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15 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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Normally, a pregnancy can last for around 40 weeks. It is usually divided into three trimesters. The early symptoms include absence of your regular periods, changes in the breast and nausea. By the second trimester, food cravings and mood swings are common. For the final trimester, you will mostly be tired through the day without even trying.

In the 15th week of pregnancy your baby is already developing and now his major organs such as his kidneys have developed allowing him to now urinate whenever he/she needs. Other organs such as the heart and the brain are also developing now allowing your baby to make a whole lot of new facial expressions which they would otherwise find it difficult to do. A strong heart allows the baby to move more eagerly than before. At this point soft kicks on the inner wall of your stomach are normal; the kicks are not yet strong enough as the baby is no bigger than five inches. This is an important week for the baby’s legs. The legs start growing during this week and this is why the kicks start.

15 weeks of pregnancy

At this point the immune system is well under way of development and allows the bay to now make its own decisions on whether it likes certain foods or no that the mother is consuming. Along with the immune system the baby has a strong and functioning brain now that is well connected to the baby’s nervous system. Your baby can now feel pain, hunger, fatigue and many other feelings.

The eyes are also developing at this point allowing your baby’s first glimpses of their future. Overall this is an extremely important week for the baby.

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Symptoms of 15 Weeks of Pregnancy:

There are a few symptoms that show you are entering the 15th week of pregnancy, some of these symptoms are very easy to handle though it occurs for a prolonged period of time, some of these symptoms are:-

Weight Gain:

During your pregnancy you will gain a significant amount of weight but in your 15th week you gain a more amount of significant weight but not to worry after this week your weight gain will subside. This is an important period of your baby’s growth and at this point of time your body has adjusted to being pregnant but the baby is still growing and due to this your body needs all the support possible to help your baby grow and this is why you gain weight. The fat in your body provides the necessary nutrients for the baby as the stomachs amino acids break down your fat to provide nutrition for the baby, therefore, the more the fat the healthier the baby. To overcome the extra weight you gain, indulging in quick and comfortable exercises will take you a long way. Aside that, you can also keep a maintained diet and maximize the time you sit instead of lie down.

Bowel Problems:

During this period you may suffer with unwanted bowel problems and may run to the toilet more than usual, this is only because the baby is now able to process its food consumption at a better rate than before. And the more it processes the more it excretes causing you not only t feel hungry but also makes you run to the toilet more often than normal. Taking constipation medicines like Metamucil should take care of your bowel troubles in no time. A regulated diet can help elevate the metabolism and improve the movements.

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Low Energy Levels:

During this period your baby is more active in your stomach, moving around a lot and this will continue right through till the baby’s birth and due to this you will start feeling tired. This is because your child is attached to you and the more energy the baby uses the more energy you will use. You will find that you have started sleeping longer and when you wake up it will feel like you hardly slept. Keep an energy drink around and this will help you overcome your lack of enthusiasm. Do not forget to consult your doctor about what supplements are safe for your 15th pregnant week.

Gastrointestinal Issues:

Another problem during the 15th month is the gas issues. The gastrointestinal issue occurs because your progesterone levels are helping the gastrointestinal muscles to relax thus slowing down the process of your digestion. This issue can lead to burping and flatulence. To overcome this issue you need to keep an eye on your food habits so that intake of calories can be minimized. This will make your digestion easier.


You will find yourself having trouble falling asleep. Studies show as high as 70% of the pregnant women to be insomniac by the 15th week. The main reason behind this can be the pressure on your bladder by your growing belly, forcing your urination to be more frequent and waking you up. A larger belly also means having trouble finding the right position to sleep in. This can be another reason. The best way to overcome this is take power naps as and when possible. This will give your body a better shot at resting. There are pregnancy pillows available on the stores now as well, so you can buy those to support your belly.


The most common problem now a days in pregnancy is heartburn. Excess salivation can make this issue worse. To avoid this try to say no to sodas, spicy and sour foods. Also try to minimize the production of gastric acid by keeping a check on your diet.

Stuffy Nose:

Stuffy nose is a symptom you will find yourself falling prey to during pregnancy in the15th week. This is usually owing to the swelling of the nose membranes because of an increase in the hormone production. The best way to avoid feeling congested in the nasal canal is to avoid situations that lead to a bad cold. Another alternative is to keep a warm bag around at all times, and taking ginger tea every morning.

During the 15th week of pregnancy there are significant developments that show the growth and development of your child. Constant ultrasound checkups every week will give u a detailed account of the week by week development of your baby. During the 15th week some major developments are-

What to Think About This Week:

Now that your womb is beginning to show more tell tale signs of pregnancy, you will notice how neat your belly button looks.

Another change this week will be either activated milk glands that have already started the production, or will start soon. Keep breast pads around so you can fit in inside the bra when needed. Your body will also feel like loosening itself, putting a strain on your skin. You need to find ways to control the stretch marks, so put that in your thought list as well.

Fetal Development of the Baby:

Functioning Kidneys:

In the 15th week, your baby’s kidney has entered into the functioning phase as growth of organs also starts to develop. Due to this your baby can urine thus allowing the uncertain bacteria to get away from the body. The pee mixes with the liquid and finally excreted by the to be mom. The kidneys plays a vital role in the development of the baby.

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The lungs of the baby are now expanding allowing the baby to start in the process of breathing. Though the lungs are expanding the baby will not breathe till they are born. The lungs till this time will expand and remain dormant. The lungs are one of the important organs of development in your child’s body and this happen in the 15th week of development.


The stomach is another development that your child goes through. Due to this development your child can now process more and more food allowing their strength and growth to increase at a significant pace. The body starts accepting more types of food than before showing that the child is growing normally.

Immune System:

The immune system is the most important part of a person, therefore during the 15th week of pregnancy this particular development is extremely important. A healthy baby has a developing immune system during its 15th week of growth and now has enough white blood cells to fight off certain bacteria that would otherwise hamper its growth.


An ultrasound will show that the baby has a level of hair on the head which was not there before. Though the hair is small it still is a significant development showing that your baby is now sprouting hair. The hair can be of any colour and normally depends on the parents hair colour. Hair colour is normally hereditary. Hair is the first tell tale sign of the complete development of your baby. A small layer of hair also grows on the entire body of the baby, though it is not visible the hair is there present on the baby’s skin.

Arms and Legs:

Your little one has his legs growing faster and longer now as compared to his arms. His joints are more flexible and can move now. You might have to wait longer for your next scan, which is usually scheduled around the 20th week mark.

15th Weeks Activity:

Your belly is still in its growth period so you need to find out ways of walking comfortably. In this phase you also need to take care in your sleeping position. In 15th week you had to pay special attention in your sitting. Sleeping and walking style. You also need to remember that you adopt good posture so that you don’t need to go from pain. The spine of your body should be as straight as possible and when you get up, you should use something to maintain the balance and the center of gravity throughout your body.

15th Week Diet & Exercises:

1. Fruits and Vegetables:

A healthy diet will cure you and your baby from all the problems. Take the fresh fruits and vegetables that will give you vitamins. In my suggestion take atleast five different varieties of rich fruits and veggies through the week.

2. Raw Foodstuff:

Don’t ever think that I should eat more food as my baby is still developing as this can lead to bloating. Try to eat raw food as much as possible. This keeps the nutrients preserved and hence can keep more of the foodstuff consumed.

3. Iron:

Everybody needs iron to live healthy life so does a pregnant lady. Iron provides red blood cells to develop your baby. You should eat food s like spinach, pulses, banana, meat etc. Tannins on the other hand, found in tea and coffee is known to interfere with how the iron is absorbed by your body. Which is why, the right thing to make sure of is there is a decent gap between the tea or coffee and iron rich foods.

4. Calcium:

In case you don’t like meat or are a vegetarian, you need to make sure you have more calcium and iron, since these are the two main components apart from proteins and vitamins that are needed for your child’s development. Your doctor might advice you to eat dairy products, bread, Leafy vegetables, raisins and nuts.

5. Vitamin C:

Absorption of Vitamin C can make it easier for your body to gain iron that you take. For this You can have oranges and lemons among the fruits to boost up your levels. Taking Vitamin C supplements isn’t a wise idea given your condition.


The best exercises to work on during this time should be the ones that focus on your stomach and pelvis for a better body posture. A few exercises that you can help you are:

1. Belly Breathing:

To do this exercise sit and cross your legs. Give the support to your back and keep your hands on the stomach. Inhale through your nose now and keep expanding your belly. Repeat for 5 times.

2. Squat:

To begin squat exercise, hold some object like an exercise ball or a chair and stand away from it. Lower your body slowly and keep your weight mostly on your heels. Inhale and exhale while doing the same. Repeat 5 times. This exercise helps to correct your posture and gives more area to the pelvic region for expansion.

3. Walking:

Every doctor suggest to walk during the pregnancy. This exercise not only keeps you active but also helps to feel calm and relax and think good inspite of sitting bald and thinking negatively while spending time in lying in your room.

4. Inhale & Exhale:

This exercise of inhaling and exhaling helps you to strengthen you muscles so that they can help with your contractions in later stage. To do this exercise you inhale the breath through the nose and hold on for a while. Then you exhale and while doing so you bring your abdominal back in and bring your navel close to the spine.

5. Stretching:

Stretching during pregnancy gives you the flexibility and strength in your legs. This exercise also releases muscle tension, thus bringing instant relief to your sore back and pelvis.

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Sex during Pregnancy 15th Week:

You can most certainly engage in sexual activities when pregnant. However knowing that it is the 15th week and you are soon to enter the second trimester, handling things with caution would be the right way to go. Indeed, pregnancy is when you need your partner the most and sex can give you the connection better than ever. Do try to avoid risky positions and try slow strokes. This should be a good experience for both the partners and talking to your gynecologist about it will most certainly brighten things up.

Tips To Overcome Stress during Pregnancy:

  • Try to focus on your baby and the rest you need for him to develop in your. Now is the best time for you to relax. Trust us, your baby will thank you later.
  • Talk to your doctor so that you can overcome the stress in your head. Talking Not only will that clear things up for you, but also make it easier for you to know where you are heading.
  • You can use prenatal classes for a change to see how other moms to be are dealing with their stress in similar situations. It can be of great help.
  • Do not leave your food. A lot of nuts and seeds help reduce depression owing to their compositions.
  • Regularly do the Exercise as it might improve your mood. You can go for yoga and meditation as well, if your stress is severe.
  • Be relax and don’t be anxious. Prepare yourself for the birth. Talk with your better half and be happy.

Medical Treatment and Regular Check Up:

There are checkups and health issues, but since this is the 15th week it can be easily cured. Occasional ultrasound and blood test can make the thinks clear. Spinal fluids and HCG fluids will be checked for as well to determine any abnormalities in the fetus, which should now be clear. A few medicines to keep by your bedside are:

  • Aches and pains- Acetaminophen. Steer clear of Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  • Cough- Dextromethorphan and Guaifenesin.
  • Heartburn- Antacids and Famotidine.
  • Allergy- Antihistamines and Ioratidine. Avoid Pseudophedrine and Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  • Constipation- Metamucil and Colace. Avoid laxatives and mineral oil.

15th Weeks Care & Precautions:

  • Keep using sunscreen to keep your baby out of skin problems.
  • Use a lot of oral hygiene now to prevent bad bouts of infections on your gums, which can pass through food and harm your little one.
  • Shop for maternity clothes well ahead in time
  • Use a better care for your position when walking, sleeping or sitting since it can lead to bad aches otherwise.
  • Drink more water than usual to keep yourself hydrated, even if it means more urination.

Many people find it difficult during the 15th week of pregnancy due to the activities of the baby but bear with these minor problems as it will subside towards the ending of the pregnancy.