Very Short Hairstyles For Men – Our Top 8

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At times men with short hair wonder what style can they chose for themselves with short hair. While men with long hair feel they can try variety by chopping their hair as they have length. Well if you really think there is not much to do with short hair then you need to see the below article to find out what all can you try with your short hair for fashionable look.

1. Angular Fringes:

Very short hairstyle for men1

Though suited for round face however this hairstyle may suit all face shapes. By keeping the top layer long and then having a cut at the angle the look is achieved by having tapered sides. This is an emerging trend amongst youngsters. You will however need a stylish for this. This style is even cool for summer look.

2. Caesar Cut:

Very short hairstyle for men2

This cut is very comfortable and easy to get with a simple dab of gel or styling cream. The short length style is comfortable and easy and also easy to spike up. With gel and cream the spike can stay in place for a longer time. Very very comfortable style for summers and you can also carry this as a formal wear to office or a meeting.

3. Slicked Back Look:

Very short hairstyle for men3

If you have long hair then why not go for back brush and style it with gel or cream to get the sleek and stylish look. This goes well with even side parting or just by back brushing right from the crown region. Whether you have medium or short hair you can try this style and carry it for a party or an office meeting.

4. Casual And Classic:

Very short hairstyle for men4

This is similar to slicked back look. With hair short on the sides and long on the top at the crown region, this style is easy to achieve. Once again brush your hair through and apply style gel or cream to let it stay on place for long hours. This style can never go out of fashion and looks good on tall men.

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