Every little thing babies do is unique and brings happiness. Right from their birth to growing up, every phase seems a milestone. Especially, the first birthday! We all want to make the day special, and so we bring you the 1st birthday gifts! Whether it is your own child, or your friend’s baby or your nephews and niece, or anyone, these first birthday gift ideas for both boys and girls are indeed special, unique, and beautiful.

If you are looking for perfect and lovely 1st birthday gifts to present, this one is a perfect and apt one to check out.

Best and Trending First Birthday Gifts Ideas:

Here we go, now let us go ahead and explore the most lovely, modern, and contemporary 1 year old birthday gifts choices and ideas to present.

1. Story Rhymes Musical Toy:


What better than musical toys, the ones kids love the most! These toys indeed are perfect for the first birthday; they love the mesmerizing and extraordinary attraction that these toys deliver. This one here is loaded with several rhymes, songs, and words, perfect for babies to have a learning experience and fun! We love this one in first birthday presents!

Specialty of the gift: Musical toys with rhymes, creating both fun, play, and learning experience

Whom to give: Niece, Nephews / Boys, and girls

2. Pool for Kids:


Most often, we notice the kids love playing around in the water. How about creating a swimming pool for our own infants? Isn’t the whole idea a fun concept? This lovely fun pool set up for kids as 1st birthday presents can be done in a matter of a jiffy, and they will absolutely love it too!

Specialty of the gift: Fun playing environment

Whom to give: Sons/daughters

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3. Stuffed Sitting Bag for Kids:


Just like we adults have our sitting bean bag, the kids to have this fun, lovely seating arrangement. This is especially attractive, given the delightful, fun, and cute look it comes along with! Check this one in memorable and best first birthday gifts and see if your kid will love it too; it will be all fun!

Specialty of the gift: Seating arrangement specially made for babies

Whom to give: Boys and girls

4. Backpack for Babies:


Just like us, kids too can have their own backpacks or bags to carry. As much as they gradually get attentive, they seek their own things observing adults, and this backpack carrier is perfect. It comes with fun and cute cartoon illustrations and will instantly light up their belongings with bright colors. What do you think of this fascinating birthday gift for 1 year child?

Specialty of the gift: Personal space for kids to keep their belongings

Whom to give: friend’s babies

5. Baby Shoes:


Aren’t these bunny slippers the most adorable? These baby shoes and slippers are super comfortable and cozy and bring on an attentive vibe. We bet your kid will love these when gifted. These baby 1st birthday gifts are also available in different colors and designs.

Specialty of the gift: Cute little slippers for baby legs

Whom to give: Boys/girls; sons/daughters

6. Baby Boy Outfit for Birthday:


How about gifting a perfect birthday dress and outfit to your boy? As they say, there is no more ideal present than outfits to mark and celebrate the first birthday! This lovely white and grey colorful mickey mouse outfit as a birthday gift for 1 year old boy is attractive and lovely!

Specialty of the gift: Cute and adorable 1st birthday gift ideas in the outfit

Whom to give: Sons / Boys

7. Baby Girl Outfit for Birthday:


Just like for boys, we too even have lovely baby girl dress for the first birthday! This pink color beautiful and mesmerizing frock dress marking the number one is ideal for turning one. How do you like this birthday gift for 1 year baby girl?

Specialty of the gift: First birthday marked dress for girls

Whom to give: Girls/Daughters

8. Words Book:


Kids are pretty attentive, and as many believe, the fast learning age is indeed around the same time as the first birthday. How about this words book to present on a particular day? This one is a perfect toy kind of knowledgeable gift, prepared with the help of learning experts to make the whole process fun and beautiful.

Specialty of the gift: Learning experience from the words book

Whom to give: Girls and Boys; Friend’s babies

9. Talking Animal Toys:


There is absolutely no limit at all to the number of toys babies can own. They absolutely adore them, especially the ones that can reciprocate or make the entire play fun. This talking animals toy is among the best-selling gift for babies. Check this out!

Specialty of the gift: Creating the fun process in playing atmosphere

Whom to give: Boys; nephews

10. LED Lights Stuffed Animal:


We have another girly and beautiful gift for girls – this studded LED lights animal. This is perfect for playing in dark places, at night, and during sleep times, bringing them a playful vibe and calm feel. This is perfect for baby girls’ birthday present.

Specialty of the gift: LED lights design playing toy

Whom to give: Girls

11. First-Year Birthday Frame:


What better gift than loading up all the memories of your baby till the first birthday in one frame? This first-year birthday frame is among the most popular and lovely gifts you can ever present to yourself and your baby to see once they grow up. This memorizes and brings together all the precious moments in each month in the most extraordinary manner.

Specialty of the gift: Bringing together all the memories from each month until the first year

Whom to give: Sons and Daughters

12. Learning Toy:


This is among another popular gift that falls under the category of learning toys. This lovely colorful stacking-up set is a perfect learning experience and makes it fun. Check out this unique one here. This is an excellent 1st birthday gift ideas for niece and nephew.

Specialty of the gift: Learning experience toy

Whom to give: Nephews and Niece

13. Cubes Set Toys:


Are you looking for a creative and enriching experience for kids? If so, this cube set toy for babies is perfect. This falls under learning toys that play through stacking the cubes on each other to create meaningful blocks that depict a particular design or element.

Specialty of the gift: Perfect to build early creative skills

Whom to give: Boys and Girls

14. Piano Toy:


The piano is among the most classic and versatile gifts, which has been a trend in the present birthday category ever since. How do you like this particular one? This is a beautiful birthday present choice for girls in their first year.

Specialty of the gift: Enhances musical talent and boosts brain development

Whom to give: Girls

15. Play Tent:


This travel-friendly play tent for babies is a perfect gift choice to create fun elements in your home space. This will create your own individual fun space for your baby and make them have a lot of fun with their own toys and playtime.

Specialty of the gift: own tent space that is travel friendly

Whom to give: Girls and boys

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16. Baby Bracelet:


How about a personalized gift for the first birthday? This baby bracelet comes with a customized name, bringing on a unique feel and lovely look overall. You can even customize it with names, initials, or symbols, as you wish. How do you like this unique personalized 1st birthday gifts choice?

Specialty of the gift: Customized feel by printing the name of the baby

Whom to give: Boys and Girls

17. Push Toys for Babies:


If you are searching for something more of a traditional gifting choice, the push toy options for the first birthday are perfect. This comes even with sound effects and brings on the enhanced manner of fun for fun and enthusiastic playtime. We love this one among special first birthday gifts.

Specialty of the gift: Fun and exciting play with a push toy

Whom to give: Boys

18. Rocking Horse:


This is another common yet classic gift choice for kids. The rocking horse gift is perfect for boys and girls to rock forward and backwards when they wish to be. It is easy to handle, lightweight, and requires no special efforts to assemble too.This is an attractive choice in 1st birthday gifts for girls and boys.

Specialty of the gift: Helps in coordination and brings on fun time

Whom to give: Boys and girls

19. Drum Set:


The drum set is the latest one in the trending toy ideas for kids birthdays. It is designed to give the impression of a real drummer and comes with bright LED lights that attract and interest kids. It works on batteries.

Specialty of the gift: Kids can learn sensory mechanisms from this toy and teaches them to sound development

Whom to give: Boys

20. First Footprint Bead:


This multipurpose first step bead is a perfect accessory as a bracelet and chain for the babies. Mark your baby’s first birthday as well as learning first footsteps with this jewelry choice. It is unique and will always remain special. We love this one among 1st birthday gift ideas for daughter.

Specialty of the gift: beautiful and charming accessory

Whom to give: Daughters

Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday:

How about checking the possible ideas that can work well and return gifts for those who attend the first birthday party? Well, we have some thoughts!

21. Assorted Colorful Mugs:


This is among the most practical return gifts ideal for presenting. They are perfect in looks, with colorful designs and prints too. Check this out, and you will like it too. Kids across ages can appreciate it, and they are long-lasting as well.

Specialty of the gift: Practical and durable return gift

Whom to give: All the children visiting the birthday party

22. Sunflower Keychains:


These return gift ideas are perfect for girls and kids. They come in bright yellow sunflower design in organza bags, with an overall lovely look and classic design. These are easily loved by children, as they are into floral designs and trends.

Specialty of the gift: Bright looking lovely sunflower design keychains

Whom to give: Girls

23. Rainbow Crayons:


We even have the beautiful crayons in rainbow designs and colors! Kids as such love unique and new things to play with, and they love drawing and figuring out new amazing things. These glittery rainbow crayons indeed are going to mesmerize them and teach them creativity.

Specialty of the gift: Creative and fun crayons

Whom to give: Boys and girls return gifts

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24. Goodie Bags:


You can even go with the contemporary way of presenting goodie bags as return gifts. One can include various gifts such as candies, favors and crafts, and this bag is indeed perfect with lovely and cute looks. It comes with a drawstring closure and adds to the bright look. You can even substitute this with 1st birthday gift baskets.

Specialty of the gift: Set of goodies in one bag

Whom to give: Boys and girls

25. Bee Gnome Chains:


We have another set of lovely keychains too as a return birthday present for the party. This beautiful and colorful ones are perfect for pleasing baby boys across age groups. Check it out!

Specialty of the gift: Versatile and colorful return gift

Whom to give: Boys

We hope you enjoyed exploring these lovely and unique 1st birthday gifts and gift ideas to boys and girls. These baby gifts are perfect for making the day unique and memorable; cherish all lifelong. What do you think of them? Let us know your thoughts too!

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