As per Hindu Marriage System, Mangalsutra depicts the strength of the relationship. It is a promise the Husband and Wife give each other for a lifetime. It is a sign of love and commitment towards each other. Mangalsutra binds the Husband and Wife in a beautiful relationship till their last breath. The black bead in Mangalsutra is considered to be the protection against evil creatures. It protects their married life from bad people. It adds glory to women’s looks.

Latest and Beautiful 22-Karat Gold Mangalsutra Designs for Womens:

Let’s look at the top 9 designs of the 22-carat mangalsutra collection with images.

1. 22kt Gold Mangalsutra with Jhumka Pendant:

This 22k gold mangalsutra chain, when hung with a jhumka pendant, appears stunning. Unlike earrings, mangalsutra having jhumka looks unique design. It is also having two strings hanging by the side of the jhumka. This conventional design looks awesome.

2. Multi Layers 22k Gold Mangalsutra:

This 22-carat gold mangalsutra is just a chain of black beads in three layers. The chains are arranged stepwise. There is a golden ball in between, and the whole looks royal and sophisticated. It complements the traditional design.

3. 22k Gold Mangalsutra with Swirl Design:

This chain is a variation in 22 karat gold mangalsutra with black beads only on some chains. The pendant has a curly design, and gold strings are hung with black beads. This does not look heavy, so that you can wear this gorgeous mangalsutra without difficulty.

4. 22kt Gold Mangalsutra with Sunflower Pendant:

This is a bunch of round link gold chains in 22-karat gold mangalsutra. It possesses a sunflower design pendant in gold. There is a floral design in between and above the pendant. This mangalsutra can replace your heavy necklace at wedding functions.

5. Heart Pendant 22 Carat Gold Mangalsutra:

This gold mangalsutra has two heart shape pendants in gold. A diamond and pear-shaped gold connect two open hearts. Two curvy shapes link the heart with a mangalsutra chain. The chain is a regular one.

6. Classic 22k Gold Mangalsutra:

This classic pendant and chain design in 22k gold mangalsutra have been prevalent for ages. Our Mother’s used to wear this type of designed mangalsutra. It is heavy with a much-textured pendant. The chain also possesses much work of gold. It is finely designed with love.

7. 22k Gold Mangalsutra with Peacock Pendant:

It is a 22karat gold mangalsutra with a simple black beaded chain. But the catchy thing about this mangalsutra is its peacock design pendant. The pendant is designed with a classic combination of red and green colour and some diamonds. This looks so aesthetic.

8. Latest Design in 22kt Gold Mangalsutra:

It is the latest design of gold mangalsutra in 22k with some uniqueness. In the chain, there is a dual system. On one side, there is a chain of black beads, and on another side, it is a simple gold chain. In the pendant, half is small white pearls, and the other has black stones. Be the one with this design.

9. Divine 22k Gold Mangalsutra:

The design of this mangalsutra pendant is divine. Looking at the pendant, it feels like the sun’s rays are flowing. There is a red stone embossed in between. A chain connects the pendant. Pink and green colour stones are hanging below the pendant. It is a pretty mangalsutra.

Every woman wants her Mangalsutra to be different from others. Lots of feelings and memories are connected with a mangalsutra. It reminds me of the beautiful bondage of marriage. Seeing so many innovative designs in mangalsutra, one will surely get confused in the selection. As matching earrings are available in the market, it becomes a complete set. This complete set enhances the beauty of married women in Saree.


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