Top 9 VLCC Face Washes

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5. VLCC Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash:

Price & Quantity: Rs. 195 For 75 ml

VLCC Face Washes5

This one is especially made for those who have a sensitive skin type. It has Witch hazel, rose water, honey, algae and some mulberry extracts. So, it helps in cleansing as well as infusing moisture into your skin. It also has antioxidants to prevent ageing & brighten complexion. It has a pleasing Rose fragrance.
6. VLCC Daily Protect Anti-pollution Face Wash:

Price & quantity: 50-ml for Rs. 49.

VLCC Face Washes6

Our skin gets exposed to dust, pollutants and grime each day in city environment. This face wash from VLCC has extracts of the antioxidant rich Green tea alomg with the fresh citrusy smell of Oranges that boost up the vitamin C levels of your skin making it appear soft, plump & Clean.

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7. VLCC Skin Defense Melia Face Wash:

Price & Quantity: Rs. 125 for 100 ml

VLCC Face Washes7

As the name suggests, this VLCC face wash defends & protects your skin against occurance of acne by deep cleansing your skin’s facial pores & Preventing them fro clogging.It controls sebum secretion but does not dry out your skin.

8. VLCC Wild Turmeric Face Wash:

Price & Quantity: Rs. 125 for 100 ml

VLCC Face Washes8

The goodness of turmeric in this face wash imparts it with skin protective, anti inflammatory & Anto septic properties making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin.

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9. VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Face Wash, 100:

Price & Quantity: Rs. 155 for 100 ml

VLCC Face Washes9

This Snighdha fave wash has moisturizing properties. It effectively removes deep seated pollutants, grime & make-up from skin without stripping the skin of its natural moisture content. It has a blend of natural extracts that eventually, brighten your skin.

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