The beginning of another decade in your married life is unique, indeed. This new juncture can be marked with gifts that befit the occasion. China is the traditional symbol for the 20th Wedding Anniversary, while Platinum is the modern symbol for the same – Both do their job of depicting your love and care for your better half. Here we have some 35 unique 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas for the couple, him, her, friends and parents. Choose items that are based in China or platinum for that perfect day.

Table Of Content:

  1. 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Husband
  2. Twentieth Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Wife
  3. 20th Marriage Anniversary Present Ideas For The Couple
  4. Unique 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents
  5. 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Friends
  6. Best 20th Wedding Anniversary presents And Ideas
  7. How To Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary And How To Present A Gift
  8. Things To Do For 20th Marriage Anniversary

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Husband:

20 years of togetherness is a symbol of love and how strong you have grown together. Here are some unique 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him to show how special and important he is in your life.

1. Platinum Bracelet Or A Platinum Wedding Ring:

Is your hubby fond of jewellery? This platinum bracelet or platinum wedding ring can be a perfect gift for your loved one, which will symbolise the decade of love and togetherness.

2. Personalised Crystal With Photo:

A personalised round crystal with your beautiful couple photo can be a nice table piece for your room or office, depicting your love as well as marking your relationship achievement. There are a lot of gift stores that can customise such crystals for you.

3. Platinum Rose Flower:

A platinum day lily flower will genuinely symbolise your love on the 20th wedding anniversary. The day lily is the symbolic flower for 20th anniversary, while platinum is the modern symbol of the same a combination of the two can make a unique gift. If, however, the day lily is not available in platinum, you can still go for a rose, as it always symbolises love.

4. A Bunch Of Fresh Daylilies:

The Daylilies are symbolic of the platinum anniversary and can honestly speak about your love without any words. They are an apt gift for the 20th Anniversary, especially for the one who is fond of flowers.

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5. Platinum Ring:

A platinum ring with or without the emerald stone fitted in the middle will be apt for the 20th wedding anniversary. Both platinum, as well as emerald, are symbolic of the 20th wedding anniversary, and thus a combination of the two can make a wonderful gift for your beloved.

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Twentieth Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Wife:

6. Platinum Pendant With Emerald Stone:

A piece of jewellery is the best friend of any woman. Surprise your wife by gifting her a platinum pendant with an emerald stone in the middle – genuinely symbolic of your 20th wedding anniversary.

7. Platinum Ring With An Emerald Stone:

A platinum bracelet or wedding ring with or without emerald stone is also a nice option for a 20th wedding anniversary gift for her.

8. Day Lily Themed Bracelet:

Day Lily, as we all know, symbolises the 20th wedding Anniversary. What could be a better gift than getting a day lily embossed in a platinum bracelet? Your partner who loves jewellery will love this symbolic bracelet.

9. Platinum-Plated Rose:

A platinum-plated eternity rose, marking your relationship goal achievement, is an excellent way to cherish your love.

10. Bone China Tea Pot:

A personalised bone china teapot of Mr and Mrs With the anniversary date printed on it is a nice way to gift someone on their anniversary. Every morning while having their tea, they will fondly remember you as well as their memorable day.

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20th Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas For The Couple:

11. Personalised Wine Bottle:

A personalised wine with the name and anniversary of the lovely couple could be a great gift for the ones who enjoy wine. It could even make a beautiful gift for the showcase or the home bar.

12. Original Newspaper:

An original newspaper dated back to the year of the wedding with a beautiful cover can make a wonderful gift for the lovely couple, reminding them of their wonderful wedding day.

13. Personalised Whiskey Tumblers:

Does the couple for whom you are looking for a 20th Anniversary gift fond of Whiskey or a drink on the go? Then consider gifting them a personalised whiskey tumbler with their name and anniversary date embossed on it.

14. Couple Spa Vouchers:

Pamper the lovely couple by gifting them a couple of spa vouchers. This will give them a fine opportunity of spending some quality time together and also to relax and rejuvenate.

15. Personalised Print Letter Tiles:

Personalised print letter tiles can mark a beautiful gift for a couple on their 20thWedding anniversary. It’s a nice way of marking your journey and framing it.

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Unique 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents:

16. Photo Canvas:

A Customised photo canvas with memories of 20 years will be a perfect gift for parents on the 20th wedding anniversary. You can customise it according to their life journey and achievements that they’ll cherish for life.

17. Family Tree:

A family tree depicts your family story and the love story of your parents. It is a wonderful gift for parents, and research says it is one of the most cherished gifts that parents can have.

18. Personalised Pillow Cover:

The personalised pillow cover can be a memorable gift for parents on their 20th wedding anniversary. Especially when it comes to grandchildren, it is a reason to celebrate.

19. Coffee Mug:

A coffee mug with a personalised message and photo is a beautiful gift for your parents or grandparents which can fit well into your budget also. Though inexpensive, being personalised, it has many feelings and love bonds in it.

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20. Personalised Print:

Personalised print with a beautiful message on the 20th wedding anniversary. This can be customised the way you want. A lot of collage ideas can be found online also, and most gift stores can print them for you.

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20th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Friends:

21. Personalised Champagne Flutes:

Engraved crystal champagne flutes can make a perfect 20th-anniversary gift for friends, especially for the ones who enjoy drinking.

22. Funny 20th Anniversary T-Shirt:

A T-Shirt with a funny message printed can be a hilarious gift for your friends to make their special day memorable. There are different quotes and ideas available online that you can get printed on the T-shirt.

23. Personalised Premium Belgian Chocolates:

Chocolates make a great gift for any occasion, and when it comes to chocolates, Belgian Chocolates are the hot favourite. How about gifting a personalised premium Belgian Chocolate pack?

24. Day Lily Bouquet:

A bouquet of daylilies symbolising the 20th wedding anniversary. Bouquets form a great gift for any anniversary, and you can beautifully symbolise the 20th wedding Anniversary by adding day Lily’s to them.

25. Swarovski Crystal:

A stunning Swarovski crystal gift with little emerald dangling can make a great gift occasion specific. Emerald symbolises the 20th wedding anniversary, and adding the emerald stone will definitely make it a great gift.

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Best 20th Wedding Anniversary presents And Ideas:

Let’s find herewith described the top 20 best 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him and her.

26. Bone China Plate:

Look at this dazzling bone china plate that commemorates the 20th wedding anniversary. This bone china plate is decorated with wishes for the anniversary and includes a huge green emerald as well. Gift this to your spouse to mark your big day. This one is a perfectly easy, meaningful gift for your loved one.

27. Platinum Ring:

Recreate the wedding day by gifting this gorgeous platinum ring studded with diamonds. The 20th anniversary will be memorable and unique with this lovely ring. She is sure to adore this ring with all its beauty and grace. Platinum is the best option when you choose a ring for your dear one, it’s a very heart-touching moment in your life. Get this ring to appreciate your dear for being supportive in your life.

28. Custom Mugs:

Get this custom mug made from bone china for your spouse on the 20th anniversary. This cool mug has excellent colours on it and marks the anniversary with animal prints. You can customise it to have the names of the couple too. You will get a good print on these mugs, so try the online store option for this gifting choice.

29. China Set:

Gift your wife this vintage bone china set that has cups, saucers, and plates. This delicately decorated china set is perfect for entertaining. You will get set in six bunches with proper gifting material. Get this to impress your lovely wife. It makes a beautiful 20thanniversary gift that your wife will be thankful for. Choose from the range of lovely vintage collections for the perfect set.

30. Platinum Bracelet:

This stunning bracelet set with diamonds will make any heart go weak. Gift your wife this dazzling beauty, and she will love you forever. This 20th wedding anniversary gift is so striking that it will make any attire complete. It is great for occasions and functions as well. Platinum gives an outstanding touch to your wedding anniversary evening.

31. Platinum Watch for Him:

Don’t leave him behind in the stunning gifts for the anniversary. This striking platinum watch for him is just the perfect gift to celebrate the day. The 20th-anniversary gift gets dazzling and bright with this useful gift that looks formal.

32. Personalised Tea Pot:

Make mornings bright and lovely with this wonderfully personalised teapot that marks the 20th anniversary. The pot can be painted with the names of the couple. These are useful 20th-anniversary gift ideas to give to either your wife or husband.

33. Platinum Currency Clip:

This cool platinum currency clip is sleek and elegant. The clip can be engraved, too, to give it a personal touch. This 20-anniversary gift is precious and useful also. It makes the gift look sophisticated and grand.

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34. Platinum Pendant:

Make your wife swoon over you by gifting this lovely platinum heart pendant. The pendant is studded with tiny diamonds in the centre. This makes a gorgeous gift that can be worn daily or on occasion.

The 20th wedding anniversary gift theme is china and platinum. You will get more collections in the full range of platinum gifting ideas. You can gift several different types of items in this category.

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How To Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary And How To Present A Gift:

20 years of togetherness is a big reason to celebrate. The combination of colours, items, and themes marking the 20th Wedding anniversary is the best way of symbolising this journey of love. Bone China is the traditional symbol, while platinum is the modern symbol of the 20th wedding Anniversary. Besides, the emerald stone and day lily flower also go with 20th Anniversary. So to celebrate the 20th Anniversary, the following things can be done on the anniversary day:

  1. Begin the day by gifting a bouquet of daylilies.
  2. Surprise your partner with platinum jewellery with an emerald stone.
  3. Gifting a bone china gift also symbolises the 20th wedding Anniversary.

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Things To Do For 20th Marriage Anniversary:

  • Begin the day with a nice breakfast together or by enjoying a cosy morning staying up late in bed.
  • Go for a movie date or pamper each other with a couple of.
  • Surprise your partner with a beautiful gift symbolising the 20th wedding anniversary.
  • End the day with a private candlelight dinner or a nice family dinner.

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A 20th wedding Anniversary gift is a memorable one as it marks the impressive milestone earned by the two people in their lives of spending 20 years together — gift something unique that symbolises that milestone achieved and will be cherished for life.


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