9 Best Vestibular Exercises

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So you have a problem when it comes to balancing. But there is no need to get afraid. Because this will only stop you from improving. The best thing you can do in this situation is to visit your doctor and get some therapy. You should also know what kind of exercises you can do in order to have more control over objects and daily activities. The purpose of vestibular exercises is to improve your brains compensation for the injuries that are present in your vestibular system. They are pretty easy to do and are quite effective. The article here shall provide all the necessary details regarding vestibular exercises and guide you throughout.

1. Stabilizing Your Glaze:

Look straight ahead of yourself. Now turn your head towards the right. Make sure you are not fully turning your head; just a 45 degree angle. Then turn your head towards the left at the same angle. Perform this exercise ten times and keep doing it whenever you can throughout the day.

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2. Weight Shift:

Sit on a bench with your feet flat on the floor. Now bring your right head, arms and shoulders towards the left side as you lift your hand off the surface. Come back to the first position. Alternate sides and repeat 10 times.

3. Vertical and Horizontal Movements:

Move your head from the left to the right slowly. Keep increasing the pace gradually and when the maximum frequency has been reached, stop for 10 seconds. Restart the procedure again. Now move your head up and down and repeat the process.

4. Oculomotor:

Hold a target in your hand and keep your eyes fixed at it. Now move it slowly from side to side, then up to down and finally diagonally. Keep your head still as you focus. The only thing that should move is your eyes.

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5. Pilates:

Pilates is another great exercise you can do in order to improve your balance. They are fun to do and have several health benefits. But they aren’t something you should do alone. Consult your doctor and practice with someone who is an expert.

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