The 11th year of wedding is more about the quality of time you have spent with each other and time to reminiscence the good old memories. After the 10 years of your relationship, you can be very sure that you are headed for pretty strong things ahead, just like the theme for this year. You can be sure that gifts for the 11th wedding anniversary are as good as it can get.

Common Traditional and Modern 11th Anniversary Gift:

This year is about strength, durability and quality! Hence the theme is steel. A classic way to represent strength, steel is an apt choice. Here are the most popular ideas.

11 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband and Wife:

Let’s look at the 11th wedding anniversary gift ideas for the husband and wife.

1. Car:

This is a big one! By the 11th anniversary, it is probably time you gift your wife a car of her choice. You have to start planning early, and this surely cannot be a spur of the minute action.

2. Wine Cooler:

You can invest in a small wine cooler, just for your wine and nothing else. Your husband will love this idea.

3. Watch:

Watch is a classy and timeless gift. Gift your wife a watch made of stainless steel. There is a range of options available to choose from.

4. Locket:

How about a little old school for your wife? You can gift her a locket with an image of hers and yours together. There are many kinds of options to choose her, from a closed one to an open one.

5. Sculpture:

This may sound like a surprise, but, if you have an art love wife, then this one is sure for her. She is going to love the idea and you, even more.

6. Sword:

This will be a good choice for people who collect antiques and relics. Sword comes in a range of collections, starting from old to new.

7. Breakfast in Bed:

This is so underrated! Make her, her breakfast in bed. Bring in all that she likes and make her feel that you really care.

8. Coffee Pot:

A coffee pot is a cool and traditional gift. You can also get a percolator, one that brews your perfect morning coffee.

9. Perfume Set:

A perfume set is a good choice to think about. Gift her the best brand, a smell so unique that you could fall for her all over again.

10. Handmade Gifts:

The other way to make her happy, apart from her breakfast in bed, is to make some handmade gifts that she will love. It’s not the gift, but it is the thought that she is going to love.

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11. Makeup Kit:

A makeup kit will be a useful one for her. It needn’t have everything, but only the basic ones she uses every day.

12. Personalized Steel Fork:

This one can be used as a keepsake and is a very fancy one. The fork will have the name engraved along with the number of years spent together. A quality one made of steel! This will be a cool gift for your husband.

13. Hook and Line:

This cute 11th anniversary hook and line gift are perfect for your husband. You could choose what to get engraved on it. You can also personal lines for him to make him even more special on this day. This one will be a real surprise!

14. Steel Heart:

What is a better way to show that you love him than getting it engraved on a steel heart itself? This is going to last a lifetime and is probably a very romantic 11th wedding anniversary gift for husband.

15. Wallet Inserts:

Get this custom wallet insert made just for your 11th anniversary gift. The wallet insert is a card-shaped steel piece that is engraved with loving words and is a lovely shade of steel too. This is a perfect gift for your husband on your 11th wedding anniversary day in the evening.

16. Stainless Steel Jewelry:

Here are 11 year anniversary gift ideas for wife. Stainless steel jewellery and accessories are a great choice because that shade of steel gives a very unique and classy look. We are sure your wife is going to love this.

17. Secret Message Cufflinks:

A unique gift is the secret message cufflinks. These little steel beauties are made in such a way that you can put a little note inside each of the cufflinks. This is just great for the 11th wedding anniversary gift for your husband.

18. Steel Compass:

This 11th wedding anniversary gift for husband is a very thoughtful one. The compass is sleek and compact enough to be kept in a coat pocket and can be added to his collection of antiques.

19. Steel Cheese Board Set:

This will be an excellent and unique choice. It is a cheese board with stainless steel knives of various sizes and shapes meant for different dishes. Your wife is going to love this. We bet!

20. Fashion Jewelry:

Fashion jewellery is the modern theme for the 11th anniversary gift ideas. This cool twisted bracelet is perfect as a fashion jewellery item to give your wife. The wires of the bracelet are beautifully intertwined together to form a stunning piece.

11 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her:

1. Stainless Steel Cooking Set:

A revamp of your kitchen will be a good idea now. The stainless steel cooking set comes with all the required cooking accessories and is extremely helpful as well.

2. Microwave Set:

Here are another useful 11 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for her. This set will contain a set of airtight and microwave-friendly containers that will come in handy any time of the year.

3. Ring:

Isn’t it time you got another ring? Pick a good ring for her, from the choice of metal she likes. This is going to be a very special day for her. You can also customise this by putting her initials or any other sign that signifies the two of you.

4. Bicycle:

How about encouraging her your bit to ride a bicycle? This is a very cute gift idea for her, and you can also pick stainless steel of any colour.

5. Bangle Box:

You get really cool and fancy bangle boxes of different sizes and shapes. They will be a very useful gift for her. It lets you stack the bangles in a very economical way.

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6. Wine Chiller:

No, we aren’t talking about a fridge. This is like a bucket that you can fill with ice, just so that it can be used to cool wine and beer. Your husband is going to love this gift idea of yours.

7. Personalized Beer Glass:

A personalized beer glass is an 11th wedding anniversary gift for him. You can personalize this by writing anything on the main glass panel.

8. Wallet Bottle Opener:

This 11th wedding anniversary gift idea made of steel is special. It will have a secret message that can be printed on it and is also very stylish in appearance.

9. Desktop Spinner:

This is another cool one made of steel. This desktop spinner is a way to relax and is much like a widget. You can also customise this by writing tiny messages on each of its wings.

10. Plush Robe:

How about a comfortable plush robe? The texture is very soft and will be a good fabric ideal for gifting.

11th Anniversary Gifts for Them:

Planning to gift your people something on their wedding anniversary, here are our ideas.

1. Cotton Fabric Bedsheets:

Time to revamp the space a little! Cotton fabric bedsheets are an excellent choice and will go well with the mood of the day.

2. Shoe Stand:

Here is another eleventh anniversary gift to think about. By now, the couple will have a lot to accommodate, and therefore this will be a good choice for them.

3. Tea Pot:

There is a lot of fancy stainless steel teapot with a cup and saucer available. This will be a very classy fancy gift.

4. Keepsake Box:

Here is a good way to tell them to think about their past. A keepsake box can have tiny little racks inside to capture their first meeting, the first fight, photos etc. this will beaver a good choice, and the couple will love it.

5. Wood Coasters:

How about customised wooden coasters? They will be a great addition to their collection of fancy items.

11th Anniversary Gifts for Parents:

There is a lot to gift your parents on their day. Here are some ideas to think of.

1. A show Piece:

Not just a usual one, but one made of stainless steel that will shine some personalised message and a photo from the long past. They are going to love this.

2. A trip:

You can arrange a quick trip to the city. Chances are that they would have actually not seen any of the places in the city recently. You can gift them a round trip in the city so that they get to spend some quality time with each other.

3. Cot and Mattress:

To give them some more comfort, here is an excellent gift. A cot and a mattress will be a nice choice. Pick the ones that will suit their needs. If they have back pain, you can pick one tailored to meet this.

4. Laptop:

Time to change or buy them a laptop. If anyone of your parent likes to game, pick one accordingly. Alternatively, you can also choose a basic one, depending on your need.

5. Spa:

They would appreciate a spa at this point. A spa is a good way to relax and let go of stress. Additionally, this can sometimes be a new experience for them.

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How to Celebrate Eleventh Wedding Anniversary and How to Present Gifts?

The best way to celebrate would be to throw a lavish dinner, followed by some light drinks and music. You don’t have to make this a grand affair, but, you could do this at your home, with only your favourite people by your side.

Surprise them! You can pile up all the gifts at a place and make it a fancy thing. Allow some lighting over it. The place will be really fancy and also romantic.

Things to do for the 11th Wedding Anniversary:

Apart from eleven-year anniversary gifts, here are some things you can also do.

  • Cook each other your favourite food.
  • Plant a new sapling. This will be a useful and beneficial step ahead.
  • Feed an orphan or take responsibility for him/her.

Traditional 11th anniversary gifts are steel. This signifies the strength of your bond, and therefore, it is a strong suggestion the relationship should also be the same way for many more years ahead. But, apart from all the gifts and planning, it is important to make time for each other and appreciate each other. That seals the bond!

11th wedding anniversary gifts are strong as steel and can be shiny and cool. The items range from jewellery to knickknacks. Whatever gift you will choose helps to make a happy bond between couples.


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