9 Latest and Beautiful Wedge Sandals Designs for Girls

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Sandals are the open type footwear worn to give comfort to feet. Then Wedges sandals could be the best choice that you can wear. Wedge sandals are the ones whose soles are in the shape of wedges. Wedges sandals are the most common in woman and have a sole that is much thicker and broader at the back than in the front.


Wedge Heels Sandals for Women:

These sandal wedges makes a person look taller and create an impressive look. Now let’s have a look at top 9 new look ladies wedge sandals along with images:

1. Fairy Wings White Wedge Sandals for Wedding:


Wedges sandal are the ones which can change your entire persona and make you look fairy and beautiful. These designer wedge sandals have flat soles but the strap is designed very artistically in the shape of fairy wings thus giving a new idea to the ankle strap. These types of sandals are perfect for both outdoor works as well for daily usage also.

2. Glittering Silver Wedge Heel Sandals for Girls:


Wedge heels Sandals are very comfortable to wear as they are more open at the upper end and lend the wearer a classy look. This silver high heel wedges sandals looks very attractive as it has a glittering effect all over the sandal and gives the wearer a glam up and attractive look.

3. Stylish Platform Ladies Wedges Sandals:


The platform pattern Wedges sandals is a fantastic substitute for high heels. These sandals can still give them the same appearance and make you look dressy and is much more comfortable to wear. They come in variety of colours and style and easily grab a chic look!

4. Sparkling Gold Wedges Sandals for Ladies:


These types of gold Wedges sandals are royal to look at and the ankle strap helps your feet to breathe more than shy high or high heels sandals. The straps lend a comfort grip to the feet’s while walking.  These types of sandals are perfect for parties and a great wedding wear .

5. High Heels Wedges Sandals in Red:


These types of high heels Wedges sandals are also known as stilettos and the height of the heels can even extend to 8 inches. These types of sandals are a worthy skill for getting the lengthening effect. These sandals are closed ended in the front so that you can have a grip on your feet and are available in different colours so that you can match it with your outfits.

6. Black Wedge Sandals with Cone Heels:


The most stylish and awesome looking sandal is this leather black Wedges sandal with cone heels. The sandals have strips at the front at the cone heels gives them a elongated look. The sandals have a wider look in the front and are narrow towards the end making it great office wear as well cool for funky parties. It looks great if dressed up with skirts.

 7. Cute Pink Low Wedge Sandals:


Here comes a cute low wedges sandals for young girls as they adore pink colour and low wedges also adds to their comfort, makes them look stylish and trendy like their elders. The bow attached in the front gives the sandal a elegant look and can be teamed up with frocks or caprices.

8. Designer Curved Wedges Sandals:


These types of wedges sandals are designed especially for woman’s who are very conscious about their look and attire. The sandals have a awesome curve in the front making it look exclusive and amazing. The colour combination leaves the person speechless and can be easily paired with modern outfits.

9. Colourful Womens Wedge Sandals:


Woman and girls love bright colours and they want their sandals to be the same. These wedges sandals is the perfect choice for them as it has bright colours and the fun prints makes them look fancy and fashionable. The entire sole of the shoe is elevated with same height making the walking easier and relaxing. These types of sandals are perfect if worn with stylish skirts or frocks.

Wedges sandals are very stylish and are very glamorous to look at that. It gives your feet’s a complete new look and moreover it make you look trendy and fashionable. These sandals are available in beautiful pastel colours and designs and styles. You can pick the one which suits to your persona and you can wear these sandals as a good office wear, on daily basis and a pretty party wear also.

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