Are Walnuts good for Pregnant Women?

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Most of the pregnancy websites list walnuts as a super food or one of the top foods to eat during pregnancy. The reason why walnuts are a must during those nine months is because it has omega 3 fatty acids which is very good for the brain. Intake of omega 3 fatty acid reduces the potential of having dementia. For all the moms-to-be eating walnut during pregnancy is a must because it also has plenty of vitamins for both mother and child.

Omega 3 has the potential to protect the baby from diseases like asthma and eczema and it also leads to the development of a good nervous system, concentration, vision, and higher IQ levels for the baby. Benefits of walnuts during pregnancy are that they are also full of loads of other nutrients that are very essential to the growth and proper development of the baby. In addition it has thiamine, riboflavin and folate which are much needed by the mother. Walnuts are probably the best source of Vitamin B complex and hence is should be taken by all mother-to-be on a daily basis.

Walnuts during Pregnancy

Walnut helps maintain a good heart. Walnuts during pregnancy ensure proper blood flow and circulation in the body and also increase the quantity of good cholesterol in the body. It also helps the body get rid of all the bad cholesterol.

Removal of bad cholesterol from the body helps the body protect itself from cardiac arrest and also sudden heart diseases. All this helps in the proper growth of the baby. Regular intake of walnut keeps the mother’s blood pressure normal and promotes overall cardiovascular health of the mother and child.

Antioxidants in the walnut protect the body from diseases of all sorts and helps maintain a good immune system. Eating walnuts during pregnancy drastically reduces the chances of the mother catching a diseases and the passing of a communicable disease from the mother to the child.

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Walnuts also help our body maintain a good digestive system. Benefits of walnut during pregnancy are that they help in proper digestion of food because they have fibre in abundance which not only cleans the system but also supplies the extracted nutrients to your child and keeps the mother and baby healthy.

Walnuts are also rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients. It is also packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants that are otherwise rare to find. These antioxidants help to develop bones of the baby. The nutrients in walnuts protect the baby from developing cancer, later in life. Also, regular intake of walnuts during pregnancy by the mothers ensures a proper development of brain of the child. It also increases cognitive response in the baby’s developing brain.  The omega 3 fatty acids in walnuts also lead to your having a good memory power.

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Also, for women who are experiences hair loss during pregnancy, eating walnut will help you reduce your fall rate because walnuts have zinc, biotin and fatty acids that are essential for the growth of healthy locks.

So, what are you waiting for? You should start supplementing your regular diet with a few walnuts daily to have a healthy, happy child. Your child will receive its nutrients through you so you should try and provide your baby with everything that it good for its health.

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All the pregnant ladies out there, it is advisable that you ensure a regular intake of walnut, however, a word of caution, do not go overboard with consuming walnuts because then cholesterol starts to accumulate in the body. 4-5 nuts a day is considered ideal.