How to do Viparita Karani (leg up the wall pose) and Its Benefits

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Gone are the days when yoga would be confined in the small sectors of life. yoga now unlike the by-gone era has completely taken up a different position all together. People now are more comfortable and homely regarding yoga now that they know better. The smartest of the people and the easiest of the poses are enough for people to take up yoga as there shiz and hence, here is another form of Yoga, the Viparita Karani.The word ‘viparita’ is a Sanskrit word which means inverted and just in cue, the other name for the Viparita Karani is Legs up the walls pose. Need we say more?  Yoga’s have really easy names where the name gives away the entire secret to the posture or structure of the asana. The asana actually includes the person to be upside down halfway and here’s how it goes.

Viparita Karani

How to:

For the initial beginners use a strong support, a wall if you must to perform the following yoga. Lie down near the wall in a perpendicular state so that your lower limbs are facing the wall and then edge yourself closer and closer to the wall until your hips touch the wall. Now that your legs are propped up resting against the wall, straighten them. You might feel a slight tug or stretch as you try to do so but that should not stop you. Once you are in a semi inverted posture, place your hands on either side of you and relax. Just lie down there for a good 5 to 10 minute. Breathe normally; no exaggeration in breathing is required. Due to a rough base you might feel discomfort in your hip region and therefore feel free to use a cushion support or folded blanket underneath. For experts who have mastered the yoga form, they shall not require a wall support any more. This time they would use their lower body strength by suspending the lower limbs upside down and use their upper body strength as they use their hands as a support in their waist while lifting the lower body up.

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Mental calmness:

You may be surprised as to how putting your legs up and struggling to keep it up have anything to do with mental calmness. If something, it creates chaos all the more but after the workout has been done with, you would feel yourself flushed of all inner stress and once again we blame the intense blood flow and circulation that is enhanced and put to work once you assume the position. This creates the brain cells to open up and the rest follows.

Ovarian problems:

I will tell you why this is an effective yoga that would help all women out there, from every ages and walks of life. It is because the most prized element in our body, the ovary is often tends to misbehave with us. Being the queen she rules her own way and to keep her and her problems at bay, this is a master yoga. For the ones still fertile, it can help you cure your menstrual irregularities while for the ones left with no more egg to shed, these yoga applies blood pressure and circulation in the ovarian region due to which the hormone secretions are controlled letting you have a peaceful post menstrual life.

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If you are suffering from a pounding headache or a beating migraine wrap a tight bandage around your head and lie down on the recommended position. You would soon feel your migraine pain or headache slowly fading away.


When you lie down in a semi inverted structure, you would know that the blood is rushing to the brain and circulating there, thereby creating a slight pressure in the neck region too as it passes by. This activates and stimulates the thyroid glands. This way the secretion of thyroid might get at par with your bodies needs.

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