Top 20 Stylish White Shirts for Men in Fashion

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White is a natural colour which symbolizes purity, illumination, cleanliness, sincerity, humility, protection, softness, innocence, virginity and much more. It is a pure colour which always remains in trend no matter whatever the occasion is. Similarly, white apparels have always been the favorite for men in any season. Whether go for a simple plain or a designer piece, the white shirt for men have been the best to carry when you are confused about what to put on. They are suitable for any happy, adventurous or sad occasion to express your true sentiments for the moment. Here are few widely picked white shirts for men which would fill the wardrobe of any men with elegance.

White Shirts for Men With New Styles:

Here look at 20 Best White Shirts for Men in trend of various patterns. Choose your Loved one and pick it.

1. Plain Linen White Shirt:

Plain Linen white shirt

A plain white shirt in linen material is quite widely worn for the summer trips. The semi collared shirt is given long sleeves with a slim fit design and a cut design pocket. It can be carried both on casual jeans and pants for a dignified look to events and parties. The loose fitting of the shirt makes is comfortable for the men with medium body also.

2. Full Sleeves White Shirt:

full sleeves white shirt

Want an abridged look to visit any regular place! Here is a white collar shirt design which can be a perfect match over boxer pants or regular pants. The shirt is also given a length till the hip to keep it open over the pants of any colour. The sleeves are given a medium length with a folding design.

3. Sleeve Design White Shirt:

Sleeve design white shirt

A new look in the white cotton shirt is given a design in the sleeve end and neck collar portion. The shirt contains tiny mehndi designs made in maroon and grey at the sleeve ends and the neck portion. The buttons of the shirt are also given similar colour to that of the sleeve design along with the pocket opening.

4. Designer Casual White Shirt:

Designer casual white shirt

Looking for something designing in the white shirt men design for an exclusive event! Try a design giving a twist in the casual shirt designs. The shirt is given a folded collar design and the buttons are replaced with string closing. The cotton shirt suits well on funky jeans for an outing or a fashion event.

5. Simple Formal White Shirt:

Simple formal white shirt

A widely-liked fashion in white formal shirt men design is the checks design. The white shirt is given medium size checks in grey linings. The sleeves end is also given small grey checks design to compliment with the shirt design. It best suits on grey or black pant for a formal look in offices.

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6. Portrait White Shirt:

Portrait white shirt

A unique design in the white check shirt design is given a portrait look which makes it suitable for any posh party or a wedding function. The silk shirt is given a big checks design on the shoulder side in black. To give a contrast look, the sleeves are also given a black band at the end. The fitness of the shirt is suitable for the men with slim body.

7. Dot Design White Shirt:

Dot design white shirt

A spotty design in the men’s white shirts is given a print of dots in black. The dot fashion is much popular for weddings and other similar occasion for a suiting look. The shirt is also given collar cut and pocket cover in red to make it more different from the regular dot designed shirts. It is one of the oldest designs in shirts which are given a new touch with pocket and sleeve work.

8. Dragon Print White Shirt:

Dragon print white shirt

A fashionable design for slim fit men in branded white shirt is available in the spring collection. The shirt is given a dragon print design in black as one side with sleeves to give it an appealing look. Made from cotton, it is widely carried on jeans or skin pants for pub parties. The design is widely worn by the men who visit regularly to the gyms to give a cut look to their body.

9. Floral Print White Shirt:

Floral print white shirt

The best white shirt which gives a pleasant feeling in summers is made in cotton. The shirt is also decorated with floral prints in brown and grey. The small size of the shirt makes it perfect to carry on the jeans. It is indeed a great match to carry on the beaches for hot summers on shorts or capri jeans.

10. Bird Print White Shirt:

Bird print white shirt

Love wearing shirts inspired with the print work of birds! Try a white colour shirt which is decorated with grey shades of an eagle. The shirt is made from terry cotton material which is suitable on any pant or jeans, for a visit to the safari or zoo and also for traveling. The shirts are also available in prints of animals like cats, jaguar etc.

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11. Lining Print White Shirt:

Lining print white shirt

The best formal look for any kind of event, conference or social function is grabbed when one puts on a white shirt which is given lining design in black. The shirt is printed with thick black horizontal lines with a different inner pocket and sleeve design. When accompanied with black pant or trouser in black, it makes you feel refreshed for a new beginning.

12. Party Wear White Shirt:

Party wear white shirt

Want to have a perfect formal party look! Here is a plain white shirt which is specially designed for a party wear. The shirt is given long sleeves and horizontal pinch work for embossed lining. It is a perfect outfit to carry at ball rooms or a well-organized formal event.

13.  Short Length White Shirt:

Short length white shirt

The youth these days are looking for short shirt designs which can be carried on jeans, pants and shorts also. A white colour shirt with side patterns is also a widely-selected outfit for men on beaches or for vocational trips. Made from pure cotton, it is the best for leave sweat free in summers.

14. Collar Embroidery White Shirt:

Collar embroidery white shirt

A branded white shirt with a collar work design gives a royal look for social functions. The plain shirt in white is given a golden patch on the shoulder side with several golden lines attached to it. Along with it the collar of the shirt is also given red embroidery with a layered collar in black, white and red ribbons.

15. Kashmiri Work White Shirt:

Kashmiri work white shirt

A plain white shirt when given when given a floral design in Kashmiri work style, it gives a flourishing design for weddings or even other regular occasions. The red, blue and green colours give a lavishing design to wear over jeans or shorts.

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16. Silk White Shirt:

Silk white shirt

Want to have a stylish look for any blooming moment! A best white shirt in silk is one that can help you in. The shirt is left plain with long sleeves but is given black colour stars which start from one shoulder and end on the other covering the back portion also. The skinny shirt is the prime choice of the teens for college parties.

17. Short Sleeve White Shirt:

Short sleeve white shirt

An interpreted plain white shirt with short sleeves is the best made for vocational mood. The length of the shirt is also driven short so that the shirt can be worn over three fourths, shorts or high waist jeans. The sleeve of the shirt is also given a folded border which attracts the vision of the body builder men to wear.

18. Two Pocket White Shirt:

Two pocket white shirt

A white shirt for men design with pure cotton material is highly picked by the fashion-conscious youth. The casual shirt is given brown straps on the shoulders and one of the pockets with buttons tucked on it. The other pocket side is given a zip design for making the design unique. Apart from this, the short sleeves are folded and given a tucked design too.

19. Front and Back Work White Shirt:

Front and back work white shirt

A white cotton shirt is made classy by giving the front and back tiny designs with floral prints. The printed shirt’s sleeves are left plain to give it an amplified look. The skin-tight shirt is the best for both casual and formal events over sleeveless blazers or jackets to add to its nobility. It is an ideal match for marriage functions.

20. Long White Shirt:

Long white shirt

Love adopting new styles in apparels for a signature appearance! Try this long white collar shirt which has a long length till the knees. It is worn by the teens who are engaged with music for a band guy look. The loose shirt is suitable on jumper pants or skinny pants for a proper get up. The design is inspired by the kurta designs.

white shirts for men are now given amazing prints which come in both handmade and machine made designs. They give the best complexion with blue and black jeans. Other than these designs, the shirts are also modified length wise and sleeves wise to give it a modernized look. The youth prefer to wear long shirts on tight jeans rather than wearing pants or trousers for casuals which make it comfortable while traveling.

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