are one of the oldest types of beers that is being made since 5000 years, almost.

A number of different types of Grains can be applied to make Ales Beer. Based on What type of Grain is used for Brewing the beer, the colour of Ales Beer can range from Golden Yellow to the one with a tinge of Brown to deep Amber Brown.

Let Us Have A Look At Some Popular Variants Of Ales Beer:

1. Amber Ale:

Amber Ale beer 1

They are deeper in colour and that is why the name AMBER ALE. This beer is sweet in taste due to presence of good amounts of sugars or malt. These are further of two kinds, that is, Fat Tire Amber Ale and Budweiser American Ale.

2. Pale Ale:

Pale Ale beer 2

The name itself suggests that the colour of this type of Ale beer is lighter and hence the name Pale ale. It is sweet in taste and is loaded with malt and hops. You can try out Sierra Nevada which is a popular type of Pale Ale.

3. Irish Ale:

Irish Ale beer 3

This type of Ale beer is Red in color and has a sweet taste. Killian’s Irish Red can be cited as an example.

4. Barley Wine:

Barley Wine  beer 4

It’s colour is on a darker side and can vary between hues of deep amber to even of blackish. This one is a tasty beer that has a sweet, delightfully fruity flavour. The alcohol content of this beer is on a higher side.

5. Stouts:

Stouts beer 5

The contents of this beer are mainly dark, roasted Barley. This beer is essentially malt free and contains very less quantity of hops. The sweet flavour and a Chocolate like smell.

6. Bitter Ale:

Bitter Ale  beer 6

Unlike most of it’s Ale counterparts that are sweeter in taste, this Ale is bitter in taste. It contains hops that give this pale coloured Ale an appealing aroma. Example: Forster’s Special Bitter.

7. India Pale Ale (IPA):

India Pale Ale (IPA)  beer 7

This one again has a prominent, bitter taste as well as aroma. It has a rich Golden colour.

8. Porter:

Porter beer 8
This variant of Ale is brewed from the grains of richly roasted malt and is darker in shade. It has a quirky, crisp taste and medium viscosity. example: Jack Porter.

Coming to the Lagers variety of beers now, these types of beers have been around for a few hundred years now. These types of beers are fermented at relatively lower temperatures as compared to the Ale beers, say 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the type of yeast used settles at the bottom of the tank. Since these are fermented at cooler/ cellar temperatures, the formation of by products and esters is limited giving the Lager type of beers have a clean, crisp and smooth aroma and flavour.

9. Dunkel:

Dunkel beer 9

This beer is dark in colour with only slight alcoholic strength. It’s flavour has hints of cocoa and coffee beans like smell.

10. Bock:

Bock beer 10

Shiner Bock and Michelob Amber Bock are amongst the best varieties of Bock beers available. These are darker in shade with a flavorful taste ranging from malty to hoppy.

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11. Marzen:

Marzen beer 11

It is a relatively thick type of beer that is dark Brown in colour. example: Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

12. Pale Lager:

Pale Lager beer 12

While some Lagers are darker in shade, there are others that are pale in colour, too being almost straw coloured. These have a moderate alcoholic content and are carbonated in nature.The flavour is zesty, filtered and malty. Example: Pilsner lagers

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13. Munich Dark Pale:

Munich Dark Pale  13

Originated from Munich, this dark coloured beer has an aromatic amalgamation of malty and coffee tastes.

14. DoppleBock:

This one is a thick beer with caramel/ chocolate fused malty taste.

15. Lambic Beer:

Lambic Beer 15

This is a relatively uncommon type of beer that makes use of wild yeast for the fermentation process.


Imperials 16

These are types of beers that have a high content of malts and alcohol giving these a dark colour mostly. Initially, this variety of beer was brewed for Royal families only thus, the name Imperial.

Apart from the varieties mentioned here, there are still many more types of beer that are produced by blending different varieties of beer, external flavors in form of fruits, vegetables and spices. Today, many hybrid varieties of beer are available, out there in bars which are more or less a cross between Ales and Lagers.

I hope, after going through this article, you are quite well versed with the different types of beers available.

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