15 Different Types Of Hair Pins and Clips

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Hair pins have proved to be an important accessory for the girls in order to hold their hair style in a beautiful manner. They give a unique look to your hair style and also help it not getting messy soon.


Hair Pin Styles for Women:

There are different types of hair pins available which adds a stylish look to your hair style. Let’s have a look at some of the trendy hair pins mostly grabbed.

1. Bobby Hair Pins:


Bobby hair pins are the common and simple hair pins available in the indian market. They are highly used to make any hairstyle in which many layers are to be formed and maintained. They are the oldest pins used to decorate your hair. Easy to use these pins are widely available at a very minimal cost.

2. Hair Barrettes Pins:


These beautiful hair pins are the mostly picked hair pins while shopping for hair accessories. They are available in various attractive designs and styles. They carry a broad design which helps to bind up as many hair layers as you want. The floral design in such pins is the most attractive.

3. Claw Clips for Hair:


The claw clips have been the first choice since they came into the market. They are firm and give a tight grip to the hair in order to hold your hair style firm. The claw clips are made of fibre and is available in various colours and designs. They hold a busy market as you will see them easily available and easy to use.

4. Banana Clips for Hair:


These types of hair pins came into the market before the claw clips, and since that time has been ruling over. They give a simple look of a small comb which gives them a proper grip. These girly hair pins are used for this hair with small or medium length. It is the best option to tie all your hair, without allowing them to break.

5. Bumpit Hair Pins:


These are the trendy hair pin styles among the hair accessories. They are not easily available as they are newly introduced to the market. A lovely puff, a clumsy pony tail and a half tied pony are the hair styles you carry with such bumpits. They are suitable for all type of hair. They are mostly adopted by the women who need to have a puff for a long time.

6. The Snap Clip:


These girly hair pins are very popular for holding strands on the hair. This metal hair clips are generally used by the kids but now a days also adults are using it. They are available in various designs, sizes and varieties. They hold the small hair strands from falling on the face as well as used to tighten the puffs which are carried for regular basis.

7. Tiaras Hair Pins:


These ladies hair pins are widely used by the ladies to hold up attractive hairstyles in marriages. Such pins come In variety of patterns such as silver, gold, diamond Studded, various shapes, etc. They give a crown look to your hair style and hence they are also known as crown hair pins.

8. Hair Stick Pins:


Some people who are lacking time avoid the use of any band or pins. They simply carry the hair sticks to make up their hair. Such sticks are used to give your hair a firm bun. All you need to do is just gather your hair and roll or twist them to a bun and fix the sticks from opposite sides to lock it. They are also available in various decorative forms.

9. Feather Hat Clip:


Such girly hair pins give you a royal look when worn on specific countess dresses. They are available in various designs with a small or by hat and several lovely feathers and net. All you need is just take a small strand of hair and pluck the pin/clip to it.

10. Floral Design Golden Hair Pins:


Try these gold hair pins and give a bridal look to your hair style. Such pins are generally used to give an awesome look to your hair style and they also hold your hair for a long period so that they don’t mess up. Such pins are available in various floral, peacocks, butterflies, etc. design that it would be hard for you to select the best.

11. Silver Comb Pins:


This can be said another type of hair pins favorable to have a bridal look, or even for hair style at some special occasions. Such silver hair pins are used to decorate your puffs or some other hairstyles. They are available as comb pins and thus give a tight hold to the hair styles.

12. Decorative Pearl Pins:


The hairstyles would look pale in case you do not use such decorative pins to hold them tight and design them. Such pearl hair pins are available highly in the market to give your designed hair a glamorous look. Such pearl pins are available in various attractive designs and patterns.

13. Tribal Bead Hair Pins:


These new hair pins are inspired by the tribal bead designs. They are highly found worn in the African countries. Easy to wear this pin gives an attractive look to your rolled hair. They are also carried by the natives while swimming to pack the hair.

14. Spin Pins:


Having curly hair which is impossible to manage through simple Bobby pins! The spin pins are similar to the spirals. They help the bun of made out of curly hair to last long without getting messy. Such pins are easy to wear and are almost invisible to people as they have the colour and texture similar to the curly hair.

15. Bow Hair Pin:


Here are some designer hair pins which would help your hair style as well as give you a fashionable look. These pins are available in Bow designs and are tucked below your bun so that it doesn’t slip downwards. They are highly preferred for silky hair as they slid easily and make your hair style messy.

The hair pins are always in demand and hence the manufacturers need to continuously give new attractive designs in it. No hairstyle is such which does not require a hair pin. Some New hair pins available in the market are feather pins, hair band pins, diamond butterflies, etc.