Welcome to guests is the main key for rangoli indication; rangoli gives positive effect to welcome goddess Laxmi to enter our house. In the Indian village every early morning women’s love to draw rangoli near house gate. In India, every state everyone has owned culture choice and using a different kind of material in rangoli can present their culture well. 14 dots rangoli designs are beneficial for big space in any occasion or festival. 14 dots rangoli can utilize as per our beautiful creation.

Best 14 Dots Rangoli Designs with Images:

Here is the top 5 14 dots rangoli, try these rangoli designs in your places, you get the best appreciation from others.

1. 14 by 14 Rangoli:

Few designs need simple flat space or few designs are very attractive in small space too, when we try to make a shiny but simple design for our festivals or any occasion then 14 dots rangoli design will be a good idea. Suppose if you have a small space and if you are not an expert level designer in rangoli pattern then using curves and parallel lines can give you a shiny rangoli as per your ideas. Try this design using white coloured dark sand and using a different colour to fill blank spaces. 14 by 14 dots can give a full square round and from the middle if you start to make parallel lines or curves then you can use your creativity to finish this design. Use a different colour to fill the spaces and make an equilibrium in design.

2. Festival Special 14 Dots Kolam Rangoli:

Mostly ‘kalash’ and ‘diva’ are the most measurable part in festivals then why can’t we use this idea into rangoli. If you are looking traditional rangoli design then this one design will be a good idea and only you need to use your fingers properly to make curves and lines. Put 14 dots and 14 lines to try this design, start from middle and design four diva’s with beautiful curves. When you will finish this design you can make Kalash pots on the corner of rangoli. Use your proper fingers to make proper lines. This design can surely attract the attention of viewers.

3. Colourful Rangoli Pattern:

This is 14 to 14 dots rangoli which is basic beginner level design helpful for less time pattern made. This 14 dots rangoli made using blue and velvet colours. You can draw this pattern on a flat surface in front of your door entry then get white coloured sand to make a thick pattern on it. Using only parallel lines you can make this design. Make a square in middle then from each dot you can draw only lines as per design. Make a start for each corner and middle in the star you can draw squares, as per colour availability you can fill the boxes. Blue and velvet will be a good choice for this design.

4. Simple and Easy Flower 14 Dots Rangoli:

Few rangolis are best for daily routine in the door entry; you can try few simple designs for 14 dots. This one will be a good choice for your regular based art in rangoli. This is simple but quite easy to make a design in rangoli pattern if you are a beginner and ready to do rangoli in your free time then get flower designs at the beginning. No need extra efforts just put 14 dots straight and as per your requirement, you can add or less the dots. Making the only flower and filling different colours in it can give you the best look for your door entry. This is a chukki type of rangoli as well.

5. 14 Pulli kolam:

Few rangoli designs are easy to make and few take more time to make a design as per our ideas and creativity, get your favourite pattern and colour to make a special kolam rangoli on any occasion. This design can be done using coloured flour, you can use drawing as per material availability. This design defines the tradition of India, and this type of design is mostly made in Gujarat and Maharashtra too. Making flowers and leaf pattern will be a nice idea to put in it. 14 dots of rangoli using square motion can surely give a good look for an entry in the house.

If you want to make a big rangoli with a proper way then 14 dots will be a good idea with big space attention. Using more materials like flour, sand and colourful rice can give the best touch for rangoli, 14 dots will be the best idea to impress your guests or relatives.


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