Top 15 Vitamin A Rich Food Sources

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A healthy mind, soul and body are vital for healthy living. You need to develop and adopt a disciplined well structured lifestyle to attain healthy living. You can take proper diet, exercise, skin and hair care, maintain white teeth and eyes.

Eye care is the most important thing. You can do this by removing contact lenses before sleeping, watch TV screen closely, protect the eyes by wearing glasses when on computer, diet that protects eye health. And the most important thing to include in the foods that benefit the eyes is vitamin A.

Vitamin A plays an important role in a healthy diet. This helps in proper functioning, development, and also maintains the skin, eyes, teeth, skeleton, soft tissue, mucus membranes and immune system. Vitamin A promotes bone growth, fights diseases and maintains reproductive system.

Vitamin A vitamin and antioxidant can be obtained from various meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin from the unsaturated hydrocarbons. This includes retinol, retinal and beta-carotene. Cartenoids have alpha, beta and gamma carotene that converts into vitamin A. Carotenoids are dark-colored pigments found in the plant foods that gets converted into vitamin A such as beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that helps to protect the cells from any damage due to free radicals. Free radicals lead to many chronic diseases and play a vital role in the aging process. This also helps to reduce the risk for cancer by taking Beta-carotene supplements.

There are two types of vitamin A that can be obtained from the diet. Preformed vitamin A is obtained from animal products like fish, poultry meat, and dairy foods. While, pro-vitamin A can be obtained from plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables. The common type of pro-vitamin A is can also be available in dietary supplements. Maintaining proper level of vitamin A helps to cure many health conditions. It is also required for reproduction and breast-feeding.

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Vitamin A is Also Essential For:

1. Fighting with Infection
2. Healthy Eyesight
3. Ocular Diseases
4. Healthy Bones
5. Strong Teeth
6. Regeneration
7. Urinary Stones
8. Immune System
9. Tumour Cells
10. Cancer prevention
11. Endocrine System
12. Healing Properties
13. Healthy Skin
14. Acne
15. Wrinkles
16. Skin Disorders
17. Reduce Stretch Marks
18. Healthy Scalp
19. Reduces Dryness
20. Reduces Dandruff

Vitamin A Rich Foods:

Here are the top fifteen high Vitamin A foods:

1. Meat:

The liver of most of the animal is filled with vitamins and minerals. They can be cooked by steaming or frying them with onions and many nutritious herbs.

• Turkey Liver

They can make a delicious turkey dinner. Turkey liver can be added to gravy and as a stuffing to get many vitamins and minerals. A 100-gram turkey liver can give you 1507% of the Vitamin A required everyday.100 grams Turkey Liver has 273 calories.

• Beef Liver

Liver is the best source of vitamin A and Vitamins C. they are an orthodox remedy to cure anaemia. 100-gram beef liver can help you get 300% of your required Vitamin A in a day.100 gram Beef Liver will give you 135 calories.

2. Butternut Squash:

The butternut squash is yellow-orange in colour, which has good amount of beta carotene that gets converted into Vitamin A in your body. The Dark orange squash is very delicious that has a nutty and sweet flavour. One cup butternut squash can fill you with 400% of the daily required Vitamin A. they also have Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber that promoted health.

3. Mustard Greens:

They have spicy and crunchy flavour. It is also called leaf mustard that is the most nutrition filled green-leafy vegetables. Mustard greens can be consumed raw or cooked, as it is filled with flavor and nutrients. This is known as nutritional powerhouses that provides 118% of the daily required Vitamin A. they are also good source of folate, fiber, protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, manganese, calcium, carotenes, vitamin K, and flavonoid anti-oxidants

4. Whole Milk:

Whole milk is more loved than skimmed milk. Whole milk is filled with nutrients and has rich creamy taste. One cup of whole milk is good source of Vitamins D, A, calcium, protein, and magnesium. This also has fat that is best, when consumed in moderate quantity.

5. Dried Basil:

100-gram dried basil helps you to get 15% of the daily said value of Vitamin A. Vitamin A contains antioxidant properties and is important for vision. This also helps to maintain healthy mucus membranes and the skin. Consume dries basil rich in vitamin-A to protect your body from lung and oral cavity cancers. This versatile dried basil can be added to most of your meal you cook. You can Sprinkle over the foods to get Vitamin A and taste enhancement.

6. Vegetables:

• Iceberg Lettuce

Dark green leafy vegetables are counted to be the best health foods. But, the light green Iceberg lettuce is a very good source of Vitamin A. you can add them to your salad and sandwiches to gain your everyday Vitamin A requirement. One cup Iceberg lettuce gives 10 calories, and many vitamins and minerals to the body.

• Peas

Sweet green peas can be prepared as side dish to the meals for the healthy diet supplement. One half cup gives 134% of Vitamin A, and 62 calories. They are also a good source of Vitamins C, K, and B.

• Tomatoes

Tomatoes are actually a fruit, as per botanical studies consume them in good quantity, since they are low in calories but contains good amount of vitamins and minerals. One tomato gives 20% of the Vitamin A needs for the day. They are also rich in vitamin C and lycopene.

• Spinach

Adding spinach to your daily diet gives a boost to health. One-cup spinach gives 49% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin A. Spinach is also rich source of Vitamin K, manganese, iron, Vitamin C, and calcium.

• Kale

Kale is popularly known for its common garnish. They are delicious and filled with nutrients that must be included to your daily diet. Kale is very beneficial vegetable for good health, as they are rich in Vitamin A. One-cup kale gives 200% of the required need of vitamin A.

• carrots

Vitamin A and eye health is always linked with carrots. They help to improve your eye vision ad many other health benefits. One carrot can provide 200% of daily recommended Vitamin A need. Carrots are also rich in Vitamins C, K, and B, magnesium and fiber.

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7. Fruits:

• Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have delicious taste and are very rich in nutrient. One sweet potato gives 438% of the Vitamin A daily needs and adds 103 calories to your diet.

• Mangoes

Mangoes are everyone’s most loved fruit. They are sweet, juicy, tangy fruit that can be served as a main dish or as a dessert plates. They contain many nutrients and vitamins that fulfil healthy diet. One cup of mango gives 36% of the daily required amount of Vitamin A and 107 calories.

• Peaches

Peach is delicious in flavour that contains many nutrients. Peaches are rich source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, Vitamin C, potassium, and iron. One peach gives 10% of the person need for vitamin A per day and 59 calories.

• Papaya

Papaya is a tropical fruit that contains many vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants. One small papaya gives 29% of the daily required vitamin A value. The papaya fruit can be consumed raw, in salads or smoothies.

8. Red Bell Peppers:

Bell peppers are a very delicious vegetable, which can be consumed raw or cooked. Raw bell peppers have a crispy texture that makes it perfect for salads and dips. Cooked bell peppers are smoky, sweet in taste that can enhance the taste of many other dishes. Bell peppers -red are little sweet in taste and are used to prepare pimentos and paprika. Red peppers are filled with flavour that can be eaten plain or dressed with veggie dip. They are also added to salads, scrambled eggs, and pasta dishes. They have many health benefits, as they rich in antioxidants like lycopene, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A.

9. Cod Liver Oil:

Cod liver oil supplements are consumed by many people to get vitamins and minerals. Cod liver oil is available in liquid and capsule form that is rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and omega 3 fatty acids. One tablespoon of cod liver oil will help you get your Vitamin A for the day and126 calories.

10. Fortified Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is a staple breakfast in many parts of the world. It has many nutritional benefits and is a best source of dietary fiber. This also contains many minerals, phosphorus, potassium and iron. It also contains three types of vitamins, though two are present only in small amounts. Grains and dairy products are filled with vital vitamins like Vitamins D and A. oatmeal contains 29% of the daily required vitamin A and 159 calories.

11. Paprika:

Paprika is a very common spice used in Indian, South American, and Spanish cuisine. This fiery pungent red spice can be easily added to your favourite meals for health benefits. One tablespoon gives 69% of the daily Vitamin A. this also contains potassium, Vitamin C, and calcium.

12. Cantaloupe:

They have juicy flesh, sweet smell and are bright yellow-orange in color. They are very beneficial to the body and help to cure and prevent from many diseases. Cantaloupes are very low calories and fat. They contain high amount of vitamins and nutrients. They taste delicious and can be added to fruit salad, midday snack, or after-dinner dessert. One wedgegives 120% amount of Vitamin A required for the day and 23 calories.

13. Turnip Greens:

Adding leafy greens to your diet is an excellent way for good health. They contain low calories, high nutrients, and are simple to cook. Dark green vegetables can be consumed raw, but turnip greens should be cooking or steaming to boost their vital nutrients to get absorbed in the body.

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14. Dried Apricots:

Dried fruits are a delicious snack that is filled with nutrients, antioxidants, and energy. Dried apricots are a rich source of Vitamin A. one cup of dried apricot has 94% of the required Vitamin A for the day and 313 calories.

15. Dried Marjoram:

Dried herbs are added to get unique flavours and get many health benefits. Dried marjoram is a good source of vitamin A. 100-gram can give 161% of recommended daily Vitamin A. you can add them to many meals to get 271 calories.

Tips For Consuming Vitamin A:

1. Avoid consuming them in large or less quantity. This can affect your health.

2. Excessive intake of Vitamin A causes birth defects, liver abnormalities, central nervous system disorders, lower bone mineral density, osteoporosis, etc

3. low level of Vitamin A can cause Night blindness ,Xerophthalmia, keratomalacia, maternal mortality, reduces ability to fight infections, measles, respiratory and diarrheal infections, decreased growth rate, slow bone development, etc

4. Please take proper advice from your doctor before taking Vitamin A supplements.

5. Most of the foods that we consume daily contain some amount of Vitamin A.

6. Vitamin A can also be obtained from many multivitamins supplements.

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