Uttana kurmasana (Inverted Tortoise) – How To Do And Benefits

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Yoga once again made its point, when it mercilessly toned down your thigh flab and at the same time made sure your early morning bathroom runs were limited to just once, a satisfying once. Once again yoga made it clear to you that even your tiredness has a solution to it.

Uttana kurmasana

Then again it was yoga who said you can be fit and hot and not enroll yourself in a gym toiling and boiling the sweat on your brows. This is why they finally regarded yoga as a handsome prince to your trapped damsel in distress. Amongst the many, in today’s topic, we shall talk about one such yoga pose, called the Uttana kurmasana.

How To Do it?

Yoga is simply a game of stretches and twists, some complicated some as easy as a pumpkin pie on a summer noon. However, consiste3ncy is the key to everything. Even the difficult ones seem easy as a cake frosting if maintained with proper dedication and practice. The English name for today’s yoga posture is called the upside –down tortoise.

Even though the name sounds quite hilarious, sadly this is one of those difficult times that need nurture and practice. However, with time, this too shall be an easy ordeal. To start off with the steps let’s spread our yoga mat.Start by sitting on your yoga mat, knees knelt as your hips rest on your heels.

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The heels underneath your hips should be facing upward as you straighten out your spine properly. Your neck should be aligned to your spine and your arms beside you resting. Now take a deep inhale as you bend down trying to touch your forehead to the ground. At this time, while you inhale you would feel your stomach sucking back in making it easier for you to bend down.

Once done, now you can bring your arms all the way around to the back and clasp them. The posture indeed looks easy but now comes the difficult part, holding the posture for a few seconds, maybe a minute for the best. As you release your posture now exhale and continue with normal breathing until you reach your base one position.

There is another variation to this tortoise pose as well where instead of you kneeling down you stretch your lower limbs ahead and then bend down in between your legs. This can be a bit more difficult and thus is reserved for the pros.

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How Does it Help Us?

  • This is one of the best breathing yoga postures where as you bend down you lock your breath in creating a clogging in your nasal cavity. This is why this yoga is known for its miracle cure of painful sinuses. Bending down on the initial journey can however, be the cause of a light sting in your nasal cavity.
  • As you bend down, your abdomen now sucked in gets a good massage in the pressure situation. The organs housing in it, namely the intestines therefore experiences a blood rush which flushes out any possible toxins from the system ensuring proper digestion.
  • This is also a good exercise to control irregular menstruation or painful cramps on or during the menstruation period. This is also appropriate for the pregnant ladies in their initial stages where they can opt for this exercise to strengthen their ovarian walls.
  • This is also a fat shredder which is evident as you bend down and massage your stomach holding in the organs with a locked inhale.

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