Top 15 Vitamin K Rich Foods

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Vitamin K or potassium is a extremely important drug in regards to blood clotting and protein modification. The term protein modification is used t elaborate the fact that vitamin K can help in the breakdown of proteins in the food that you consume so that your body accepts these required proteins to stay healthy. Vitamin K also breaks down the excessive proteins in your body so that there is a balance between all areas of sustenance in your body. Vitamin K also helps in blood clotting. This is a very important function as without blood clotting we would bleed out at the slightest cut or graze.

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Blood clotting is a natural function of our body but many people have suffered with a ailment where at the slightest cut they lose a lot of blood, this is mainly because of a deficiency in vitamin K, given below are some well known foods that are extremely rich in vitamin K this will not only provide a good diet for you but also give you the sustenance you need.


Herbs have been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes this is because herbs are rich in many types of nutrients that are highly beneficial to the body. One of these nutrients are vitamin K which speaks for itself. Not many people understand the importance of vitamin K but to elaborate without vitamin K we would not be completely healthy.


All types of vegetables are rich in potassium. Especially the green vegetables. Green vegetables are extremely rich in vitamin K and give us all the necessary nutrients we need to have a balanced and whole diet. Leafy greens will not only give us the opportunity to provide our body with other nutrients but will also incorporate vitamin K in our system to help with blood clotting and protein modification.

Spring Onions:

This green vegetable can be eaten raw and is a great side to a good three course meal. Eat these onions as a part of a salad and you will surely enjoy the taste and the texture. Not only are spring onions good to taste but they also are extremely rich in nutrients especially a vitamin like vitamin K. eating two stalks of spring onions every day will give you the necessary vitamin K treatment you need.

Brussels Sprouts:

This vegetable is a hidden vitamin K bomb. They are small to look at but extremely rich in nutrients. All these nutrients include vitamins such as vitamin E and A, along with these nutrients there is a strong availability of vitamin K. Brussels sprouts have a higher density of vitamin K than mostly all existing vegetables and is a must to incorporate into the daily diet.


Boiled broccoli along with a salad or chicken is the best way to get rid of any vitamin K deficiency. Broccoli is rich in this vitamin making it an ideal food to eat at any point in time. Broccoli is also known for its healthy density of many other vitamins too making it an ideal choice for any household to include this wonder vegetable into their diet.

Turnip Greens:

Overall all green vegetables are rich in vitamin K because of the healthy density of nutrients but turnip greens have a slightly higher level of vitamin K that is why it has been recommended out of a list of other green vegetables. Turnip greens are a perfect source of vitamin K and account for most of your dietary needs when eaten every day.


Spinach is considered yet again to be another source of world famous healthy food that not only keeps you healthy and strong but also helps in digestion so that your body retains all the food value it needs to function at a proper pace. After all these advantages spinach is also a rich source of vitamin K that will give you fair blood clotting and protein modification so that you stay healthy. For many women spinach has been incorporated in their diet because of its protein breakup value. Dieticians claim that spinach has no disadvantages to being consumed and helps in all ways for the functionality of your system.

Mustard Greens:

Mustard greens contain 14% of all your dietary needs and is considered to be one of the best sources of vitamin K extract in the world. Mustard greens are also rich in vitamin A, C and many other nutrients that are great for the body and help to keep you healthy and also helps your blood to clot better

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Kale is another is extremely nutritious food and contains at least 6% of your daily vitamin K intake when consumed every day. Vitamin K in kale can help your body in many ways and since kale is rich in other nutrients also it is the best food for any person, it is considered to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet.


Parsley is a spice which is added to food to increase of heighten the taste but not many people know that parsley is a rich source of vitamin K therefore its introduction in all types of food in your diet is recommended.

Pickled Cucumber:

Pickled cucumber is also a great way of insuring there is enough vitamin K in your diet because the pickling of the cucumber helps to retain all the necessary nutrients of this great vegetable. It can be enjoyed raw or along with a salad. These facilities make this vegetable all the more tempting.

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Prunes are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. Prunes are high in zinc fiber and more importantly potassium which is vitamin K.


Steamed asparagus is also a good way of involving vitamin K with your daily diet. The steaming helps retain all the necessary nutrients thus increasing your healing capabilities and increasing the muscle mass in your body by protein modification, this option is particularly opted by body builders.

Chili Powder:

People wonder why chili powder is incorporated in many foods as a spice the reason is that chili powder is a great way of incorporating vitamin K in your diet without having to indulge in any new type of food if you are uncomfortable with eating anything new.


Another great spice rich in vitamin K you can use this spice on salads and sandwiches to achieve the best effect for your body. 100 grams of paprika contains at least 4% of your total vitamin K consumption need.

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