How To Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

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The 9-month journey of pregnancy is very unique for a woman. While some may face pregnancy blues others may pleasantly enjoy this period. However, there is one thing that is absolutely certain for all and that is weight gain. Read this post to learn all that you need to know about weight gain during pregnancy.

It takes nine whole months for the miracle to come true and when it does, the joy seems unbound. But there are days in this very nine months when the carefree livings had to be measured in amounts of strict diet charts and weekly doctoral visits. Pregnancy is never easy they say but at the end of the day when you get to hold your kid in your hand, the feeling is enormous they say. There are often complications that we run into during pregnancy. The weight issue is something of an importance.

Pregant weight baby

The initial stages in pregnancy starts off with you being the same weight as you were before since till then your baby is negligible and easy to carry. But soon with time, the baby grows in your stomach and slowly and gradual gains his own mass weight. With him grows you and thus the weight gain starts in the pregnancy process. Now this weight gain is different for different people during pregnancy. Some may gain weight at a steady pace and for others it might take a while even though there is nothing to be afraid of, as long as the doctor gives you the green signal.

Causes Of Weight Gain During Pregnancy:

The main primary causes for weight gain during pregnancy varies from the baby to you.

Baby Weight:

Baby development

When you are small, you would of course be of a much lesser weight than what you sport right now. This is because with age your bones grow and so do your muscles and fibers. In the initial stage, the baby is negligible in weight. Back then he was still developing his inner organs. Your weight may have varied then but the main differences start showing when underneath those baby soft skin, fat layers start accumulating. His weight complied with yours is now the reason why you have gained the weight in present.

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Food Weight:

Food weight

Have you ever heard a pregnant woman complain about the monster appetite? Have you ever felt the situation yourself? If so, you would surely know how the pregnancy routine works. With the baby inside you growing he takes more and more bites out of your food. His fast growing body develops at a hyper speed as he shares your food more. Then there is the obvious pangs and desires for food that add up to your weight, the reason why you are in the present situation once again.

Don’t Blame The Baby:

Not all of those weights you gained were because of the baby. With the changing body most of your weight is because of the baby inside you growing stronger each day but then there are subsidiary accumulation of fat layers in your body, for example the breasts and the thighs and the hips and the tires. This is probably the time when you would be blotching up, a part of those fats being responsible for your weight gain. While these were the few causes some things should be kept in mind.

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Keep Track:

pregnant lady Checking by doctor

The code that you should be keeping in touch with right now is BMI. The body mass index. Weight gain is completely natural at around this time especially at your baby’s growing stage but that does not mean being overweight is essentially good. Too much fat layer inside your body may harm the baby as the fat accumulation might cause a shortage of space or otherwise. This is why from the starting of the day ask your doctor to provide you with the pregnancy weight gain chart and table.

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Stay Fit:

Diet in Pregnant Women

Make sure all the weight you have gained is good weight, excluding the one from your baby. For this maintain your diet. Make sure you are incorporating health and happiness together so that after a good nutritious meal you can go have some desired desert. Always make sure the weight gain at this time is not due to grease or oil or roughage.

What Should be Your Ideal Weight Gain During Pregnancy:

While weight gain is imperative when you are pregnant, it is important to understand how much weight you should ideally gain over the period of nine months. Your weight gain during pregnancy depends upon on your weight before pregnancy and your height. This height and weight ratio is expressed as BMI or Body Mass Index. According to the Institute of Medicine some of the weight gain guidelines are as follows:

Healthy Weight Gain  With BMI Between 18.5 – 24.9:

Expectant mothers who weighed normally just before conception, gain nearly 25-30 pounds during their nine months. Weight gain during the first trimester is between 1 – 5 pounds and after that one pound is added every week. This weight gain is ideal for the optimal growth of the baby.

Underweight With BMI below 18.5:

Women who are underweight before pregnancy should gain 28 to 40 pounds to ensure good growth of their baby.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy -CHECK
Overweight with BMI Ranging from 25 – 29.9:

As per the weight gain pregnancy chart, women who are overweight should gain not more than 15 to 25 pounds during the period of nine months.

In Case of Twin Babies:

If you are carrying twin babies, the recommended weight gain slightly varies. For women with normal weight it is 31 – 50 pounds and for overweight mums it should range from 25 – 42 pounds.

Obese with BMI Greater Than 30:

Obesity during pregnancy can lead to serious health complications in the mother as well as the baby. Hence if you are obese your weight gain during pregnancy should not be more than 11 to 20 pounds.

You know have learned about the ideal weight gain during pregnancy. Here we share some useful tips that will help you to gain healthy weight during pregnancy. Remember that what you eat is crucial for the health of the precious little one growing within you. Pregnancy is definitely not a time to diet and it is important for your health as well your baby to make wise food choices. These tips will help you in eating the healthier options to meet the growing demands of your baby.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy-vegetables

  • During pregnancy you must eat smaller meals all through the day. This will keep your energy levels high all day long and you will not feel any sudden hunger pangs. Ideally three regular meals with 2-3 snack times are recommended.
  • During pregnancy it is essential to get a good dose of iron, iodine and folate from your diet. Carbohydrates are also needed for the healthy growth of the baby. Therefore make sure you are eating the right foods that meet your nutritional requirement. You can even take some supplements after consulting your doctor.
  • Make smart choices for your snacks. Always keep some cheese, crackers, dried fruits, raisins, nuts and yoghurt handy to satiate your in-between meals food cravings.
  • Dairy products are highly recommended during pregnancy as they meet most of your nutritional requirement during pregnancy. Buy different varieties of cheese and add it to your salads or cooked food.

During pregnancy, putting on weight steadily and slowly is best. While these guidelines are important to follow there is no reason for you to worry if you do not reach the recommended weight gain in any particular week of your pregnancy. Remember that it is your own journey and it is only important to make the right choices for yourself and your growing baby. If however you are little worried about your weight gain, do not hesitate to discuss with your doctor.