Top 17 Colorful Violet Saree Designs With Images

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If you have been born and brought up in India, sarees are no surprise to you. It doesn’t matter what clothes you usually wear, no Indian ever goes around without trying a saree at least once in her life. Sarees have a beautiful appeal and even so with a gorgeous blouse to embrace your beauty. These days, the trend has come and designer sarees are all in the market, however violet sarees are being chosen by more and more woman.

Violet is one of the most preferred colors of the Indian saree designers. Sarees of this color are very attractive and people will easily find them attractive. Some of the best sarees ever designed sport the color violet. If this is also your favorite color, then you have come to the right place as in this article, we will be discussing some such saree designs along with pictures.

Violet Saree Designs And Images:

Here is a list of attractive violet color saree designs. and These are the best violet saree designs which are available in Indian market.

1. The Best Designer Violet Saree:

Violet Saree Designs-Best Designer Violet Saree 1

This is the best violet saree design of this list. It sports a very catchy design and the whole pattern is quite attractive as well. If you are in need of some good-looking saree designs, then this will be one of the finest Indian clothing pieces out there.

2. The Violet and Pink Half Saree:

Violet Saree Designs-Violet Saree For Yellow Blouses 2

This a very beautifully embraced saree, which will effectively steal all the looks. The saree design is suitable for women of all ages and this particular designs is probably one of the best ones that can be worn in almost all occasions and events.

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3. The Violet and Pink Saree:

Violet Saree Designs-Violet and Pink Saree 3

This is one of the finest-looking sarees of all time. It sports a very good colour and the pattern done on it is also quite alluring. The are small dotted, circular, etc pattern done throughout the body of the saree with great patterns.

4. The Red and Violet Color Saree Design:

Violet Saree Designs-Red and Violet Saree Design 4

This is probably one of the finest-looking saree patterns of all time. This design is so alluring that anyone will be able to sport it almost anywhere. The decision of including the colour red with the violet pattern in this silk saree is a great one. It just made the saree look even more beautiful and suitable for special occasions.

5. The Colorful Violet Saree:

Violet Saree Designs-Colorful Violet Saree 5

Along with the violet, there is application of many other colors on this saree. If you are looking for a violet silk saree, then this will be a pretty good one according to your choice. The smart touch ups of colors on some portions of the saree is used to make alluring designs, which lightens up the whole design.

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6. The Kuala Lumpar Violet Saree:

Violet Saree Designs-Kuala Lumpar Violet Saree 6

This is one of the best-looking violet sarees of all time. It sports a very good-looking design throughout the body done with the help of the colour golden and that will attract people on the first place. If you are about to attend a wedding ceremony and want to differentiate yourself from the other attendees, then this will the perfect saree to give yourself that particular shine.

7. The Violet Net Saree Design:

Violet Saree Designs-Violet Net Saree Design 7

This particular violet net saree is probably one of the best-looking saree patterns of all time. It sports a really alluring pattern and the design done on the edges of the material is the main attractive feature about this saree. If you wear this at a festive event, then all eyes will be on you. Instead of wearing it with a violet color blouse, you can sport it with your favorite color blouse.

8. The Embroidered Silk Violet Saree:

Violet Saree Designs-Embroidered Silk Violet Saree 8

This is one of the best-looking violet saree designs of all time. The edges are quite well decorated with golden pattern and that is what makes this designer saree look different than anything out there.

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9. The Full Sleeve Pink And Violet Color Saree:

Violet Saree Designs-Pink and Violet Saree For Full Sleeve Blouses 9

This is a good-looking violet saree and like all the other ones this has also something unique about it. Compared to the previously discussed pink and violet saree, the material used in making this one is different.

10. Violet Net Saree:


The first saree on this list of gorgeous violet color sarees is this black border one. The saree has tiny stone work all over and you can wear it with ease to all occasions, but choosing it for low key party is a good idea, since it will keep all eyes on you.

11. Deep Violet Saree:


The next one that you can take a look at features a beautiful kalash around the pallu. This is another net saree, and a designer one at that. The saree allows you a glimpse into the new trend yet upholds the pink border in a contemporary way.

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12. Different Shades Of Violet:


When you want a saree that has violet all over and in all shades, you can show your love for the color with this saree. It has a grey border, but that only increases the classy look of the entire design.

13. Black Embroidery Violet Saree:


With a violet saree and only black floral designs on one side, this saree is a georgette one, which can suffice as your one and only party saree for all occasions.

14. Violet Pattu Saree:


Golden bordered, this beautiful circle pattern saree, with a violet and golden combination look exactly amazing. The pallu is amazingly perfect and the golden sets well with the color.

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15. Violet Saree With Golden Zari:


The zari work you see on this saree is adding grace to the already perfect shade of violet. This one is another georgette on the list and this one will complement your skin tone well. It can also bring you back in the fashion game right away. It’s best though if you choose the same colored blouse.

16. Zari Work Violet Saree:


This violet saree is a net one, and the zari embroidery work is extensively intricate. A lavender chiffon to be precise, it is a good choice for party wear.

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17. Violet Saree With Black Lace:


This saree is a classy choice and tasteful for ethnic days. Look at the beautiful embroidery all over that gets your attention right away. From birthday invitations to office celebrations, you will be the diva at all times.

We can only hope that you have figured out why everyone else is choosing violet sarees these days. The beauty underlying the sober color has so much of a role to play in your wardrobe and why should your ethnic wear stay behind in the scene?

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