22 weeks pregnant ladies are often asked the questions like, “How are you today, all good??” or something like, “How is the baby inside your tummy doing?” Answers to all such questions are often mentioned as, “I’m good” and “Yes, I can now clearly feel the baby’s movements.” But deep inside, we all know that you are interested to know precisely what your baby is up to this week. Or if you are 22 weeks pregnant, what to expect.

Well, well, well, control your excitement as this piece of information might surprise you more, and it will make you more cautious about several facts and things you can do and things you should avoid. This article hopefully will serve you like a piece of knowledge as we will also update you with the diet plan that is to be followed along with a couple of tips and precautions that you should take care of!! So, are you ready to be known about the baby’s growth this week?? Find out more through 22 weeks pregnant pictures.

Table of content:

  1. Months & Trimester Indicating for 22 Weeks Pregnant
  2. Physical And Psychological Changes in 22 Week Pregnant lady (Symptoms)
  3. 22 Weeks Pregnant Baby size & Weight
  4. Baby & Belly looks like in 22 Weeks Pregnancy
  5. Baby Positioning during 22 weeks of Pregnancy
  6. Diet and Exercise for the 22nd Week
  7. Medical tests & Scan while 22 Weeks Pregnancy
  8. Tips to 22 Weeks Pregnant
  9. Precautions for 22 Weeks Pregnant
  10. What are the risks to face during 22 Weeks Pregnancy
  11. Checklists During 22nd week Pregnant

Months & Trimester Indicating for 22 Weeks Pregnant:

22 weeks pregnancy how many months? Many think in this way. 22 weeks of pregnancy refers to the fact that you have completed half of the pregnancy journey. This journey also suggests that you have entered the 5th month of your pregnancy period, whereas, in terms of the trimesters, this will be the last month of the second trimester. Have a happy pregnancy ahead.


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Physical And Psychological Changes in 22 Week Pregnant lady (Symptoms):

22 weeks pregnancy care involves a lot of precautions and things to keep in mind. One can notice numerous change during this period, which may account for both physical and psychological changes.

  • Twenty-two weeks pregnant symptoms also will begin through the visibility of the stretch marks. It can either be pink or purplish and will be visible on your bump, along with the breasts and thigh areas. Eventually, they will turn silver, owing to the hormonal changes witnessed by the body. However, one may find relaxation if you gently massage it with oils or creams.
  • Pregnancy week 22 what to expect also involves other signs of swollen feet and hands, thicker or shinier hairs, increased rate of body hairs, etc.
  • Swollen hands and feet can be noticed with the tightening of rings or the shoes. It may be because of the collection of more fluid, named oedema, in the body. However, you can also notice sudden severe swelling on face, hands, and feet, pain in ribs, headache issue with vision related problems or severe vomiting; it’s suggested that you consult your doctor immediately to avoid any complications.
  • Further, what happens at 22 weeks of pregnancy? Furthermore, a 22nd-week pregnant lady can also witness the changes like skin, including darkening of nipples and areolas, skin change, and speeding speed of nail growth.
  • In some cases, women may also report having pronounced veins in their breasts, which is completely normal.
  • On the other hand, your skin change may reflect a “special glow,” making it softer and smoother.
  • In exceptional cases, women can have acne related problems, which can be resolved with the use of acne products available in the market.

Other Symptoms:

  • Apart from these, other symptoms twenty two weeks pregnant lady can witness are ingestion problems as your baby starts extracting your energy for his requirements, vaginal discharge, and tenderness near breasts, clumsiness, and snoring.
  • As for the vaginal releases, there is no specific medicine or treatment to stop it. Instead, it happens for a reason, and it indicates that your body is preparing for further changes to handle the pregnancy. However, it is suggested to keep the area clean and dry to avoid any infections.
  • Also, leg cramps, heartburns, constipation, protruding navel, and dizziness are some other optional symptoms, which are reported by a few women at 22 weeks pregnant. It is also usual, and be the result of hormonal changes or when your body is still managing to adopt this pregnancy. But, it is suggested to report every minute problem or issue that you face, to be sure about the safety of your health as well as to that of the baby.
  • Moreover, you will notice the change in your 22 weeks pregnant belly button. It will be more towards the outer side. It will more like an inside out form!! Don’t be afraid; it is an outcome of the resizing belly. It will be gone soon after the delivery.
  • Additionally, some women reported having an increased sex drive during this phase. It may be due to the increased libido along with the changing hormones of your body around this week’s pregnancy. It is not just it; there are many more following things about which you should be aware of.


22 Weeks Pregnant Baby size & Weight:

By this week, your 22 weeks pregnant ultrasound will be done. 22-week pregnant baby size will be about 11 inches (27.8 cm) long from crown to heel and will represent like a miniature of a newly born baby.

On the contrary, the 22 weeks pregnant baby weight will be around 15.17 ounces, which is equivalent to 430 grams. This half a kilo baby will be somewhat similar to the size of a coconut!! By this time, baby’s eyelids have developed but will remain shut until the 28 weeks. His limps will be developed and start functioning, and the mother will be able to feel his kicks, flexible movements and clasping of hands as 22-weeks pregnant symptoms. The mother can also witness the 22-week pregnancy baby movements while resting, eating, and even sleeping!! It’s all due to the growing fetus, which prepares the body of your baby.


Baby & Belly looks like in 22 Weeks Pregnancy:

You will be keen to know what happens at 22 weeks of pregnancy, as you have already covered half of this journey. During the 5th month of your pregnancy, the lips, eyelids, and eyebrows will become more distinctive. It is surprising that the eyes formation is completed by this month, but the colour of the eye, also known as irises, still lacks the pigmentation process, which means the colour of the eye is not confirmed.

Studies revealed that your baby will have only 1% body fat and will gradually increase with time to produce and maintain the body heat. In medical terms, the body fat present in the body of the baby is termed as brown fat, which can be converted into energy in no time.


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Baby Positioning during 22 weeks of Pregnancy:

By this 22-week pregnant baby position, your baby’s grip, hearing, and visions will be getting stronger. Below is the list of 22 weeks pregnant baby development that your baby will witness:

1. Blood Functions:

At around this time, the baby’s liver is now starting to work fully with him producing urine filtered by the liver. But the main highlight of the week is your baby’s red blood cells. All these weeks he has been nourishing himself with your share of blood, and by the 22nd week, the baby can produce the red blood cell. These red blood cells that are needed to be broken down by enzymes which miraculously by now will start production in your baby’s body. Then comes the question of the energy cells broken down from the red blood cells. Your baby can now produce bilirubin.

2. Sense Alert:

By the 22nd week, you as a mother have already crossed the midpoint mark and so is your baby. Your baby is now halfway formed and functioning like a shiny new penny. His acute mesh network of nerves inside his body has built and grown. The nerve connectors, myelin have started sending quick impulses to the brain, and this is why his senses are gradually developing. Yawn and facial features, like smiling, can be noticed. In the other big news, his grip is getting stronger as his eyesight improves, and he becomes careful of your voice familiarising himself.

3. The Movements:

By the 22 week pregnancy baby movement, one can quickly determine the gender of the baby, which is entirely something the doctors are not supposed to mention. But what can be caught in the ultrasound is your baby slowly coming to life. The 22 weeks pregnant ultrasound might capture images of her rolling about changing positions and even sleeping in his other favourite position. Certain movements can be noticed, such as her touching the face or sucking her thumb or smiling or frowning etc.

4. Baby Growth:

By the 22 weeks pregnant baby growth, the baby has formed into an individual being resembling a mini form of mother or father. The face is distinct now, and teeth buds and gums are strengthening. Baby’s heartbeat now can be heard clearly and weighs a good 1 pound now. His finger and toenails are formed, and so is his eyes; however, the iris is not yet developed.

5. Organs:

In this stage, the baby will evolve in all the internal organs, and they will start to work by now. The functioning of the liver and the kidney will be started; wastes will be filtered by the kidney and liver will begin to produce red blood cells. The lungs will begin to intake oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. The Heart will also begin to function; the heartbeat can be heard with the stethoscope on the mother’s stomach. The nervous system is developed in this stage as the mass interconnection of nerves occurs in the body. Brain’s function will also be generated.

6. Bones:

It is the time where the bones began to develop and geta a stronger structure. The baby is now getting the ability to move its organs, not like the movements in the early stage, but the movements now will be different and notable. As the baby, now has developed bones and joints its tail bones starts to degrade. The most important thing to keep in mind for your condition and your baby’s at this stage is maintained calcium intake. Intake of dairy product and foods that are rich in calcium is important as the baby needs more calcium for bones development.


Diet and Exercise for the 22nd Week:


22nd week pregnancy diet requires a good and nutritious intake. This is because your baby is now capable of needing their good food as they need to contain the energy from your body. Women mostly feel dehydrated during this period, hence it is suggested to see water as your best companion. It will not only keep the body hydrated but will nourish the baby also!! The second priority is allotted to proteins; make sure you have a protein-rich diet, to ensure the healthy and smooth developments within the 22 weeks pregnant fetus.

What to eat at 22 weeks pregnant? For non-vegetarians mothers, the requirement of protein can be covered up with the intake of meat and meat products, whereas for those vegetarian pregnant mothers, the involvement of pulses, tofu, soy products, and other such food products will complete the task. However, to be safe, you can also ask your physician to prescribe a good quality protein supplement.

Women also face the constipation problem during pregnancy. Thus, make sure that you place a full plate salad in your diet plan. Salads can be either of the fruits, veggies or a combination of both. It will supplement your body with the required quantity of fibres that will resolve the constipation issues. Don’t forget to add tomatoes, carrots, and beetroots in this platter with banana, watermelons, and apples.

It is also suggested to involve green leafy vegetables in your 22-week pregnancy diet, as it aids the supply of iron. Besides, you can also churn these fruits with a glass of milk to make a smoothie to have a change!!


Generally, pelvic stretches have proved to be best for regular deliveries. This exercise relaxed the pelvic area and can be done with the help of a ball, chair or even a pillow!! You can also practice yoga to relax your body. It also aims to calming your nervous systems and boosts the energy source hidden within your body. Moreover, walking is considered to be the best exercise during 22nd-week pregnancy.

Hence, it is advised to have a 30 minutes routine walk regularly, to be fit and be assured of sound health. This walking session will also ensure the healthy growth of the fetus and will confirm the usual fluid transfers from the body of the mother to that of the fetus!!

Additionally, the pregnant lady can also practice plies to strengthen hamstrings, butt, and quadriceps, along with the improvement in balancing. Apart from plies, side lying inner and outer thigh exercise is also beneficial for expecting mothers!! And it results in the strong core and inner thighs. Plank exercise, curl and lifting, and one arm row is some of the other activities that can be practised during this of pregnancy.

Moreover, every day 22 weeks pregnancy exercise routine should also include 25 squats, 25 table top reaches, 25 pushups, along with 25 laying leg extension, 12 side triceps push-ups per side, 12 rocking lunges per leg and oblique leg lift per side each!! One should only practice these exercise under the supervision of an expert. You can also join the yoga classes or gym near you to fulfil this criterion.


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Medical tests & Scan while 22 Weeks Pregnancy:

Twenty-two weeks of pregnancy care also involves some routine checkups and tests. Most of the women will have their ultrasounds scheduled this month. Besides, you will also be prescribed with a urine test, blood test, and a glucose tolerance test. Physicians may also suggest some other tests based on the mother’s health, along with her medical history. However, the weight and blood pressure have to check every time, to monitor the health of the expecting mother along with her baby. In case of low blood pressure, the mother may be advised with substitutes like coconut water, or sugar-salt mixture to maintain the BP. You can also be recommended with a triple screen test or triple marker test, blood test along with sexually transmitted infections or STIs to safeguard the health of your unborn baby.


What are the tips & precautions to take during 22 weeks of pregnancy?

First of all, congratulations, on the successful completion of half pregnancy journey!! But, do remember the race is on!! So be aware of some essential tips and precautions about 22 weeks pregnant what to expect, which are necessary for you as well as for the baby’s healthy growth and development.

Tips to 22 Weeks Pregnant:

1. Be relaxed and happy always and avoid taking stress for anything; this will cheer up the baby’s growth!!

2. Have a properly balanced diet to enrich your body with all the essential nutrients to meet the body need. But do avoid overeating; instead, you can focus on some small meals.

3. Keep an eye on the baby’s movements as it is essential to judge the development of the fetus. If you are unable to feel anything for long, immediately consult a doctor.

4. Try taking some power naps rather than sleeping long during the day hours. It will keep you refreshed and will keep the stress away.


Precautions for 22 Weeks Pregnant:

5. Try to have routine checkups, without long intervals in between. These checkups will notify you of the proper and correct growth development information of the baby.

6. Avoid dieting during pregnancy, as it is natural for every woman to have 22 weeks pregnant weight gain during this period. However, you can reduce your weight if you are overweighed, after the delivery.

7. Avoid the consumption of any unwanted or pills or medicines. If necessary, you can consult a doctor before its use to be on a safer side.

8. Do start your day with mild exercises. And do not forget to involve approx. Thirty minutes of walking in your routine!! This walking will ensure the fitness of your body!!

9. Try consuming the appropriate quantity of fluids throughout the day!! It can be in the form of coconut water, fruit juices, soups, shakes, milk, etc. You can also try some homemade lemonades, the composition of salt and sugar will balance the electrolyte content in your body and will be beneficial to 22 weeks pregnant fetus too!!

Additionally, it is necessary to maintain the same love and affection with your partner. Mood swings are natural and increase during pregnancy in women. But, keep all the complaints aside and re-enjoy the love!! It is also necessary to inform your partner about every possible change you notice in your body, irrespective to that of the physical, psychological and emotional stress. This sharing and caring will also result in promoting the generation of happy hormones in the body, relieving stress and anxiety conditions.


What are the risks to face during 22 Weeks Pregnancy?

It is essential to be aware of such complicated conditions for a normal delivery; these risks are capable of harming you or your baby during 22nd-week pregnancy!! Apart from the general tests, the pregnant lady should be aware of miscarriages and their possibilities. Miscarriages refer to the loss of pregnancy in the first 20 weeks. It can be noticed with vaginal spotting or bleeding. It is suggested that in case you see these happening to you, rush to a doctor immediately.

The consumption of caffeine is still a questionable fact. Some studies favour the consumption of caffeine whereas others reported of mishappening with the consumption of caffeinated products. So limit the use of caffeinated products in your diet. Women may also notice regular contractions, before 37 weeks of pregnancy, due to preterm or premature labour pain. Baby delivered before this week is often acknowledged as a premature baby.
A small count of pregnant ladies is also prone to preeclampsia condition, which is correlated with the high blood pressure levels in the body. Additionally, the protein content in liver, kidney or urine is also capable of favouring this condition.


Checklists During 22nd week Pregnant:

Your checklist of 22 weeks pregnant lady should be aware of the following criteria:

  1. Drink a lot of water for keeping your body hydrated. Additionally, keep a sharp eye on the colour of your urine, as it will notify you with the need for water content in your body.
  2. Don’t be lazy and start your day with some comfortable and light exercises. You may also begin with walking and stretching. This exercising will prevent muscle tightening and will relax your mind and body.
  3. Eat healthy food and keep munching throughout the day. Avoid overeating and increase the number of small meals per day, including the consumption of healthy snacks.
  4. Avoid sleeping for long hours, instead prefer to power naps, during the day time.
  5. Preserve your pregnancy memories with write-ups and photos. Maybe someday, they’ll be a bedtime story for your kid.
  6. Start planning for a baby shower party and select a few attractive names for your baby!! This planning will preserve your 22 weeks pregnant pictures in a very creative way.
  7. Plan a pre-pregnancy trip before delivery. This trip will not only refreshes your mood but will also cover up the distance between you and your partner, which got arisen due to your mood swings.


Last but not least, enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest!! This period is a lifetime memorable experience that will cheer you up whenever you see your kid laughing!!


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

Q1. What should be the actual size of the bump during 22nd week pregnancy?

Ans: Your baby bump will increase its size day after every day until the due date. This growth is supposed to be a good 22 weeks pregnant symptoms, as it can be used for predicting the baby’s growth. Generally, the baby bump will be around 20 to 24 cms longer when measured from the pelvic bone to the top of the uterus, during this period of pregnancy.

Q2. Is there any specific rate by which baby’s movements can be calculated during 22nd week pregnancy?

Ans: No, there is no such calculation to judge the baby’s movement. It entirely depends on the growth of the fetus. However, these movements will be getting stronger as time passes by. It is not specific of pregnancy week 22 what to expect, but your diet also plays a crucial role in the development of the fetus.

Q3. Is there anything specific I need to care about during 22nd-week pregnancy?

Ans: No, there is nothing specific that should do during this period. But you have to monitor your diet correctly, to maintain the sound health of the baby. Also, don’t forget to visit your doctor regularly!! Keep your body warmed up with mild exercise and walking. And administer a sufficient amount of fluid in your body.

Twenty two weeks of pregnancy is an intermediate milestone during your pregnancy and will keep reminding you about the journey you completed with love and affection. You have to be prepared for the rest of the tour. There may be many ups and downs during this period, but do remember about the small life penetrating within you. After all, your baby’s smile cannot be compared with any such pregnancy pains at 22 weeks. Just focus on a healthy diet, proper sleep, routine checkups and test, practice yoga, or exercising and you are one step closer to hold your baby in your arms.


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