6 Smooth and Effective Ways to Pick Up a Girl

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For boys who want to date and be in a relationship and for boys who are tired being single and alone, the first requirement for dating is to find a suitable girl. This is one of the challenges that need to be met perfectly before you move on to the next step of impressing her. However, most of the guys make a mistake at this end which only leads to a disaster later on.

There are some effective and successful ways in which you can pick up a girl. This list below provides you all the tips under the same roof to help you out in dating the right and the most ideal girl:

Pick Up the Right Locations:

One of the first tips on the right ways to pick up a girl is to choose the locations wisely. For those boys who like girls partying and clubbing should be looking in that direction whereas those who like a quite night out should be more regular at house parties and restaurants. On the other hand, intellectual girls can be found at a famous bookstore. No matter what, choose the location with some thought and you will see yourself successfully moving ahead in reaching the goal.

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Cheesy Pick up Lines Won’t Work:

This no longer works! It was long back when some flattering lines were the best starter to a conversation with a girl you want to date. Today, girls are more impressed by boys who directly and openly tell them what they want. If you are someone who cannot be completely direct, then try to balance the indirect direct approach to get the results you want.

Try to Know Her:

This does not mean on the surface knowing but a deep core understanding of what women want and look for. Be a good conversationalist who can understand the details of a situation when talking to a girl. The more and better you know her, the faster you can pick her up for a date. Trying to know her in a hurry will only complicate things and not work in your favor.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward:

Not only is it important for a guy to be himself, it is equally significant to be their best when they are picking up girls. Along with being genuine, try and put you best foot forward to get perfect results. Pretending to be something you are not will only make you lose respect where girls are concerned. On the other hand, show your best side. The essence of picking up girls is to show them your positive aspects so that they get attracted.

The Right Body Language:

The ideal body language does not start and end at maintaining at eye contact and not slouching. There are a lot more other things that a boy needs to perfect when picking up girls. Starting from how you communicate to something as simple as smiling is important when it comes to picking up a girl. Give her regular glances but staring at her is a big no. Also, mumbling is not accepted here, so practice on how to speak without hesitating. Lean a little if you are way taller than her.

Make the First Move:

Do not hesitate and make the first move as soon as you find the suitable match to your interests. Remember, this is a do or die situation where things might actually click or totally ends up once and for all. However, show some confidence and make the first move. If she is interested, she will be impressed with your level of confidence and self assurance.

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