15 Latest White Jeans for Men and Women

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Jeans have been the center of attraction for both men and women since they came into existence. The different colors and designs have always made them more adorable to carry on for a stunning appearance suitable to your personality. But among the several colors, white has been the favorite for everyone. It not only gives a pleasant look but takes your image a look higher.

White Jeans Outfits for Women and Men:

The white jeans for men and women with several designs have grabbed nearly 90 percent of the market. Let’s have a look at some heart throbbing designs grabbed by men and women.

1. Skin Tight White Jeans:


The white jeans for women with a skin tight design, highly known as skinny jeans is the best selected by the college Queens. They give your body a perfect fitting to show the beauty of your legs and hips. It gives an attractive look to the sexy body texture.

2. Spotty White Jeans:


A white jean when given blacks spotty shades looks amazing for those who are looking for a funky look. The white jeans for men are designed in a manner that attracts the young teens of the colleges or the street boys. They are available in low waist pattern which is latest.

3. Off White Designer Jeans:


The women love to have something designer. Here is a women’s white jean with a designer touch in it. The straight jeans are studded with small diamonds for a girly look. It is widely carried on parties, discos, etc. The off White color gives it a shinny image.

4. Off White Ripped Jeans:


Looking for a fashionable look for your beloved party, pubs, clubs, or simply for a fashion stand! Go for a ripped white jean women’s with off White color and shiny pocket edges. It is ripped at the thigh areas to give a sensual look to your beauty.

5. Loose White Jeans for Men:


Having bulky thighs and feeling shy due its exposure! A white jeans men design widely selected by the medium texture men is the loose jeans design. The jeans is loose from the belt lone till the below open point. This makes it comfortable for the bulky men to wear for even regular wear.

6. Creasey White Jeans:


Not only the women, but men are also in search of fashionable jeans pattern. For such men, a Creasey jean with a black lining gives a perfect street boy look or a hip hop look. Such jeans are widely carried by the dancers for free style dancing.

7. Simple White Jeans Pant:


The white jeans for men have developed a new pattern especially for the office wear which is known as the jeans pant. The pattern of such jeans is inspired by the official pants and the material is used that of a durable denim jeans. As mentioned, it is widely carried for an official look.

8. White Trouser Jeans:

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The trouser jeans are quite popular among the tall men and women. But the white jeans of trouser design are much attractive to the women. When worn with short tops and heels it gives a smashing look. Such ladies white jeans are also carried by medium body texture for their comfort level.

9. White Painting Jeans:


Want to wear something unique to grab the attention of the people! Try a white jeans men fashion which is painted with different shades to make it unique. Such jeans can be derived by painting your dream design on it such as walking lady, flowers, skull etc. The college bugs prefer this type of designs for a funky appearance.

10. White Jeans with Charms:


Want to give a delicate but strong appearance to the people! Get a white jeans pattern attached with charms such as chains, skull, leather belts etc. Such jeans are carried mostly by the street boys, rock band players, bikers, college boys, etc. for a stylish look and dangerous one too.

11. White Jeans with Animal Designs:


A latest jeans pattern moving in the market for a manly look is the animal print jeans. The white jeans for men are printed here with animal signs like leopard, lion, panther, etc. It can also call as an animal inspired print work. It is mostly worn by the people who work for the forest department, are fond of animals, etc.

12. White Jeans Cum Shorts:


A popular design in the white jeans is the one which includes both jeans and a short. The jeans is attached with a zip at the knee which when is opened fully becomes a shorts or else is a full jeans pant. You can also leave the chain half open for a cutting shot look. The jeans are also ripped slightly to make it adorable. Such jeans are beneficial while travelling.

13. Capri White Jeans for Girls:


Want to have a glamorous look for the hot summer at the beach! Get a casual wear with a ladies white jeans in a Capri form. The length of the white jeans is kept three forth with chains at the end for a fashionable look. Also known as quarter jeans, it is widely accepted for vacations and also for colleges.

14. High Waist White Jeans:


Thinking for a bold and sensual look at the party tonight! Try a high waisted white jeans women’s and get ready to be the heart throb of the party. The jeans give a perfect look to your hips and booty for a clumsy look. It is widely worn for disco, restaurants, etc.

15. Cargo White Jeans:


A widely accepted white jeans design for a casual and routine look is the cargo jeans design. As it is loose from each side, it gives comfort when carried for tracking, picnics, boating, etc. or also for a routine wear. It is widely carried with short t-shirts for a glossy image by both men and women.

The white jeans has its own unique appearance to the viewers when wore. Also it is important that you wear them on special occasions so that it remains safe from troubles like spots, damage etc. It should not also be carried at water areas as it has many chances to be damaged.

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