9 Best Vaseline Lip Balms In India With Prices

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Winter comes! It’s the time to use Vaseline lip balm? The skin coat our lips are the best layer on our body plus thus require the greatest care in our every day skin concern. If the skin turn into too dry plus chapped it can depart you feeling restless moreover can peel off in a method which can guide to bleeding lips. Vaseline petroleum jelly has look after our lips above generation. Here we enlisted best vaseline lip balms which are available in india with their prices for you. Now a days most of the people purchase most of the beauty things in online in india.You can bye these vaseline lip balms in online also.

Best Vaseline Lip Balm Products In India With Prices:

1. Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Healing For Dry Lips:

Lip Therapy Advanced

The main objective of this product is to defend chapped lips. This is a higher composition therefore helps the most difficult lip conditions efficiently. This lip balm is long lasting effect in the damp department maintain lips healthy plus flexible in the harshest climatic situation.

Price: 10 g for INR 70

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2. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Aloe Vera Lip Therapy:

Aloe Vera Lip Therapy

This alternate of lip therapy range is additional soothing thanks to the stroke of aloe vera extracts that lift the petroleum jelly to an extra potent answer for dry plus moisture impoverished lips. The pro vitamins A as well as E ensure protection from free radicals plus cucumber offers additional hydration.

Price: 20 g for INR 160

3. Vaseline Lip Care Rosy Glow Strawberry Frost:

Lip Care Rosy Glow- Strawberry Frost

This is very less priced Vaseline lip balm this is a well tinted balm for lips which has been strongly secured with butter which is made from cocoa seeds and mineral oils. The mint candy flavor freshness feel for lips can be given by the lip care rosy glow strawberry frost. The color of strawberry looks great on color less lips that can hide the wrinkles of lips.

Price: 9 g for INR 60

4. Vaseline Lip Therapy Cherry Balm:

Lip Therapy Cherry

This product has serve millions of lips by greatest satisfaction in terms of moisture plus nourishment. It is an essential old fashioned petroleum jelly by a hint of delicious cherry flavor which leaves the lips by a candy clean feel. It lasts for hours plus is ideal for all night application also.

Price: 10 g for INR 150

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5. Vaseline Lip Care Healthy White:

Lip Care Healthy White

Recognized for it’s round the clock all day moisturizing property, it is moreover a defense from skin darken by the UV rays of the sun, though it is devoid of SPF. The lip balm stay devoid of re-application for equal to 4 hours plus is a benefit to dry plus chapped lips; an extremely pocket welcoming expenses for lip care.

Price: 10 g for INR 60

6. Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture Balm:

Lip Care Total Moisture

Since the name suggests this lip balm is all regarding moisturizing. It makes sure moistening your lips for a best period of time devoid of needing re application. It is a bit silky therefore it also lifts up the texture plus the natural color of your lips. The cost makes it an extremely handy chapped lip rescue machine.

Price: 10 g for INR 35

7. Vaseline Original Lip Therapy:

Original Lip Therapy

This is the awfully fundamental lip care from Vaseline plus possibly the most widely utilized variant. It is a benefit for chapped lips plus is time experienced in its results. It is fundamentally pure petroleum jelly that we typically call Vaseline. Above times it is the nearly all trusted answer to chapped plus dry lips.

Price: 7 g for INR 109

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8. Vaseline Rosy Lip Therapy For Pink Lips:

Rosy Lip Therapy

This balm moisturizes lips for complete day exposure by a light pinkish tint. It is even plus non sticky through a very good moreover stimulating smell. It is so best that lots of users charge it over their usual branded favorites that are far extra expensive. It has a light rosy tone along with is enrich by Almond Oil. If you want hydrated rosy lips after that this is your safest bet.

Price: 7 g for INR 109

9. Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter (Rs. 109):

Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter

This lip balm is the combination of butter which is made from Shea seeds and cacao seeds, petroleum jelly which is useful for lock the moisture of lips and pro vitamin E. This moisturizing balm has contains softening properties moreover it helps to maintain the free radicals at bay. It smell tasty moreover requires a bit of friction to obtain the right coverage as it is not extremely glossy. It will moreover work for lips by sensitive skin which is horizontal to allergies.

Price: 7 g for INR 109