9 Unhealthy Foods you Need to Avoid

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Just like it is important to know about the foods that enhance good health, it is equally important to give attention and have knowledge about the top foods that are unhealthy for the body and should be avoided as much as possible. The foods mentioned below are not only unhealthy but also hampers with the regular functions of the body making you more prone to diseases and health problems. The list has the top 9 unhealthy foods that one should ignore in the daily meals even if they take it sometimes. Make sure you check each one of them and find healthier substitutes wherever possible.

1. Pasta:

White pasta of any form or shape is one of the unhealthiest foods that one should stay away from. There are no vitamins and minerals that are provided to the body and a minimum amount of fiber which is not even significant. The only thing it has is empty carbs. The unhealthy fat is only an add on in most of the cases..

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2. Margarine:

Margarine is one food item that has a lot of Trans fat which leads to an increase in the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. It also damages the blood vessels and leads to higher risks of blood clot in the body. This makes most of the margarine available in the market as one of the top unhealthy foods for the body.

3. Soda:

Aerated drinks are another of the unhealthy foods that totally deserves to be in this list. Soda is only a hundred percent calories without any nutrient or health gains for a person. It also has high levels of sugar that affects the body in a negative way. It damages the teeth; weaken the bones and leads to cavities.

4. White Bread:

White bread is just another form of pasta and one that provides no nutrients to the body and only empty calories. This is definitely an unhealthy food you should know about. You can always adhere to healthier substitutes like brown bread.

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5.Tomato Ketchup:

Tomato ketchup is full of preservatives and high levels of sugar. It is one of the processed foods that bring only bad health to the body. Make sure you stay away from this unhealthy food as much as possible.

6. Processed Cheese:

Have you ever seen the slice of cheese in hamburgers? These are nothing but processed cheese and something highly unhealthy and full of saturated fats. There is nothing else in this food apart from calories and the way to obesity.

7. Soy Sauce:

It might be one of the products that have high levels of antioxidants but then it also has very high levels of sodium and salt that leads to unhealthy body. This brings a lot of danger for the health. Make sure you stay away from soy sauce as much as possible to have a fit body free from problems.

8. Peanuts:

Yes, nuts are supposed to be healthy and packed with vitamins and minerals but peanuts are not as healthy as compared to others. Apart from that, most of the peanuts have salt content that is not good for the body. Peanuts are definitely one unhealthy food as compared to other nuts that are healthy.

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9. Packed Fruit Juice:

Packed fruits juice is nothing but sugar and calories along with preservatives. The way the fruits juice is made and packed kills all the important nutrients of the fruits and on top of that it also has artificial flavours. This is one of the unhealthy foods in the list.

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