Rangoli makes the home look beautiful and is also great to welcome the gods as well as friends and guests. The rangoli that is coloured with various colours looks outstanding and bright. The bigger rangolis are done for festive occasions like 12 dots rangoli designs and they do take up a little bit more amount of time.

Best 12 Dots Rangoli Designs with Images:

Here is the list of the most popular 12 dots rangoli designs with images.

1. Simple 12 Dot Rangoli:

Try your hand at a simple 12 dots rangoli that can be large in size but simple to make. The easy design is actually a combination of different objects that are joined together to form mirror images on the four corners. The flower and the heart shapes that are there on the rangoli are made with perfectly straight lines. Each of the segments is coloured with a different colour to make it bright and attractive. Try out this lovely rangoli for your house.

2. Colourful 12 Dot Rangoli:

A rangoli with dots 12 by 12 is a nice way to make new designs. The patterns are simple to make with continuous lines or curves. This rangoli can have different segment objects like a flower that are placed at the various corners of the square. The rangoli is the simplest because you do not need to then colour it again. The border is perfect and looks festive enough. Try your hand at this design to give your home a welcoming feel. Make your kids try their hand at the design as well and they will love it.

3. Pot 12 Dot Rangoli:

One more of the white rangoli design is the pot design. Here the pot with tulsi plant is drawn in the middle of each corner. The other ends of the corners have some geometric designs. Make this for a festival or other occasion. The 12 dots kolam is an interesting way to interpret the many religious symbols we have. You can easily draw this as the figures are made by just joining the dots. The same figure is then replicated on the other three corners as well.

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4. Conch Shaped Rangoli:

One lovely design that is symbolic of prayer is the conch. This rangoli with conch design is very good. It is colourful and bright to look at. You will find these 12 pulli kolam easy to create because of the simplicity of joining the dots. The 12 dots rangoli designs are plenty but when it signifies peace and prayer it makes a powerful statement. You can make this for a festival or for a special day. The curves of the conch should be easy flowing and pretty to make it look realistic. You can add colours it will bright and can be different for each of the six conchies.

5. Geometric Floral Rangoli:

It is nice to see the rangoli when it has a geometric design that creates something floral. This pattern with flowers and geometric objects creates a floral design. The muggulu with 12 dots is very pretty as it has up to five colours. The flowers and curves of the geometric objects are coloured in different colours. You can try your hand at this rangoli to get the best out of both design types. Geometric is easy to create as it is just joining dots with curve lines.

12 dot rangoli is a nice rangoli design that you can use to make designs for festivals and special days. The big rangoli is large enough to draw many different objects in a pattern. The common ones include the items that are meant for prayer.


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