For each wedding anniversary, you can expect some traditional customized and modern gifts. On the fifteenth wedding anniversary, couples usually gift each other crystals. It symbolizes the sparkling and clear love they have for each other. In modern culture, a watch is also given as a 15th-anniversary wedding gift. By this time, you and your spouse might know each other well. So you can give them a meaningful contribution. You can also give them a personalized gift.

What is the 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift:

This is your 15th anniversary together. You have come a long way. You have crossed each other companionship over a decade, and love is still blossoming and fresh between you two. Doesn’t this require a celebration? Yes, it definitely calls for one. Make sure to celebrate in a special way so that you guys can never forget it. Do not forget to let each other know how special they are to you.

Table of Contents:

  1. 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her
  2. Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
  3. 15th wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples
  4. Special 15th Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas
  5. Traditional Gift Ideas for 15th Wedding Anniversary
  6. Crystal Gift Ideas 15th Wedding Anniversary
  7. How to Celebrate the 15th Wedding Anniversary
  8. Things to do for 15th Wedding Anniversary

Best Gifts And Ideas For 15th Wedding Anniversary:

Let’s find here what the 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas are for him and her.

15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her:

1. Crystal:

Crystal is an excellent traditional gift option for a 15th wedding anniversary gift for wife. We know the glass itself is a romantic, elegant and super-posh item. Once you use it in things like jewellery or home decor, those items look more beautiful. If you want to stay with tradition for your 15th anniversary, this is something which would undoubtedly please her.

2. Roses:

Nothing like roses. They are traditional yet so modern in thinking and expressing love. Rose symbolises love and romance more than any other flower. Each colour of rose carries a unique, different meaning.

  • A red rose signifies love, courage, and respect.
  • White rose purity and innocence.
  • Pink rose grace, perfect happiness and gentleness.
  • The dark pink rose is used to show thank you, gratitude and appreciation.
  • Yellow rose for joy, gladness, and delight.
  • Orange rose for desire and enthusiasm.

Now, choose your rose colour and send a bouquet on your anniversary day with a card explaining the significance of your choice of colour.

3. Chocolate Can:

In case your better half has a sweet tooth, then you should go for your 15th anniversary with a box of truffles. Nothing says “I love you” like a whipped chocolate can!

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4. Neon Heart:

If your spouse has an at-home office or a walk-in closet, or any space which she calls her own, then a neon heart brings a pop of colour to any room, and while she’s there, it’ll be hard to forget your love.

5. Vegan Tote:

A vegan faux leather tote is big enough to hold a laptop and chic enough to carry on date night. You can even personalise it by adding something lovely.

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Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him:

6. Wine Decanter:

Are you in search of an inexpensive 15th wedding anniversary gift for him that looks anything unusual? A wine decanter looks elegant and pricey, but it’s so affordable you may want to buy one for yourself too.

7. Champagne:

If you are in dilemma of what to get for a 15th-anniversary gift for your husband anniversary, then get champagne. Order the best one, throw it in a gift bag and enjoy! Happy anniversary!

8. Photo Hanger Kit:

If you are in the mood to relive your past 15 years of memories, then you can get a photo hanger kit. Now, to give it a personal touch by, printing out 15 great photos of both of you through the years.

9. Fancy Beer Mug:

Every beer aficionado deserves a fancy beer mug. You can get cups that are made of crystal, and they can also be personalised with your name, your anniversary date or both.

10. Date Night:

This never goes out of fashion or ideas. It is always special to spend time with loved ones. The 15th wedding anniversary should be a grand celebration. Plan a romantic date night and gift your spouse excellent crystal cuff links. You can even get something beautiful engraved for an added lovely touch.

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15th wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples:

11. Crystal Flutes:

You can help them toast to 15 years together with a set of crystal champagne flutes. Just don’t skip taking a bottle of champagne with it.

12. Crystal Vase:

15 years together is not a small deed. If you’re looking to surprise your favourite couple, then gift them a crystal vase. This is something they’ll treasure forever, and it would also be a source of happiness with every bouquet.

13. Crystal Platter:

If you’re looking for an affordable gift and a great addition to their kitchen, you can also consider a crystal serving platter. It’s genuinely stated that: All food tastes better when served on a crystal.

14. Crystal Bowl:

Who says a bowl cannot become a show-stopper? A gorgeous crystal bowl can make any coffee table look elegant, and it doesn’t even need fake fruit to do it.

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15. Red Wine Glasses:

Does the couple you are shopping out to have a preference for red wine over champagne? So you can skip the flutes and go for a pair of red wine glasses instead. A couple made of crystal is perfect for the 15th anniversary.

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Special 15th Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas:

16. Wrist Décor:

There is no pair more beautiful than black and gold, especially when placed together on your wrist. A gorgeous stainless steel piece with red gold-plated hands and numbers! This will fit any outfit.

17. Apple Watch:

For a sports lover who also appreciates style, an Apple watch is the gift you are looking for. The gray sports band goes perfectly with this watch.

18. Leather Watch:

In case they want to jump on the smartwatch trend but don’t love the techy look of the Apple watch, then there is another option which would be a perfect choice. Stainless steel and brown leather-made watch will make it look anything but techy.

19. Jack Mason:

This white watch is the ultimate definition of classy, along with face-topping and a leather strap. This watch from Jack Mason will be a staple in your husband’s wardrobe forever.

20. Leather Strap Face Topping:

Nothing is quite as classy as an amazing white watch face topping a leather strap. A watch will be a staple in your husband’s wardrobe forever.

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Traditional Gift Ideas for 15th Wedding Anniversary:

21. Ruby:

Ruby, when given as a gift, it signifies friendship and love. It is known as the love stone the ruby is believed to make love more passionate.

22. Rhodolite Garnet:

This stone is often mistaken for ruby since it has a similar red colour. However, it is lighter in colour than a majority of the garnets and is most sought after as its red colour has a beautiful purple cast. Rhodolite in Greek can be translated as rose, and hence you will see the rhodolite garnet being called the rose stone. This rhodolite garnet, much like the ruby, is associated with love and faithfulness.

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23. Alexandrite:

This rare gemstone was discovered back in 1834 in Russia and is thus named after Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Owing to its unique red and green colouring, it was the national stone of the tsarist of Russia. Because this stone is so rarely found, it is not commonly used in jewellery. There is a synthetic alexandrite which is used in jewellery.

24. Gold Accent Watch:

With gold accents and diamonds, this particular watch can be looked upon as sweet arm candy. It is a guaranteed splurge that will definitely be worth the smile you get in return.

25. Boyfriend Watches:

Boyfriend watches have been in fashion for quite some time now; however, it has been all about ultra-slim styles. This particular one fits the new trend, and the diamonds only add to its beauty.

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Crystal Gift Ideas 15th Wedding Anniversary:

26. Engraved Crystal Decanter:

This gorgeous crystal decanter looks stunning with a set of glasses. The decanter can be etched to have the names of the couple in it as well. It is an oval-shaped decanter, or you can select circular too. This works great as a 15th wedding anniversary gift.

27. Crystal Vase:

Gift your spouse this exquisite crystal vase that has intricate detailing. The 15th anniversary can be made unique by gifting this vase with a gorgeous bouquet. The vessel is quite expensive, so italso makes a stunning displayl. Select sweet flowers and gift them with this cool vase. Just remember to do the packing beautifully and represent it exotically.

28. Crystal USB Drive:

This is a state-of-the-art crystal USB drive that you can gift your spouse. The stunning drive looks like a heart on the outside but encases a USB drive within. The 15th anniversary will be grand with this technology-driven gift. These types of gifts are useful on a daily basis in the office or at home. It would be amongst the best gift for 15-anniversary gift ideas.

29. Crystal Frame:

Here is a very cool and striking frame made from crystal. The border of the frame is beautifully carved with flowers and curves. You can add a lovely wedding picture in it to mark the 15th year wedding anniversary gift. Even we can personalise this frame as per our idea; you can add names or quotes on this frame too.

30. Crystal Studs:

This is a beautiful jewellery item that you can gift your wife. The crystal studs are gorgeous and look elegant on the face. This can be a 15th-anniversary present that your wife will always remember. Pair it with a pendant to complete the look. You will get this on an e-commerce store, too. Get this pair to surprise your loved one on this 15th wedding anniversary day.

31. Stunning Watch for Her:

Make her happy and content with this stunning watch from Swarovski. This gorgeous gold watch is a modern theme gift for the 15th year marriage anniversary gift. You can gift her any of the gold-based watches with tiny diamonds in the centre. Women love watches, so this gift will surely make her attention towards you.

32. Chronograph Watch for Him:

Here you have the beautiful gift for 15 wedding anniversary to him that will make him love you more. This cool chronograph watch is perfect with its silver-based dials. The look is great for casual as well as formal wear.

33. Crystal Cufflinks:

Make him excited with these crystal cufflinks that are set in silver. The cufflinks look stunning on suits and make a shirt more formal. This 15th wedding anniversary gift is lovely and striking. Pack it in a beautiful box, and gift wrap it in love.

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34. Anniversary Plate:

You can get this custom-made ceramic plate to commemorate your 15th anniversary. This beautifully decorated plate with yellow flowers looks fantastic on the wall. Mark your day with these 15th-anniversary ideas.

15th-year anniversary ideas for gifts are based on crystals and watches. The crystal items look dazzling and striking and make a great gift. Watches for him and her are also a good option that is useful.

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How to Celebrate the 15th Wedding Anniversary:

This is an opportunity where you can plan something special. You can expect a get-together with your near and dear ones and arrange for dinner or cocktails or just an afternoon of fun. What are you waiting for? Invite all your friends for your special occasion.

In case you plan to take that long-planned trip which you have been putting off, then get online and make your reservations right now! In case you decide on a gathering of many or a trip for two, either will take some planning ahead.

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Things to do for the 15th Wedding Anniversary:

The 15th anniversary is an extraordinary occasion to celebrate. One reaches there after crossing lots of hurdles, ups, and downs in life. Being constant and sacrificing for one another is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to your wife, who sacrificed so much to keep you and your family happy. Then these occasions must be made relaxing and unforgettable for both of you because it’s a celebration time.

  • You can plan a romantic date on a poolside with soft music and order your favourite dishes finishing with a long drive.
  • You can buy her a favourite dress, watch or gift jewellery on this special day.
  • Remember, it is your day, and you must seek some time alone to remember your past journey. So how about a movie date and some cake-cutting celebrations? A trip to the hill station would be a better idea for your relaxation and away from all tension.

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It’s your fifteenth wedding anniversary, and it is worth making it a memorable day. You can have a look above for 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas. We have listed some of the activities which house both can do. Don’t forget; the critical point is to enjoy each other’s company. It doesn’t need to be a big celebration, but it should be overwhelming so that it is set up in your memories forever. This is the day to celebrate your long, hardworking journey, and it shouldn’t go like any ordinary day.


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