22 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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The joy of parenthood often is trailed by a long line of turmoil in the past few months. As they say it is a two man deal, the parents first decide whether or not to bring a new life to this world. Pregnancy is oh so much different for every other people. While for second or third mothers it can be as simple as picnic on a sunny day while for others it can be a whirlwind of nightmares, especially for first time mothers. Even though in the pregnancy books the happy mother’s flaunting their belly bump look perfectly saturated in bliss, real life can be a bit different to those glossy papers.

22 weeks of pregnancy

There the mothers look perfect with a radiant shine but in reality you see a new brown patch in your face every day. There the mothers might look perfect with a big munching hamburger and here you desperate control to eat fast food overpowers your desire to satisfy hunger. But the nightmare does not even start there. It is usually the sleepless nights and often mood swings followed by depression and fear. The strict diet chart compiled with hourly procedures to a better pregnancy. The frequent run-ins with the doctors and the carefulness stopping you from having fun on your girls night out are some of the challenges the motherhood is bound to bring.

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When the baby is first formed it is called a blastocyst which then is a simple ball of life that happens to travel through the mothers fallopian tube and attach itself to the ovary wall also known as placenta of the mother. It is here that the baby nourishes itself from the mother and grows into an embryo and then into a fetus. Finally after the 40 weeks he is brought to the world as a new life. Within these 40 weeks the baby turns from a speck of life to a fully functioning complex nervous system included flesh and meat of a human and thus is the miracle of life.

What to Think About This Week:

For most mothers, they work through this problem easily once the everyday routine sinks in. there is of course the love and support of her family members and of course her little baby who too with months learns to cooperate with the mother. The early morning sickness is now slowly being replaced with snoring because of estrogen rise in your body. However you notice your sleepless nights turning fruitful. Slowly you see yourself adjusting to the new set of rules and paying heed to your baby’s desires. A good nine months makes this bond with your baby stronger than ever. However this good nine months is counted in a weekly form where 40 weeks makes up the nine months.

Fetal Development of the Baby:

These 40 weeks are categorized into three sections- the first second and third trimester based on the fact that the baby develops slowly with each trimester showing different steps of development. Week 22 falls under the second trimester and this are the highlights of this week.

Blood Functions:

At around this time the baby’s liver is now starting to work fully with him producing urine filtered by the liver. But the main highlight of the week is your baby’s own red blood. All this weeks he has been nourishing himself with your share of blood and by the 22nd week, the baby can produce his own red blood cell. These red blood cells then are needed to be broken down by enzymes which miraculously by now has started production in your baby’s body. Then comes the question of the energy cells broken down from the red blood cells. Bilirubin can now be produced by your baby.

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Sense Alert:

By the 22nd week you as a mother have already crossed the midpoint mark and so is your baby. Your baby is now halfway formed and functioning like a shiny new penny. His acute mesh network of nerves inside his body has formed and grown. The nerve connectors, myelins have started sending quick impulses to the brain and this is why his senses are gradually developing. Yawn and facial features like smiling can be noticed. In the other big news his grip is getting stronger as his eye sight improves and he becomes careful of your voice familiarizing himself.

Her Movements:

By the 22nd week one can easily determine the gender of the baby which is totally something the doctor’s leave to the parents will. But what can be caught in the ultrasound is your baby slowly coming to life. The ultrasound might catch images of her rolling about changing positions and even sleeping in her favorite position. Certain movements can be noticed such as her touching her face or sucking her thumb or smiling or frowning etc.

Baby Growth:

By the 22nd week she has formed into an individual being resembling a mini form of her mother or father. Her face is distinct now and her teeth buds and gums are strengthening. Her heart beat now can be heard clearly and she weighs a good 1 pound now. His finger and toe nails are formed and so is his eyes however the iris is not yet formed.

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In this stage, the baby will evolve a lot all the internal organs of the baby will start to work by now. The functioning of the liver and the kidney will be started; wastes will be filtered by kidney and liver will start to produce red blood cells. The lungs will begin to intake oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. The Heart will also start functioning; the heart beat can be heard with the stethoscope on mother’s stomach. The nervous system is developed in this stage mass interconnection of nerves occurs in the body. Brain’s function will also be developed.


It is the time where the bones began to develop and get stronger structure. The baby is now getting ability to move its organs not like the movements in early stage but the movements now will be different and clearly notable. As the baby, now has developed bones and joints its tail bones starts to degrade. The most important thing to keep in mind for your condition and your baby’s at this stage is a maintained calcium intake. Intake of dairy product and foods that are rich in calcium is important as the baby needs more calcium for bones development.

Symptoms of 22nd Week Pregnancy and How to Overcome:

The Mother this week might feel:


By now your little baby is using up all your energy cells and nutrients in your body and before your body could regenerate the energy cells, more is consumed. This causes a weird scenario where the baby’s instant feeding piled with the rise in female hormone levels causes a bad case of indigestion. Don’t pop in meds just like that since the baby inside you might be exposed to the harsh chemicals. Consult your doctor and wait for his expert advice.


The mother at this time might feel a bit tender at around stretched area. this includes the abdomen region mostly but at times it might also be your breasts that might sore a little. To overcome the situation and stretch marks on a whole, don’t forget your usual remedy- olive oil and body massages. Sometimes, cold compress help as well.


It’s most common to have more vaginal discharge in pregnancy. It is harmless and it is not so different from the discharge before pregnancy. Normal vaginal discharge is known as leucorrhoea. It is the musky-smelling fluid that keeps the vagina clean. The vaginal discharge has no ways to overcome it and it has a chance of infection. It is advised to keep it clean and hygienic. There are some key points to keep in mind as follows

  • Keeps the genetical area clean and dry.
  • Use water when washing with unscented soap.
  • Avoid using perfumed bubble bath or vaginal deodorants.
  • Avoid using scented wipes.

During the discharge, there may also be swelling in the pelvic region which can become into control by applying ice packs in the swelled region. Wear a free and loose underwear which will reduce the stress in the tissue and relax the soreness and pelvic area


It is difficult to overcome the snoring during pregnancy. A survey tells that a quarter of pregnant women are suffering from regular snoring and 25% reported occasionally. The nasal strip is the best way to have calm sleep without the annoying partner.


Being pregnant many women are feeling ungainly, especially in last few months. The increased size of belly changes the centre of gravity when carrying weight more than the normal. The swelling of feet and legs may also happen due to the loss of abdominal strength. In order to overcome the situation just relax as much as you can when you make time. And you may be advised to learn working considering centre of gravity

22nd Week Activities:

By the time it’s the 22nd week, you will want to calm the overwhelming spirits around, and focus on the next few weeks. But, that is never the case. You will find yourself struggling with all the work dilemmas, anxiety, and hormonal changes. It is better to have more exercise and regular check-up. It is advised to take more rest than usual time and take care of yourself.

Diet and Exercise for the 22nd Week:-


  1. Water is your friend. You have to keep yourself hydrated, since it will keep both you and the baby healthy and well nourished. Besides, your baby needs all the nutrients she can while inside.
  2. Keep your health monitored and your diet rich in protein. It is the 22nd week now, and you need everything for the development and health of your child. Lean meat is rich in protein, however not the only source. Tofu does equal justice being a vegetable product.
  3. The power of salad is something you cannot deny. From cabbages to tomatoes, carrots and beets, everything likes fiber and omega 3 fatty acids get included in your diet with these fresh vegetables. Do avoid pickles and olives for your dressing, since these have heightened sodium content.
  4. Food like banana, spinach, lentils and grapes are rich in iron. Now is the peak time for your child’s development and he needs all the nutrients in the making. Iron supplements won’t be enough.
  5. Smoothies are a good choice for a change, when you feel nauseous and want to solve a food craving that would make you kill for a sweet. Banana and pomegranate with strawberries are a good idea.


  • Pelvic stretches are as effective as it gets in making sure you have a normal delivery. This exercise relaxes the pelvic area, much as the name suggests. The stretches can be done with the pillow, ball or a chair.
  • Although deep squats are soon to be prohibited in your condition, it is still safe this week. So, before you lose your shape, make the most out of it.
  • Yoga calms your nerves and helps you relax. This makes sure your endurance power gets a boost and your delivery is a comfortable one.
  • Pelvic Rest most important to ensure flexibility in the pelvic area which is already stressed.The center of gravity should be maintained with a pillow or a cushion is a key caution for exercise.
  • For the 22nd week of pregnancy, the stretch marks are formed due to the rapid weight gain. Cycling as the weight loss regime is the best way to counteract with those marks.

Sex during Pregnancy in 22nd Week:

Don’t worry about your baby. He is just as safe as he should be in your sac. A little intimacy is needed at this stage, now that you and your partner will soon share a kid. If amidst all the mood swings and bad health, your romantic moods gives a wakeup call, there is no reason to say no.

Tips To Overcome Stress During Pregnancy:

  • It is very vulnerable at this stage it is better to take rest and it is hard to take rest but you deserve a breakthrough for yourself.
  • Plan ahead for each week. By the weekend, it would be time to list out the next week activities. This gives you a ground to hold and your stress is reduced.
  • Do not ever stress out about how someone else had an entirely different symptom. Always know that every pregnancy is different and the way you react to the same will be different as well.
  • If you know the sex of your child, now is the time to shop for the baby clothes. This gives you a better hold of your situation, reducing stress about what to do in the weeks to come.

Medical Treatments and Checkup:

Most medical checkups will be very routine and given you have been doing them since the last few weeks now, it will be a procedure. The deformities and the position of the baby are found with the tests. Few symptoms are counteracted with some of medicines that has no effect on the baby and not reacting with the pregnancy. Some of these drugs are:

Some of These Drugs are:

  • Fever- Paracetamol or Acyclovir
  • Heartburn- Antacids
  • Constipation- Do avoid Laxatives and Mineral Oil.You can take drugs like Metamucil
  • Cough- Dextromethorphan

Tips and Precautions:-

  1. Your baby bump is bigger now, and with that comes the responsibility of adjusting your center of gravity.
  2. Do not go on a diet seeing your weight loss. Being pregnant will make you gain weight, it is but natural.
  3. Underweight children a symptom of a woman who did not get enough sleep through the months. Rest all you can and then some more.
  4. Intake of some medicines may affect the pregnancy hence it is advised to consult a doctor to take medicine.
  5. Try talking to your partner about everything you know so far and analyze all the precautions you need to exercise.

It has been almost 5 months technically speaking. One thing you can make sure for a good time in your pregnancy is that you stay as happy as you can the whole time. This not only keeps you free from stress, but also allows you to relax and unwind as you get ready for your bundle of joy to arrive.