2 Months Old Baby – Weight, Care, Development, & Milestones

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OK, so your baby is 2 months old. Some changes are about to come to the way baby behaves, acts, interacts, sleeps, eats, etc. Two months old also means that your baby is slowly growing and this is a sign of development. This article will take you i detail through some of the possible changes in baby that you should study properly if you’re a first timer. This article will be really beneficial to the first time mother.

2 Months Old Baby

2 Months Old Baby Weight:

Now that your baby is 2 months old, he or she is growing slowly. And the weight is also increasing steadily. It should be kept in mind that the baby is supposed to have a steady weight growth of 1-2 pounds per month. The weight should be calculated like this for the first six months. Such weight should only be the result of mother’s breast milk and nothing else. If there are any changes in such weight growth then it will the right time to consult a professional regarding the baby weight gain matter. (the baby will grow on a steady basis as per 112-200 grams per week)

2 Months Old Baby Care:

Baby care is one of the most important things required to make the baby grow. The baby will grow only if there is proper are is taken of him or her. There will be only inputs at this stage. You won’t see an probable outcomes but you will still have keep faith in the process of development. The first few months will only be a one sided affair. The mother has to keep faith in the process, as this is how this works. The smile of the baby will reduce your stress and motivate to work more to keep the baby happy. Care also includes timely feeding and using proper things recommended by the doctor to bathe it and use the right lotions for moisturizing the baby. This is one of the most important steps that should be kept in mind when you are willing to take proper care of the baby. The baby should not be exposed to too much sun light and should not be kept in highly air conditioner rooms. The internal organs of the baby are very tender and weak during this time. They will grow properly leading to a healthy life for the baby only if proper care is taken.

2 Months Old Baby Feeding:

Feeding the baby is always one of the most important factors determining the development of the baby. The baby is growing and there will increased signs of hunger. The only thing you will have to do is keep a track of those signs and understand them and feed the baby accordingly. Always try to follow their lead when it comes to feeding. The baby should be fed from both breasts as well. An alternative technique of feeding the baby from the breasts can be adopted. It is better to consult someone experienced in your family in this matter. The baby will sometimes require overnight feeding which means you will be loosing sleeps as well. Some of the babies need to fed almost 5-6 hours between nights. The parents will obviously loose some sleep and one of the best ways to fight that is to sleep some hours extra during the previous weeks. This technique is adopted by almost all mothers.

2 Months Old Baby Sleep:

Sleep is one of the most basic needs of the 2 months old baby. The patterns of sleep will change obviously. There are sleep days and there will be days when the baby will not want to sleep at all. During the sleep days the baby ill sleep around 1-3 hours and that will be enough. If proper sleep is not provided the baby will become grumpy. Some measures are needed to be taken by the parents. The room should be properly decorated so that the baby gets proper sleep during those times. There should not be exposure to disturbing noise which might wake the baby and thus causing reduction in sleep hours. One should remember that sleep is also required for proper growth.

2 Months Old Baby Development:

Development is the milestone factor. There will be some eye catching and breathtaking developments in the baby at this time. The baby will be undergoing some serious developments. The baby will be moving his eyes and lips and smiling as well to some actions. The development is almost similar in both boys and girls.

The 2 months old baby will adopt some serious behavioral changes such as chances of moving. The baby will try to move his or her limbs and this one of the best developments that one cane expect. Mature nervous system is one of the primary signs of development of the 2 months old baby. Developmental signs also includes

Keeping the baby safe an secure is always an important issues when it comes to proper growth. The baby should not be exposed any harm causing elements such as sharp and pointed stuffs. The baby should be surrounded with cotton pillows and there should be proper protection during sleeping so that even if the baby tries to roll it doesn’t fall.

2 Months Old Baby Foods and Toys & Milestones:

The baby should still bed dependent on the mother’s breast milk and on something else only if recommended by the doctor. When it comes toys, the baby should be provided with soft toys and colorful ones which will make him happy at once. As long as milestones is the issue, there will be signs of voluntary reflexes.

2 months old baby shows some eye catching behaviors which are shown in this article. If you’re a first time mother then it is time that you make yourself aware with some of the most important facts regarding the two months old baby discussed here.