15 Latest and Cute 10 Years Girl Dress Designs

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Girls at the age of 10 want something that will make them look mature as well as childish. These dresses are the best bet as they make them look like children with sophistication. The dresses that are featured here are pretty ones that you can wear for weddings, functions, birthday’s or even daily use. So choose the best one according to the occasion and customize it to your child’s choice.

Stylish and Modern 10 Years Girl Dresses for your Kid Girl:

Let we have to look at the top 15 dresses that we feel are the best for your 10 year old girl.

1. Striped Summer Dress:

Here is a cool looking 10 year girl dress that can be worn anytime. The easy and breathable summer dress is made with striped pattern. The black and white dress is sleeveless and short. This is perfect for the beach or for play time.

2. Sequined Dress:

Choose this wonderful sequined party dress for 10 year olds. This dress is fully made with sequined material that gives the dress a shiny effect. It is otherwise very simple with short sleeves. The party dress can be complemented with a tiara or a hair band.

3. White Layer Dress:

Another cool party or wedding dress to wear is this white layer dress. This cute dress for 10 year olds is just right for any good occasion. The layers at the bottom of the dress make it stand out. The dress is made with white sheer material and satin underneath. The neck is decorated with beads too.

4. Cape Dress:

This is a lovely cape dress for 10 year olds that can be worn as is or with leggings. The dress has an asymmetric hemline that is high in the front and low at the back. This printed dress can be worn with any color leggings. You can choose the printed ones or the plain ones.

5. Top and Skirt Dress:

Choose this summer perfect dress in cotton that is like a top and a skirt. The 10 year old girl dress is just right for outings and for playing in the sun. The cotton material is good as it is breathable. The prints on these dresses can be customized too to give your something personal.

6. Round Neck Dress:

This is a nice round neck party wear dress for 10 year girl that can be in various colors. The neck is made from plain material that complements the printed colors of the dress. The large round neck collar of the dress gives it a sophisticated look.

7. Designer Frock:

The 10 years baby dress can be made with a designer effect too. This particular dress has a lovely crisscross effect on the bodice. The full sleeves dress has a contrasting skirt. This skirt is flared and made from sheer material. This gives it a wonderful look.

8. Printed Dress with Bow:

Let your child look stunning in this wonderful 10 years dress for girls. The printed dress is filled with bright colors and patterns that are bold and abstract. This makes the dress look very attractive. The little bow in the center of the waist is perfect to compliment a pretty dress.

9. Peter Pan Collar Dress:

For all great and formal occasions you can let your child wear the classic A-line dress with a contrast Peter Pan collar. This violet color dress in thin material is perfect with the contrast white collar. The collar stands out and makes the dress look fancy and trendy.

10. Ball Gown Dress:

Make your daughter look like a princess in this stunning ball gown dress. The 10 year old dress for weddings is just what your child will need to look stunning. The white dress with blue complements is filled with flowers spread everywhere. The blue sash at the waist is broad and looks gorgeous.

11. Straight Ruffle Dress:

This stand out dress is great to sashay in for a party or birthday celebration. Girls’ dresses aged 10 is the right time to make them wear long length gowns. This two color dress is made from straight ruffles that start at the waist and end at the heels. The bodice is also stunning with one shoulder design.

12. Halter Neck Dress:

A stunning dress for a wedding or as a flower girl is this halter neck dress. The dress is made in white but can be in any color you choose. The halter neck is a show stopper. The high low hemline is also something that looks perfect.

13. Disney Character Dress:

Many kids at this age would love to dress up as their favorite Disney character. This perfect Elsa dress is what most girls fancy. The blue dress with snowflakes and silver is just the perfect dress. This will surely make them feel like princesses.

14. Denim Floral Dress:

Denim is another cool option for girls aged 10. This is a perfect denim dress which is made of denim bodice and floral skirt. The dress is accentuated with a brown leather belt at the center. The cute ruffled sleeves make the dress look very stylish and elegant.

15. Straight Cut Dress:

The simplest of dresses is the straight cut dress that has long sleeves or 3/4th sleeves. The dress is above the knee and looks sophisticated. You can have any kind of print in the center of the dress. It can be embossed or embroidered. Glitter and sequins on the dress also look stunning.

Dresses for 10 year olds are what you would love to dress your child in. These dresses can be straight or A-line or princess cut. The silk and satin dresses are great for occasions while the cotton ones are perfect for daily use. Try out these dresses for your child and make them look gorgeous. The dresses that you choose could also have a lot of detailing on them.