Top 9 Spectacular Varanasi Sarees With Images

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Varanasi is famous for it’s export of designer sarees made of the the finest saree material available here. These are different from the South Indian or the North Indian saree patterns. They are one of a kind and today, in this article, we will be discussing some of the best Varanasi saree designs that will totally blow your mind.

Beautiful Varanasi Sarees With Images:

Here are the top 9 varanasi sarees as follows with beautiful pictures.

1. The Red Varanasi Saree Design:

Varanasi Sarees-Red Varanasi Saree Design 1

Sad but true, there are many fake Varanasi sarees available in the market right now and people but them believing that they are the authentic ones. One can easily identify a real Varanasi saree by looking at cloth material and feeling it properly. This particular red one is the best Varanasi saree that you can even think of wearing.

2. The Varanasi Silk Saree:

Varanasi Sarees-Varanasi Silks Saree 2

Looking for a good silk Varanasi saree? This one is probably one of the finest ones falling in that category. The colors used while designing this is the main attractive feature about this saree and that is what will steal all the looks in the first place.

3. The Pure Varanasi Silk Saree:

Varanasi Sarees-Pure Varanasi Silk Saree 3

Are you in need of a good Varanasi saree? Take a good look at this one and the dazzling colors will easily impress you. The saree looks really appealing and can be sported during a festive event. The pattern that this saree follows is quite impressive and the borders are also very attractive,

4. The Printed Varanasi Saree:

Varanasi Sarees-Printed Varanasi Saree 4

This saree sports a really attractive printed design, that is done on a red base. The design is done using a golden color and the patterns done on the borders is so attractive that anyone will be impressed by it’s allure and will be ready to carry this beautiful Indian traditional women designer almost anywhere.

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5. The Deep Red Varanasi Saree:

Varanasi Sarees-Deep Red Varanasi Saree 5

This is one of the best-looking red sarees, that a woman can ever wear. The saree comes with a very attractive golden color pattern on the borders. The main body of the saree is also decorated with flora patters and that is the prime attraction of this saree.

6. The Wedding Varanasi Saree:

Varanasi Sarees-Wedding Varanasi Saree 6

This particular wedding saree is probably one of the best-looking ones. It sports a pink color along with small golden patterns done on the saree. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Indian clothing items that a woman can wear on her body.

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7. The Traditional Wedding Varanasi Saree:

Wedding Varanasi Varanasi Sarees-Saree #2 7

The wedding seasons are on their body and you should be well equipped with nothing but the best Indian clothing items of all time. In the picture below, there is a very attractive saree kept on a platform. It looks very attractive with all the small but unique and authentic golden color designs done on the pink canvas. The border lining pattern that this saree follows is quite attractive as well. Any Indian, who discourages wearing sarees will be impressed by this design and will definitely want to carry it on her body.

8. The Designer Silk Varanasi Saree:

Varanasi Sarees-Designer Silk Varanasi Saree 8

When it comes to silk, trust the Varanasi sarees. This particular saree comes with beautiful border patterns along with application of more than one colors. In short it can be said that, this saree is one of the most impressive Varanasi silk sarees of all time.

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9. The Violet Varanasi Saree:

Varanasi Sarees-Varanasi Saree For Slim Body Type 9

From the beautiful city of Banaras comes this even more beautiful violet saree that is specifically intended for the slim women. These type of sarees should be purchased keeping in mind the body type.

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