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14th Week Of Pregnancy – Symptoms And Fetal Development

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At the stage of fourteen weeks your infant is created enough to now frown, grimace, and also suck his thumb. Your child’s kidneys are created enough to deliver pee which he/she is making consistently now into the amniotic liquid around them. This your infant will proceed till birth.

During these weeks your baby goes through many developments – he/she is now stretching and measures 3 ½ inches and weighs 1 ½ ounces. Your baby’s body during these weeks grows faster than his head and by the end of this week his arms will have grown to a length that is in proportion to the rest of his body. The baby in this week is in its most crucial week of development as written above his hands and legs are both growing though his hands grow at a faster speed than his legs in proportion to the length of his body.

14th week of pregnancy

What To Think About This 14th Week Of Pregnancy:

Now is the time when your jeans won’t feet and you will get congratulatory looks from everyone around you. Your new changing breasts might make you even proud of your motherhood now. You will feel a lot of positivity around you at this stage. What particularly on your mind will be is hard to say, but you will most likely anticipate and look forward to every appointment scheduled this week to hear more news about new development, since your baby will take a leap this month. Baby names will keep you preoccupied as well, and you will have suggestions pouring in from everywhere and everyone.

Fetal Development In The Pregnancy At 14 Weeks Pregnant:

The 14th week shows significant fetal development unlike before; your baby has grown significantly by this time. Some of these developments are given below:


At this point his brain is also under a lot of development allowing his neurological system to develop in such a way that he finally starts understanding his body functioning. Even though the body is developing at this time, he still hasn’t grown enough as is the size of a lemon. At this point the mother cannot feel the baby kicking inside but that is a sure thing to happen in 1-1 ½ weeks. If you go for an ultrasound in your 14th week of pregnancy, you might come upon the time and miracle where your baby might be sucking his thumb.


Your baby is growing in size, the body of your baby is growing faster than his head and his/her hands are growing at a significant pace. After doing an ultrasound you yourself will be surprised at the fact at how big your baby has grown in such a small period of time. In no time your baby will be bigger and stronger than before. The growth helps your baby to now touch their small feet allowing further and more movement than before. These are all good signs of your baby being strong and healthy.

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Functioning Kidneys:

At this stage your baby’s kidney has entered into the functioning phase. During this phase development of the organs also start. As the development of kidney has started now your infant can urinate and allow the undesirable bacteria to exit from the body. The pee mixes with the liquid around the baby and is finally excreted by the mother. The kidneys are one of the important organs of the baby’s development and in the 14th week this particular development occurs.

Fingers And Toes:

The baby has a developing set of fingers and toes which they can now wiggle slowly. Their fingers though are more developed than their toes owing to the fact that their arms grow faster than their legs. The sucking of the thumb is the best sign to show that your baby is developing as normal. Fingers and toes are the most important parts in a baby’s development and is the stepping stone to your baby’s strong health.


Though your baby’s heart is still extremely small it still is starting to function at a normal rate i.e. 60 to 70 heartbeats a minute. This is the normal heartbeat for everyone and shows that your baby is growing at a good and strong speed. The heart is now pumping blood at a more efficient speed allowing your baby to move out of a dormant state into more active state.

Immune System:

The immune system is the most vital part of a person, therefore during the fourteenth week of pregnancy this specific improvement is critical. A healthy child has a growing immune system and has enough white blood cells to fight off specific bacteria that would somehow hamper its development.

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Symptoms In 14th Week Of Pregnancy And How To Overcome:

There are a few symptoms that mothers goes through which are new during the 14th week of pregnancy, some of these symptoms are :–


this is a new and unique symptom because the baby’s immune system is developing. This is because his immune system is not allowing his body to accept everything that the mother is consuming at the moment. Vomiting is a sign showing that your baby is healthy. It might give you a little discomfort, but don’t worry it’s just natural. There are no ways to avoid the situation you are in, but you can most certainly reduce how uncomfortable you are. A few ways that comes that come to mind are, drinking lesser water and switching to liquid foods instead to keep you hydrated. Another thing you can do to curb down your vomiting is to brew some ginger tea and have it the first thing in the morning with some honey. This brings in a change of taste and keeps your nauseous feeling controlled.

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Sleep Disorders:

this happens in this week because the baby is restless in the womb. His constant movements cause you to feel uneasy and happen mostly during nights causing you many sleepless nights. From this point on this will last till the end of the pregnancy. Sleep disorders may cause you to feel tired and lethargic. It is suggested to stay as active as possible as the more active you are your baby stays more healthy. Sleep disorders will most certainly continue to bother you for a while now and the best way to get your hours covered is take power naps anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour every time possible. Apart from that, try doing light duty work to keep yourself tired, thus making it easier for you to fall asleep. Do avoid long and hard activities as these can lead to you falling ill only. No fun in that now, is there?

Weight Gain:

during your pregnancy you will gain a significant amount of weight but in your 14th week you gain the most significant amount of weight in your entire time of pregnancy. This is your second trimester in which your body needs all type of support so that it can help your baby to grow and this is the reason behind the weight gain. The extra fat in your body provides the important nutrients for the infant as the stomach amino acid penetrate you fat to provide nutrition for your baby, therefore, the more the fat the healthier the baby. Exercising should come to your mind as an obvious solution to your weight gain blues. Don’t worry, since there is nothing like exercising and nothing that these easy fitness exercises can’t solve. A few of them are given below for you to pick and make a run for. Apart from that, indulge in healthy eating and do not let the cravings take the better of you. Talk to your dietitian and make plans for the amount of calorie you can have in a day. Talking of food cravings, that is a symptom for the 14th week as well. Which is why, we discuss it next.

Food Cravings:

Well, now that your vomiting phase is slowly reducing, it won’t be over just yet of course, but your food cravings will set in. Some food will make you want to dig in, while some will want you to throw up soon enough even at the bare sight of them. This is a good sign, since this implies a healthy acceleration in the speed of growth in your little one. Most certainly doesn’t make it easier on you. To overcome the side effects of this symptom, which include weight gain and heartburn, stack in your fridge with the healthiest of fruits to binge on, and turn to filling food more. Take care of the snacks you eat in the meantime as well, since they contain a great deal of fat if not monitored.

Nasal Congestion’s:

Your nose will seem itchier than usual this week. You might also sneeze more and found yourself in a position of embarrassment in public. Don’t worry it is more common that you think. This is usually a case when your nose and eyes catch an allergy easily, now that you are so vulnerable because of your condition. Doctor’s advice may be needed to clear out your symptoms or you can also keep your senses alert for any unusual mucus like green or yellow, since this means an infection. Bleeding from your nose can be a bad thing as well and you need to keep checking your nose from time to time. The best way to overcome a stuffy nose is blow it out every now and then with a clean tissue. Do use a tissue and not a handkerchief, since those are dirty and might make your infection even worse. A clean tissue is a safer bet instead and it might help the germs from spreading around as well. Seek medical attention if pain in your sinus is causing you trouble along with the congestion’s. That might not mean well. Gargle with hot water and salt whenever you get the time, since this helps ease your nasal canal. Try nose drops if nothing else seems to work in your favor.

Till now there were no visible signs that you are pregnant but from the 14th week on wards your stomach starts to grow a wee bulge and this is very visible to you.

Activities In 14th Week Of Pregnancy:

If you are a working mom, this week might be just the same as the last one. You working and getting home more tired than usual. Another thing that can trouble you at this stage is your

Tips To Overcome Stress In 14th Week Of Pregnancy:

  1. Postpone every single one of the activity that drains away your energy for good. This might be like an open invitation for overwhelming anxiety.
  2. Sit down with your partner and start with the formulation of a parental plan. Now is the right time for it all- from deciding the name of your child to how you want to give birth.
  3. Priorities must be rethought and analyzed ahead in time. Give enough time to yourself all alone, so that you can know just where you are heading, thus avoiding stress.
  4. Don’t let technology take over you. Yes, the internet is a fun place for online forums; however remember every pregnancy is different. Don’t let anything stress you.
  5. Sleeping it off is a good idea. Now that you baby has his own sleeping routine, it might be hard for you to manage, but don’t let that keep you up. Take power naps.

Diet And Exercise For 14 Weeks Pregnant:


1. Need Of Iron:

During this week you need to eat iron rich food like dry fruits, spinach, potatoes and soybean for the development of your baby.

2. Folic Acid:

For the development of your baby’s nervous system you will require lots of folic acid. For this eat vegetables, bananas, grains and beans.

3. DHA:

It is the main component which is needed for your baby’s development. Eat foods like eggs, fish and meat.

4. Calcium:

It is a good nutrient for your infant’s strong bones. Eat calcium rich food like Almonds, milk, broccoli etc.

5. Vitamin C:

Heard of collagen? It is the substance that helps tend to your baby’s cartilage. It repairs your little one’s tissues. Vitamin C rich fruits include mangoes, oranges, broccoli, peppers, strawberries and papaya.


1. Downward Dog:

For support to your thigh muscles, this exercise does wonders. Extend your legs and bend on your fours. That position needs to be held for a while. Repeat 5 rounds.

2. Cobbler Pose:

Good for flexibility in the pelvic area, this exercise helps build up a stretch in your lower belly, making delivery easier.

3. Walking:

When you feel lazy about other exercises, walking anywhere around helps. Problems like blood pressure and constipation can be overcome by walking.

4. Kegal Exercises:

This exercise is important since it helps stretch your pelvic floor muscles. Repeat the exercise whenever you get the time.

5. Yoga:

The benefits of yoga need not be stressed on. You already know how it enables peace to your stressed out mind. It also enhances endurance power.

Sex During The 14th Week Of Pregnancy:

Even now, it is completely secure to get oneself indulge in making love in the 14th week since the amniotic sac and fluids will cushion your baby well. Do not worry about any disruptions, since your baby will be fine. Although as for you, your nose blocks, and food cravings along with nausea, might not make you feel up to the task. Choose easy positions and you are good to go. A little intimacy could take you a long way.

Medical Check Up And Treatment:

Talk to your doctor about checkups for that extra reassurance you need. Not only will that clear things up for you, but also make it easier for you to know where you are heading. Seek the consultant for all sorts of issues like nausea, heartburn, constipation and soreness. However, a few over the counter medicines that are known to be of help for the symptoms are:

  • Cough- Dextromethorphan.
  • Soreness- Acetaminophen. Don’t indulge in Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  • Constipation- Metamucil. Avoid mineral oil.
  • Allergy- Antihistamines and Ioratadine. Shun use of Pseudoephedrine and Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  • Heartburn- Antacids.

Tips And Precautions:

  1. Always wear comfortable clothes that fit now that your baby bump has started to grow. Avoid Elastics.
  2. When travelling, avoid bumpy roads as this may cause issues in your baby.
  3. You need to keep yourself hydrated at all times. If liquid makes you bloated up, try fruits with high water content.
  4. Keep exercising this week as well to avoid a sudden weight gain, as it may lead to stretch marks.
  5. Announce your pregnancy at workplace, since this might lead them to giving you concessions. Take the chance.

14th week is here, and you are just as worried about the new changes and how you will deal with them, but worry not! The time of pregnancy makes a mother way more responsible and you see how your instincts allow you to not cloud your judgment, so that you are just as great a pregnant woman as you were last week. Soar high and do well with your pregnancy!

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