Babies mean happiness. Everyone loves their babies and try to give them as best as possible in their whole life. From the time they have born, parents try to give him the best things they can afford and celebrates every birthday. While celebrating birthdays, one most important decision to make is that about gifts. 1st birthday is very special and everybody celebrates it grandly. Don’t need to get confused now. You will get some new gift ideas from this article. Check out them and get it for your little munchkin.

Best First Birthday Gifts:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 15 best 1st birthday gifts for boys and girls.

1. Baby’s First 12- Month Frame:

This is an amazing 1st birthday gift idea you can try. Photos are always fun and reminds you about some old beautiful. So, it is beautiful if you can take some good pictures of baby each month and present a 12-month photo frame. This is one of the best and memorable gift you can give for your baby.

2. Wooden Zebra Rocking Horse:

Zebra rocking horse is a unique first birthday gift you can give for your little one. This is a low rocking horse for younger riders. It is also designed with a small lip on the back of the seat and keeps zebra riders falling off the back. This is a cool looking rocking horse your baby will love.

3. Shape Sorting Bus:

Shape sorting bus is a beautiful 1st birthday gift idea for boys. They love vehicles and this is a colourful bus with 6 shapes to sort for. It will develop his identifying skills by matching colours and shapes. Your baby can take the bus and play with as they like. You can buy this cool colourful bus for your baby o his 1st birthday.

4. Personalized Wooden Baby Block:

This is a creative wooden block for baby’s first birthday. You can include his name, weight, height, birth date and personal messages. This is a handmade wooden block you can gift your baby to make his birthday memorable. He/she can keep it long and cherish the memories.

5. Piano Popping Fun:

This is an amazing 1st birthday gift you can get for your little one. This is a Piano which makes sound and while pressing each key star will rise into the air. It helps to develop babies motor skills, sensory learning and new exploration. It has many colours and babies will love the sound and the stars will make them smile.

6. Toasty Toez Character Slippers:

You can gift these cute animal face slippers to your baby on his 1st birthday. It has warm fleece lining inside and faux suede on the outside. This has a rubber sole as well. Your baby will love these slippers and he can start his walk by wearing these cute slippers. Even you can write the baby name also on the slippers.

7. Wooden Blocks:

Wooden blocks are always fun. This is different from ordinary wooden block. It has birds and animal on it and while the baby matches each piece he/she can create beautiful shapes. He can develop some constructive skills and he will be engaged by playing those wooden blocks. All the wooden pieces are made of good quality material and it will be strong as well. You can gift this for your daughter.

8. Twinkle Bright LED Sleep Well Canvas:

This is one of the best first birthday gift for girl. It is a unique idea where you can keep the canvas beside your baby’s cradle. It will light in the night and the baby will love that dim light at night. You can turn it On and Off using a remote control and the whole light is framed on a wooden frame.

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9. Travel Toy for Toddler:

Travel toy toddler is the best 1st birthday gift idea for girls. This is a good toy with which your baby can build her sensory abilities. It also helps to improve your baby’s motor skill and she can play with all those small locks if she wants to open it. Let her use her imagination by giving her this gift for her birthday.

10. Walker Toy for Boy:

This is a thoughtful 1st birthday gift for boys. This will help you the baby to move around the home and make him to improve his walk. You can get one with sounds, music, funny sounds etc. this is a wooden toy and is not that much lightweight. So, it helps your baby to balance easily while walking.

11. Cute Birthday Gift:

You can get this memorable first birthday gifts for your baby. This is a personalized one with her name with all her details like height, weight, date of birth and birth time. This is a cute toy baby can cherish the whole life. You will remember about everything related to a baby while seeing that toy.

12. Birthday Boy Bracelet:

This is a super cute 1 year old birthday gift that you can get for your 1 year old boy. This is a personalized chain bracelet on his first birthday. It is a stainless-steel bracelet and you can personalize it with baby name, date of birth etc. This is a stylish chain you can gift your baby.

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13. Musical Rhymes Book:

This is a suitable 1st birthday gift for boys. Babies love music and this music rhymes book is a very good gift. He will develop a music sense by hearing all those musical rhymes by opening each page. He will enjoy it well.

14. Train Money Box:

This is a glittering toy train you can give your baby for his first birthday. The train looks very cute and it can also use as a money box. Babies can play with coins when he gets a bit bigger. Beware of coins because they may put it in the mouth. Until then they can use it as a toy train.

15. Soft Seat for Baby:

This is a very useful gift that you can give to your baby for his/her first birthday. They will love it to play with it. They are so soft and babies can sit on it and play with the teddy shaped soft toys. Get this cute present for your kid with which he will play with it.

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These are some unique birthday gift ideas for your baby. When it is 1st birthday you need to get something special that he/she can keep for long. Some of them are long-lasting memories and some others are for them to play with it.

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