Top 9 Upper Chest Exercises

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Exercise is a very important part of life and it is up to you to exercise your body daily so that you do not suffer with any problems in the long run. Our body is like a machine, when you are active the body will work properly but if you let yourself go problems will start to arise in the long run pertaining to your heart, stamina, bones and son on. To avoid any of these problems it is very necessary that you take the time out at least thrice a week to fully give your body a thorough workout, exercising every sinew of your body so that you remain healthy and strong for a longer period of time. Along with exercising though you must also eat healthy so that the food and exercise compliments one another perfectly.

Given below are a few great upper chest exercises for a healthy upper body:

1. Push Ups:

Push ups

Push ups are the most important exercises that you need to do to help increase the clarity of your chest muscles. Wide arm and short arm push are a very necessary simultaneous exercise which must be carried out so that you can have a very strong upper chest and iron pectoral muscles

2. Butterfly With Dumbbells Standing Up:

Butterfly with dumbbells standing up

Another great exercise for your chest, the butterfly with dumbbells is the perfect way to create a sense of tension on your chest muscles so that they can slowly grow and improve over time. A set of three into 10 is recommended for beginners with weights of your choice. You can slowly increase the amount of sets over time once you start getting used to the exercise.

3. Sit Ups:

Sit ups

Many people think that sit ups only put pressure on the abs thus working on the abs entirely but this is a wrong conception. Sit ups also work the upper chest and pectoral muscles because you use the back and the chest to sit up. It is a great way to join two exercises in one to get the best results.

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4. Barbell Inclined:

Barbell inclined

The barbell is a perfect way to work on your upper chest muscles and is even better when the barbell is placed on an inclined board on which you need to lie down. The inclined barbell puts pressure on your upper chest forming very prominent muscles over time.

5. Inclined Barbell Wide:

Inclined barbell wide

To further work on the upper chest after you have considerably achieved a good amount of muscle already move onto the wide barbell inclined which requires you to increase or widen the grip on the barbell which puts considerable pressure on your chest and arms. To further increase the weight on your chest do a complete set to achieve the best results.

6. Arched Back Pull Up:

Arched back pull up

The arched back pull up is a very complete exercise that requires the arm and chest muscles to complete successfully. Do a complete set to apply a strain on your upper chest muscles. This is a fully coordinated exercise that is made especially for your arms and upper chest.

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7. Wide Grip Upright Row:

Wide grip upright row

This is a two in one exercise that targets the muscles on your upper back and upper chest. You require quite strong leg muscles to do this exercise as well so it is necessary that you work on all parts of your body as well as your upper chest. The weights can be of your choice but be careful this is an exercise for experienced body builders so make sure you understand the method before doing anything.

8. Bench Press:

Bench press

The bench press works wonders on the lower and upper chest as well as your arms making it a suitable upper chest exercise.

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