25 Different Types Of Birds

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Living beings are classified into both vertebrates and non vertebrates. In vertebrates we have amphibians, reptiles and aves etc. Aves can be described as living being which are characterized by feathers, beak with no teeth having metabolic rate, laying hard shelled eggs with a four chambered heart and they are light weight but have strong skeleton. In this world their different kinds of birds are available. Some types of birds are followed.

1. Toucan:

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This bird belongs to a family of Ramphastidae. This family is closely related to American barbets. The name of this bird is derived from Portuguese. Toucans mass ranges between 130g -680g and its length lies in between 11.5 inches to 29 inches. Their bodies are short and size is comparable to crow. Its tail is rounded and varies in length to whole body. Its wings are small and neck is thick and short. These birds travel only short distances as they are forest-dwelling birds. Its tongue varies from 14-15 cm which is narrow and grey in color. It even has sensitivity organ of taste.

Toucan’s lives in sub-tropical and tropical regions and native are from Central America, Southern Mexico, northern portion of Caribbean region and South America. As they are arboreal, lays white eggs from 2-21 in their nests. These are generally found in pairs. Toucans are omnivores as their prey includes fruits, insects and small lizards. For feeding their chicks they prefer animal food.

2. King Fisher:

Kingfisher belongs to a family of Alcedinidae and contains three families like Alcedinidae, Halcyonidae and Cerylidae. These families contain river, tree and water kingfishers. There are about 90 species in kingfishers.

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Kingfisher has large head, sharp, long and pointed bills with short legs and stubby tails. Most of species have plumage with differences in their sexes. These are mostly found in forests in tropical regions. They generally feed on fish and wide range of prey. They love to live near rivers to eat fish. Their nest will be in cavities, tunnels dug into artificial banks in ground. Quarter of kingfishers lives in disused termite nests.

Smallest species of kingfisher is African dwarf kingfisher, mass averages about 10.4g and length is 10cm. Largest kingfisher is giant kingfisher, mass average about 355g and length is 45cm. Plumage of most kingfishers is bright, with blue and green in colors. Kingfisher have long, dagger-like bill which is used to hunt fish and prey off the ground.

They generally have short legs with four toes, three will pointing in forward direction. These are carnivores and their prey includes fish, reptiles and frogs etc. Their eggs are invariably white and glossy. Clutch size varies between species. Each clutch has two eggs. Sometimes they lay 10 and average of 3-6 eggs. Incubation is done by both sexes. Offspring stays with their parents until 3-4 months. Their prey is mostly insects, dragon flies and bees etc.

3. Swift:

Swift belongs to a family of Apodidae of highly aerial birds. Tree swifts are closely related to true swifts. This family is derived from Greek which means footless. These are aerial birds and are fastest fliers and flies about 169 km/h. Common swift can cover at least 200,000 km in single year. Swift has large wingtip bones.

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They had flexibility of changing their angle between wingtip bones and fore limbs to alter the shape and area by maximizing their efficiency and maneuverability. They even rotate their wings from base. They live in all continents majorly on oceanic islands. They weigh for 5.4 g- 184 g and measures from 9 cm- 25 cm. in long. The nests of these birds are glued to vertical surface with saliva. Eggs hatch after 19-23 days and leave within six to eight weeks. These are incubated by both parents.

4. Parrot:

Scientific name of parrot is Psittaciformes. Belong to a family of Psittacopasserae. These are mostly found in subtropical and tropical regions. There are about 372 species in existence in 86 general. Their size ranges from 3.5 to 40 inches and mass of about 2.25 to 56 ounces. These birds lives in groups called flocks and each flock contains about 20 -30 birds.

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These are omnivores which mean they eat nuts, fruit and insects etc. The clutches of parrot contains only two eggs and incubation period is about 18-30 days. A new born parrot is blind for first two weeks. Chick will become fully mature for 1- 4 years depending on species. Life span of parrot varies from 50- 9 5 years.

5. Humming Bird:

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Humming bird is a family member of Trochilidae. And its scientific name is also trochilidae. These are smallest birds which range from 7.5 to 13 cm. These are well known as humming birds because when wings flap and humming sound is created. They can fly in all directions. They primary food is tree sap, pollen, insects and flower nectar. Clutch size contains about 1- 3 eggs. Young starts to fly in 18-30 days.

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