Top 15 Wildlife Sanctuaries In India

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India has a wide variety of greenery and forest areas. However the increased poaching and other natural calamities like floods and increase in the level of the saltiness of the water and other causes has lead to the destruction of several varieties of avian and other animal species. There are some species that are said to be endangered and some species have already become extinct which used to be quite popular in this subcontinent. Several varieties of amphibians like the annamalai frog and the Anamudi frogs are said to be already decreased excessively. There are also other species like the Nilgiri Tahr and the Gharial which are now preserved in some forest areas.

Below are the top 15 sanctuaries in India that are very popular.

1. Kaziranga National Park:


This is situated in the bank of the Brahmaputra River in Assam. This is a popular sanctuary where several varieties of deer, tigers, wild boars and even elephants are found. This is also popular for the several varieties of the amphibian and avian species. This has fresh water streams and also swamp deer is a popular animal here.

2. Bandipur National Park:


This is a few kilometres from Mysore and also some more kilometres from the famous city of Bangalore. This is a popular place which preserves several species of wild animals and amphibians. There are also large lakes here and the greenery which is a popular attraction for many people. A person can also find the Himalayan macaws and other birds here like sparrows and quails.

3. Bandhavgarh National Park:


This is a popular place where a person can find deer. This is also popular for the small streams and lakes. The lush greenery has an attraction for people who like to watch birds and many flying species come to this forest area like the flamingos and many colourful parakeets.

4. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary:


A person can find lush greenery and the Brahminy Kite here in their natural habitat. A person can also take boat rides here or stay at the boat houses. The Waterfowl is also quite common here and the heron. This is a very popular place for the Egrets and the Himalayan Storks.

5. Gir Sanctuary:


This is a place where a person can find several wild deer varieties in their natural habitat. This is in the State of Gujarat and there are also quite a few lakes which are in the adjoining areas. There are some park areas where birds are also preserved in their natural habitat. Several varieties of the Kraits and other reptilians can also be found here.

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