With the gold prices rocketing sky high, everyone is on a gold shopping spree! If you are planning to buy gold for investment purposes, then picking bangles is a good idea. Along with giving you a good ROI, 22-carat gold bangles also serve practical purposes. You can wear them every day or stack different designs for special occasions. These gorgeous pieces of jewellery adorn the hands of women of all age groups and sizes. From traditional 4 piece bangle sets to baby bangles, we have collected some of the best designs just for you. Read along to explore the latest 22 Carat bangle designs with pictures.

Latest and Beautiful Models of Bangles Made With 22k Gold:

Let us look into having some best designs in 22ct gold bangles for special occasions in India.

1. 22 Carat Designer Bangle Set of 2:


Here is a multi-purpose bangle set of 2, which works both as everyday and occasional wear jewellery. The bangles are machine-crafted to perfection to give a smooth and flawless finish. A unique combination of circles and three-line patterns with a textured surface adds an attractive look to your hands. You can also wear them as handcuffs with western wear to create an experimental look.

  • Design: 22K Plain Gold Machine Bangle
  • Weight: 57.42 gms
  • Occasion: Festivals, Weddings and Social Gatherings.

2. 22 Carat Gold Single Fancy Bangle:


Here is a gorgeous 22 Carat bangle design that is as unique as your radiant personality! The design exudes sophistication and elegance to set you apart from the crowd. Layers of gold links are arranged in a sliding fashion to create this statement bangle. The best part about owning this piece is that you can wear it on many outfits without pairing it with other jewellery. This single golden Kangan is all you need to earn tons of compliments!

  • Design: 22K Dariya Gold Bangle
  • Weight: 19.05gms
  • Occasion: Evening Parties, Brunches, Reception

3. 22 Carat Gold Bangles Set of 4:


This set of 4 bangles in 22 Carat purity is ideal for women who prefer sticking to conventional designs. The bangles have a smooth inner surface and a textured outer surface for a shiny effect. Alternate patterns of lines and florals adorn these beauties to add a special touch. You can also customize the set to 2 or 6 bangles depending on your requirement. On days like festivals and weddings, mix them with some colourful Gudi to create a stunning look on your hands.

  • Design: Gold Bangles in 22 Carat
  • Weight: 53.18 gms
  • Occasion: Everyday wear, Festivals, Weddings

4. 22 Carat Motif Stone Bangle:


Check out this contemporary style gold bangle which perfectly suits the taste of modern women! The single bangle features minimalistic motifs all over the outer surface. Tiny white CZ stones add an element of shine to this piece. This versatile 22 Carat gold bangle goes very well with both traditional and western wear ensembles. It is an ideal pick for daily wear and can be easily paired with other bangles too.

  • Design: The Motif Adorned Bangle
  • Weight: 13.63 gms
  • Occasion: Casual, Everyday Wear and Office wear

5. 22K Traditional Gold Bangle by Tanishq:


No ethnic look is complete without wearing a statement traditional gold bangle. Here is one such design which beautifully blends the traditions with modernity. The thick, gold Kangan is adorned with Rubies and Emerald to match most of your Indian outfits. It radiates an old-world charm that reminds us of the sartorial choices of Royal women. From festivals to weddings, this exquisite piece covers all your occasions!

  • Design: 22 Karat Yellow Gold Traditional Bangle studded with Rubies and Emeralds
  • Weight: 19.05 Gms
  • Occasion: Festivals, Weddings, Religious Events

6. 22 K Mesh Pattern Gold Bangle Set:


This pair of 22 Karat gold bangles is an instant conversation starter. The 19mm wide bangle design features a Jaali pattern inspired by the works of traditional Kaarigars. You can be assured of a smooth finish thanks to the high-precision machine work. That’s not all! Hints of rhodium enamel add a dual-tone look to the bangle, making it an irresistible piece. You can either wear one bangle on each hand or add come to colourful Kangan in between to form a festive set.

  • Design: Lattice Mesh Gold Bangle
  • Weight: 34.51gms
  • Occasion: Weddings, Festivals, Reception

7. 22 Carat Antique Bangle Set:


This antique gold bangle set is a dream come true for many women who love vintage jewellery. True to its name, the metal has a deep yellowish-brown tone to give it an old-world look. The intricate detailling on the bangle serves as a reminder of the grandeur of the past. Traditional stones like rubies and emeralds elevate the look of these bangles and give them an authentic regal feel.

  • Design: 22 Carat Antique Bangles
  • Weight: 59.65gms
  • Occasion: Weddings, Bridal Wear, Festivals

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8. 22 Carat 5-Layer Gold Bangle Design:


Take a look at this 5-layer gold bangle design that exudes luxury from every angle. The 22 Carat plain gold bangles are ideal for women who want to look exceptionally grand and attractive at special events. When you wear these solid bangles, there is absolutely no need for you to worry about layering or to pair them with other jewellery. Each Churi works as a statement piece to give you a dazzling look.

  • Design: Solid Gold Bangle Set
  • Weight: 24.49 gms (Each)
  • Occasion: Weddings, Bridal Wear, Festivals

9. 22 Carat Baby Gold Bangles:


Gift your baby these adorable gold bangles that she can treasure for the rest of her life. The adjustable bangle design is an excellent idea, considering how fast babies grow. These Kadas fit from infant age to toddlers with just a minor adjustment. The exceptionally smooth finish causes no harm to the delicate skin of your babies. The best part is the unisex design that makes them suitable even for little boys!

  • Design: 22 Karat Yellow Gold Bangle Set For Babies
  • Weight: 11gms (approx)
  • Occasion: Naming Ceremony, Birthdays etc.

10. 22 Carat Gold Statement Bangle Design:


Check out this stunner of a gold bangle designed for every woman who is a queen in her own way! The 4.5 mm X 18.5 mm (height X width) bangle is all you need to steal the show! This partywear gold bangle features exquisite detailing with floral and leaf patterns that display impeccable skill and craftsmanship. You can have just this one single bangle in your jewellery box that works with all your outfits and almost all occasions!

  • Design: Prasasthi Gold Bangle
  • Weight: 16.66gms (approx)
  • Occasion: Weddings, Bridal wear, Religious Events

11. 22 Karat Gold Meenakari Gold Bangles:

A beautiful collection of bangles set of four thin bangles and two Kada bangles on the ends look brilliant when designed with the exclusive art of meenakari in jewellery. The 22 k gold bangles meenakari design will set beautifully with any traditional outfit.

12. 22k Gold Bangles Set with Kadas:

A set of 8 bangles and 2 kadas with a beautiful traditional design of crated jewellery can be seen in the 22 ct gold bangles from the traditional Indian craftsmen collection. The beautiful and fine designs on the bangles reflect the challenging craftwork Indian jewellery craftsmen show.

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13. 22 Karat Gold Filigree Patta Bangles:

Kadas are the simplest yet out, showing designs of bangles worn by Indian women even on regular days. The kadas are broad bangles that also are beautifully crafted in 22-carat gold bangles. The filigree patta work on the bangles looks incredible.

14. 22 Karat Gold Pearl Bangles:

Amazing art with the combination of pearls stud in 22kt gold bangles set. Beautiful not so broad Kada bangles can be made with pearls stud eventually between the gold craftwork on bangles. Kadas can be made with screw attachments for the easy wear of the bangles on hand.

15. 22 Karat Jodha Akbar Bangles:

The new rend of jewellery always reflect its design from ancient art. The Jodha Akbar jewellery is famous for its unique designs. Bold patterns and polished gold with simple yet exclusive designs make the jewellery outstanding. A 22-carat bangle Kada set of an irregular round shape with beautiful design on the surface is just what one needs to glam up with.

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Beautiful filigree works in bangles have made its highest place among the designer 22k gold bangles. The diamond stud bangles and meenakari work on bangles have been all-time favourites. Bangles today have not only remained with the same old round shape. But a variety of shapes have been given to the bangles, like the square shape, irregular twisted shapes, wavy shapes and many incredible designs that suit the eyes for the next jewellery shopping.

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