Turning 18 is a dream for most teenagers. They are finally adults, free to take their decisions on their own. While it does mean that freedom is around the corner, it also reminds us that 18, after all, is not all that old. Buying a birthday present for such an impressionable age is no less a daunting task. Given below are the top 9 18th birthday gift ideas for girls and boys.

18th Birthday Gifts For Her and Him:

Rest assured that these will be remembered for years to come and make for some really interesting stories in the future,

1. Personalised Gift Items:

One of the best gifts that we can give someone is something that is personal. Be it a coffee mug or a keychain, or even a photo frame, when we personalise it with the receiver’s name or date of birth, it becomes even more special to them.

2. Engraved Items:

This is a gift for someone very special. Be it your daughter’s 18th birthday or your sister’s, an engraved watch or a piece of jewellery like a pair of earrings or initials engraved cufflinks are a lovely 18th birthday gift idea. It adds a personal touch to the gift and will be treasured by the receiver lifelong.

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3. Treasure Hunt:

Another great 18th birthday gift idea would be to organize a treasure hunt. You will need the help of family and friends. Give him/her their first clue about the gift. Let them go there and find one gift, one friend or family member who gives them a clue for the next gift. The treasure hunt can be wrapped up with a surprise dinner party, making it the most memorable birthday gift ever.

4. Chocolates:

Everyone loves chocolates. A great 18th birthday gift for him or she could be handmade chocolates which have special fillings of fruits or liquor or their favourite flavour. Yummy and special at the same time!

5. Handmade Items:

If you are good with drawings or crafts or anything that involves making something from scratch, you can always gift that. A hand-carved wooden box to store watches makes an ideal 18th birthday present for him.

6. Latest Gadgets:

For those who are really technology savvy and love new gadgets, a virtual reality headset or a smartwatch is ideal. They are perfect for people who enjoy being ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

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7. Books:

If the birthday girl or boy is fond of reading, you can also opt for a copy of their favourite book. It could be a general copy or something fancier, like a first edition. If budgets have no constraints, you can also think of presenting them with the complete works of their favourite author.

8. Salon or Spa Trip:

For someone who enjoys the finer things of life, a spa trip is an ideal 18th birthday gift for a birthday girl. It will not only give her some time to rejuvenate but also some time to ponder about “what next”.

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9. Hand Written Note:

This one is especially for parents. If you truly want your son/daughter to grow up and be a better person, what better way than imparting some life skills? Try writing a letter to your son/ daughter telling them everything that you wish someone had told you when you turned 18!

18th birthday marks a transition phase in everyone’s life, and what is better than to gift something that will not just be useful but will also be treasured by the receiver all their lives? Gift them something that is thoughtful and kind and will be there to remind them of happy memories.


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