20 dots rangoli designs are a very special type of rangoli that is created for a large area. This rangoli gives you the chance to make intricate designs and themes that look spectacular. The 20 dots square are easy to replicate on the corners as well.

Best 20 Dots Rangoli Designs with Images:

Let’s find the top 5 best 20 dot rangolis designs with images. Trying these designs gives the best appreciation from others.

1. Geometric Designs with 20 Dots:

The 20 dots rangoli is a very intricate design that looks good on a large scale. You can do this for some festive occasions. The rangoli can be made with geometric designs as well. The floral touch can be achieved the geometric sikku design. Four sides can also be made in the same way. This particular rangoli design you will use many colours, based on you can choose the right colours that will make the rangoli look bright and beautiful.

2. Colourful Rangoli with 20 Dots:

One of the most popular rangoli with 20 by 20 dots is when the rangoli is filled with colour. The colourful rangolis are the most wanted ones especially for festivals or even for kolam competitions. You can make this large rangoli by replicating a pattern on the four corners. Here a wonderful flower is replicated on the corners with a different flower in the centre. The colour combination is based on a single theme. So you can easily make this and change the colour scheme according to your choice. Try making different flowers and leaves.

3. Black and White Rangoli with 20 Dots:

Most women love to make the simple rangoli on a daily basis. This does not include any colour. You have to use only white colour on the floor against the black background. This white colour is very impressive and looks elegant in the floral designs. The 20 chukkala muggulu and the 20 dots kolam are all types of these simple rangolis. Here you will see the rangoli is perfect with a central image and then the rose flower is made on all three sides. The conch is also done here as it represents the religious items.

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4. Divya Rangoli with 20 Dots:

A Divya rangoli is a traditional type of rangoli that you can make with 20 dots. This type of rangoli has the main objects done using the rhombus shape. The rangoli with 20 dots is an easy way to achieve a large rangoli. This way you can make four Divyas with a flower of the centre and then use it on all four corners as well. This rangoli can be done by using a continuous stream of white powder to achieve the whole design or by making Divya, flowers and some geometric shapes. The 20 dots rangoli designs are a great way to show off your art skills.

5. Flowers & Butterflies Rangoli with 20 Dots:

Try out this outstanding rangoli which is really an amazing design. The rangoli is made of flowers and butterflies. The wonderful layout of the objects makes this rangoli really stand out. You can add bright colours to this rangoli and make this for some special occasion. You can make this 20 dot kolangal for a rangoli competition and you are sure to win a prize. This rangoli is very unique if you compare with other rangoli. The way in which the group of flowers and the butterflies are placed four sides of the rangoli is very special.

Rangoli using 20 dots is beautiful and easy. The themes you can try are floral, geometric, animal, etc. You can make any of the designs that can be replicated easily.


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